Cool Weirdos

Hey Lovelies,

today I´m back in black. Well… I took these pics on Friday but my weekend was so busy (we actually did some wedding planning ^^) so here it is 🙂 I did some Gacha-fiddling here and there and I figured MI.CO´s Laura Blindfold-Eyemask would go just perfectly  with it:


Cool Weirdos (1)

I can see a bit with my right eye, don´t worry, so I went out clubbing like that… Now not to break my neck going up the stairs .

Cool Weirdos (2)

Peekaboo 😉 Oh and the quote on the top is from a movie I´m quite fond of called “The Craft” – go check it out.


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Stealthic – Sensual (Bento Fitted)
alaskametro<3 Alchemy Eyebrows
[Pink Fuel] Sheer Kiss
MI.CO Laura Blindfold Thorns Rose
Oubliette– Weirdos Neo Witch Cami and Neo Witch Studded Boots (@Gachaland April 2019)
-Narcisse- Seeker Chain – Silver
Petry Model Leather pants – SRR

Taken at Backdrop City using [ isuka ] club entrance


I know this one is a short one but … more awesomeness following soon 😉

Take care,




The Jumpiness of Spring

Hey Lovelies,

today I just HAVE to show you what Cilia came up with for the Spring is in the Air Hunt which is starting on Sunday.  It´s a dollarbie, so even poor souls like me can afford it.

We gotta love Cilia for her generosity :* , maybe we should all pay more attention to designers who do that and at least leave a “hey, you rock, thanks for spoiling us” in local chat when we walk past them   (I tend to do that) and / or buy 1 – 2 things from them if possible (I tend to do that, too, if I´m a serial grabber in that store and/or I love what I see while I have some L$). You know – help them pay their bills.

*clears her throat* ok now let´s get back to the lightness of spring.
In German Spring is Frühling … and spring is the imperative and root of the verb to jump. Now we have a saying “der springende Punkt” (the jumping point) which is a rough equivalent to “the baseline is” (fellow Germans if you have better equivalents please put them in the comments^^). Maybe now you understand why I came up with the title for this post 😉


polkadot teatime_001

Today I went to the Burrow Coffee Co. and took the pics at their lovely outdoor area. I was introduced to this lovely place when the Forum Cartel folks held their weekly travelling breakfast here.

polkadot teatime_004

The dress is sooo light yet posh enough to go out in it – especially with the gloves.

polkadot teatime_005

Yes I like to wear my engagement ring over the glove and yes I do that to show off – I waited 36 years for this! 😛 

Style Card:



Standards *updated* New Eyes by LOTUS.
Stealthic Sensual
alaskametro<3  Alchemy Eyebrows
:.C!L.: Polka Starlet

Burrow Coffee Co

Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty AO

So remember:
Start: Sunday, April 7th, 2019
What you need: Find 3 little birds and pay them 1L$

That´s all  – you´ll hop off with this dress and the omega gloves 😉

take care,




Hey Lovelies,

as I´ve told you things happened on Monday and I gained MI.CO as a sponsor. Today I´ll introduce you to her shirt Antje. When I styled the Outfit it was kinda obvious it needed the Fitness stuff Astralia released just recently.



So I hopped on the treadmill and started running.


But I had to restort to walking after a few seconds cos I´m so unfit right now…


Oh I figured I hadn´t done a closeup-in pic in years but it was perfect to show you the Bibliophile Necklace by Deliciae. There are so many bookcovers to choose from… Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and many many more.


One reason I love the Antje shirt is not only that it comes with a hud with 20 colours (yep, Minchen is insane like that *-*), but the print really speaks to me. It comes with boyshorts but I froze my butt off in these. I´ll show you in summer 😉

I´m starving now… Do you wanna come over for a Burger?


Style Card:

Standards *updated* New Eyes by LOTUS.
eXxEsS Anguria
alaskametro<3 Cosmic Manicure and Alchemy Eyebrows
Deliciae  Bibliophile and Entwined
MI.CO Antje
Blueberry Joggers GroupGift
Studio Salt & Sugar Sidetie

Varonis Neve Skybox
[DDD] Dysfunctionality Zen Bamboo
Astralia GetFit! Treadmill and I Sparkle
22769 Patio Table
Dust Bunny Natural Habitat 3 – Potted dragon tree and Summer picnic deli sandwiches
HILTED Stardust Coffee Garden Uncommon Unicorn
LISP – Mesh – Charlotte Nerd Print 1
CHEZ MOI Barbecue Party (PG) – Linked

GOOSE Wall mounted bench

Akasha´s Office
SEmotion Female Bento Negative Facial Expressions

Now get moving!!!

Take care,



Heading for the Disco

Hey Lovelies,

Now when I checked Blogotex to see how eager and productive OA-MEO´s Obsi has been the idea for this outfit sprung to mind. It features Harley, a naughty little dress that comes with a smoking set of lingerie, too, but I´ll show that in another post. Muahahaha yes I am mean like that – and no I´m not sorry 😉 Now Harley screamed “cute little Disco outfit” to me so I thought I´d head to the disco. Which is a name of  a song by the female fronted danish Rockabilly Band The Horrorpops.


Heading for the Disco_003

I happen to LOVE this song, but while the swinging along keeps me warm it´s still a bit chilly so I decided to take Dean along, a wonderful open Sweater-Jacket.

Heading for the Disco_010

It keeps the kidneys warm and you can zip it up so your upper body stays nice and warm until you arrive at the venue of your choice.

Heading for the Disco_011

Making sure you´re not bothered at the Disco (which might lead to Panic at the Dis…ok yes I´ll stop, sorry, don´t hit me! Please *-* ) I suggest you wear Max…

Heading for the Disco_006

Though if you kick someone up the arse with Max they might even enjoy it considering the suggestively ambiguous  heel- design 😉

Heading for the Disco_007

I just had to wear Deliciae´s Necklace “Simple Things” with it – it is so subtle and yet you can change the engraving – it comes with several Heart options including Animals, Family (which I chose today), Music and more, pet names and grateful engravings like hope, joy, love to name a few. It comes in 4 Metals .


Style Card:

Standards *updated* New Eyes by LOTUS.
Stealthic Sensual
alaskametro<3 Cosmic Manicure and Alchemy Eyebrows
Deliciae Simple Things
..::OA – M.E.O::.. Dean @ Suicide DollZ till April 5th, 2019
..::OA – M.E.O::..  Harley @ Driftwood April 5th till May 5th, 2019
..::OA – M.E.O::.. Max

Foxcity Trapped
Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty AO

Akasha´s Office

Songinspiration: Horrorpops – Heading for the Disco (opens on Spotify)

Now grab them while you can and then head for the disco – or keep your distance 😉

I´ll be back with more newness tomorrow so sleep tight when you get home and take care,




Hey Lovelies,


I`M BACK!!!! Even my voice is almost fully back! YEY! GOSH that was such a pain!

Now… I´ve missed so much and while I have gathered some stuff  already and there´s so much I want to show to you I gotta start somewhere – let me pull Rebellah in the spotlight once more. Cooooome here Bella, come *grins and pulls her out* .
She´s been busy and released very cool items, two of which you´ll meet now:


Colourblocking Marquesse_004

I colourblocked today so Reign would pop out even more. Isn´t it cute?

Colourblocking Marquesse_002

Look at the cute lace *.* oh and you can change the colours of the ribbons with the hud, too.

Colourblocking Marquesse_001

I even put on the Myriam Gloves for you  – they come with a 5 colour hud and they´re exclusive for the current round of the Designer Circle that will close on April 13th 😉 


Style Card:

Standards *updated* – new Eyes by LOTUS.
Stealthic Cadence
Koffin Nails Hauntingly Splattered
-Narcisse- Seeker Chain
[Marquesse] Reign Blouse (store) and Myriam Gloves (@ Designer Circle)
Oubliette – Neo Witch Studded Boots (@Gachaland)

*cm*.MESH – Scifi Cube – Hyades (90,233,1503)
Po^Z Bento Hand&Face 4
*PosESioN* Ari 8, Elena 1

Now if you watched my Facebook and/or Flickr earlier you´ve noticed I´ve added 2 pics.

Shortly after the nasty infection grabbed me Deliciae accepted me as a blogger. They´re a super cute jewellery store. And yesterday I was asked to blog for MI.CO. I´ve had my eyes on that one for a bit now, but their event releases always lacked a bit of fabric. Of course that´s due to the nature of the events *chuckles* and the very sweet owner Minchen Corvinus convinced me that there´s plenty of items to choose from which involve more fabric. YEEEEY!!! See folks – always check twice ;). You´ll see these two stores in a post that I´ll do later  😉

Stay curious!

take care,



Unfulfilled Desires

Hey Lovelies,

DAMN I´m SO sorry… I had prepared the pictures and stylecard for this blog the Wednesday before last but I woke up with a fever (39,6°C) and I´ve pretty much not left the couch ever since let alone for seeing  the Doc and short periods within the last few days to see if I could sit again. The fever was gone after a day but replaced with one of the nastiest coughs I´ve ever encountered. My voice is still gone, I´m still not fully recovered but I´m SO bored …. and I feel like I got enough strength to finally show you some awesomeness from ..::OA-M.E.O.::..:

Meet DESIRE!!!


I´ve teamed her up with ..::OA-M.E.O::..´s skirt Salli which was the GG last July


You basically get a one huge-arsed 4 in 1 hud for the band underneath the bust, the sleeve, right part and the left part with different patterns or without….


and for a naughty version you can even hide the left bandeau-part, too – uh huh^^

Style Card:

Truth Kaijah
alaskametro<3 astral eyeshadow and neutrals/shimmer nails
Alma Joanne
..::OA-M.E.O::.. Desire and Salli
Eudora 3D Momo

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Workshop, Fast Fan (With Lights) Rez
*PosESioN* Lady 2, 3,
.MILA. Portrait

I have to leave you with another….. sad-ish information: due to my illness I had to drop out of Miss SL 2019. There was a mandatory meeting on Saturday and 2+ hours is still too long for me so yeah, I did listen to my body and step down. Tons of luck to the other girls, though.

Now … to the promotion and then back to the couch for some more well-getting 😉

take care,




Chillin´out max

Hey again Lovelies,

well this is a story all about how…  oh…do you have a song in your head now? I´m SO damn sorry. The little weird Horrorpunk from Germany just planted a 90s classics TV Theme into your head. Yep, you´ve read that right, one of the best hiphop tracks EVER by the best rapper of all times  – can you tell I´m a lifelong fan of Will Smith?

Anyways….[Marquesse]  just shoved a little box in my direction, whispering that you guys would have to see this… And… Milla was right!


You´re looking at:

Truth Kaijah
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb, Alchemy eyebrows
[Marquesse] Just Me Outfit

REIGN. Arianna

DRD GG Statium Chair – Acid Rain provided by Remy Frimon
Suicide Girls – The Mansion Reborn 2018

Now what do you think? Let me know 🙂

Take care,




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