Fashion Police Pt. 2 – Wicca´s Exclusiveness

Hello again Lovelies,

as I mentioned earlier I´ll be posting VERY irregularly – yes that can also include 2 posts a day… or 3 or 4…

Spech as this one has been prepared and on the list for several days now, too – and the exclusiveness of this item is SO exclusive, that I could ask the people who HAD the chance to get THIS very colour to say hi to me… (maybe do a photoshoot together – is it possible to squeeze 50 ppl in one pic? Does anybody have a pose for that?). The Outfit was part of the Coutuires Dock´s November *yep I know I´m far behind *blushes*  *.

…OOOPS!!! I blabbered… and gave away the number of availability for this special colour : FIFTY!

By now they´re all gone ( I know that without asking dear Wicca, cos when we spoke last week it´s been down to 26 already 😉 )

 as it looks very uniformesque again I thought I´d return to my Fashion Police duties

so many things I see on a daily basis in basically EVERY life make me cringe and hide my poor eyes ;P

Style Card:

Hair: Alice  Project Tyr *create your own . thats indigo with rainbow streaks here xD*

Clothes: Jacket Charlotte, Pants Anakri, Heels Jane *slink high ;)* by Wicca´s Wardrobe

Poses: Miamai

Background : Katink

Now am I the only one who has to think of the ever so awesome Anakin Skywalker (aka Darth Vader) from Star Wars? Actually I´m daring Wicca to comment if that´s who had inspired her and if not – who did 😛

Also I´ll be doing some photoshoots in the meantime when I don´t have the energy to blog so keep an eye on my flickr. The difference for me is that I post the blog to several sites and communities which makes it quite some work, whereas I only upload, tag and put the photos in groups and stuff for flickr.

I hope you understand, have mercy on my soul, things are harsh at the moment.

I love you from the bottom of my heart,



A Session with Klubwerk

Hello Lovelies,

no I did not abbandon you again – I´m SO sorry but my RL is quite a trip at the moment… so I will keep on blogging quite irregularly  – sometimes it might even appear regularly but I cannot guarantee anything. I let some nice applications by stores looking for bloggers slip due to that fact 😦 but I´m too embarrassed with my current sponsors already to disappoint more 😦

ANYWAYS  – our dearest Kiana from Klubwerk has spoilt us bloggers with a massive badass autumn/winter package:

meet  Julia, the jacket and Nora, the Bodysuit

this is the Marley Skirt and Top combination

now here we got Moira, that comes with a “Bad Girl” pullover as well:

see? 😉

 Meet Olaf, the “Norwegian” pullover (we call them Norwegerpulli over here in Germany)

and this is Nora again  – without Julia this time as it´s gotten a bit warmer… or I might have had a glass of wine…. or two? *mumbles*

Style Card:

My Standard Look

Clothes: Julia, Nora, Marley, Moira and Olaf by Klubwerk

Hair: LeLutka Chill

Poses: several Glitterati

Backdrop: KaTink

Now Lovelies, as you can see I´ve been tinkering with paint,net a bit, as I´ve seen this at many (of your?) blogs and I´ve always loved it. YES, I know I still suck at it but  you know I like to take you all along the way – so we can maybe sit together and laugh at my “early attempt failures” – have you seen the first posts I did back in 2012? THOSE PICS….omg XD

Erm yeah, enough of that I´ll leave you alone now 😉



Wicca´s Warrior

Hello Lovelies,

2 days ago was a horrible day for my RL, crowning a horrible time I had recently. I logged onto SL, waited to have a talk and cuddle with Ikari – just some couple time, fuck the worlds and stuff. Suddenly the Starwalkers2010 groupchat popped up and it soon turned into a vivid and fun conversation with belladonna Wexhome, AnneMarit Jarvinen and Wicca Merlin – and yours truly.

We talked about several things but then Wicca Merlin IM´ed me…

By the time she did I was skyping with Ikari and I went like  “OMG!!! OMFG!!!! WTF!!!!!” I explained who she is and he was quite impressed as well.

First surprise: she told me she wanted to contact me for some time but was too shy (well WHY? I´d never have dared to even look into her eyes without blushing or probably fainting….)

Second surprise: she´s amongst you, lovelies… one of you!

Third surprise: she gave me a lovely trio  – a very special trio to show to all of you.

Now what she gave me is her release for the [ROOM 69] event  – don´t worry it will be at her mainstore afterwards *grins*

I called the outfit Warrior cos I was reminded of some Officer maybe for a fashion police?

(The actual names are a se…. oh ok don´t look at me like that… They´re called Cayla, Renraku and Xena – now to find out who´s who you´ll have to go look 😛 )

All together – a lovely combination, right?

*lets her eyes wander to see if the folks are dressed nicely*

” PHEW!!! They´re looking so hot, I need to take my jacket off!!!


Oh and look at this little slit on the lower legs – I just love that detail ^^


Shape, Mani-/Pedi: Venomous Rage Designs
 Hair: Truth
Skin: GlamAffair
 Eyes: LAQ
Makeup: M.O.C.K.
 Lashes: MIAMAI
 Collar: Chop Zuey

Jacket, Top and Pants: Wicca´s Wardrobe @  [ROOM 69]

Shoes: DE. Boutique by LivGlam
 Slink: High feet, Casual Hands
Poses: Glitterati
Background: PNP (former name of KaTink)
Now to finish this off with a VERY VERY serious note, my lovelies.
I love if you say hi where so ever.
It´s only me, seriously.
Another random blogger amongst the thousands and millions, far from being the best  – just lil ol me
NEVER!!!!! forget that ok? 

Little bats go Klubbing? HELL YEAH they do!

Hello Lovelies,

as promised we´re teaming up now to show you lot some of the newly released awesomeness on the grid.

Klubwerk´s Kiana has been busy and so has VRD´s Marzana.

On a special note according VRD  – it´s Frozen Rage´s bday today so – Happy Birthday Boss 😉

erm yeah – back to topic, right?^^

Both VRD and Klubwerk have spoiled me and us  with quite some niceness plus Ikari transformed into another RP Character of his. He´s an excellent Roleplayer and has tons of characters so be surprised. I´ll introduce them when I tell our story – are you guys even interested in that? 😉 Anyways. I guess I should explain the title – well the shoes are called “kleine Fledermaus” which is german for little bat. As I combined them with Klubwerk´s pants – well – they´re going clubbing *insert Alf´s HAAHAAHAAA tablepatting laughter here 😉 *

Ain´t he strong?

and sooo cool *swoons*

Though my arse isn´t too bad either, is it? 😉

But that´s enough from us today *closes the imaginary curtain of the Pavillion chuckling silently*

Akasha´s wearing

Shape, Mani-/Pedicure, Shoes; Venomous Rage Designs

Hair: Olive

Skin: GlamAffair

Eyes: LAQ

Lipsticks: M.O.C.K.

Lashes: MIAMAI

Collar: Chop Zuey

Shirt: Corvus

Pants; Klubwerk

Slink: High feet, Casual Hands

Tattoos: !:::Wicked Tattoos :::!, .:TAOX:.

Ikari´s wearing:

Skin, Hairbase, Stubbles: Elysium

Glasses: Karacter

Top: 360

Pants:  Klubwerk

Bracelets: BD

Slink: Relaxed Hands, male Feet

FlipFlops:..:: ILLI ::..


Ok now I´m tired and it´s time to head into dreamworld. Nini lovelies

The Return of Kasha

Lovelies I´m home.

After a very turbulent 2013 including a RL breakup and moving places – just a few miles closer to Bonn really 😉 – I´m finally back.

Ok ok, I admit I´ve been back in SL since August but wanted to catch up and set up my hubby Ikari before I returned to blogging.


Yep in those 20 months of SL absence I´ve met a new man in my life and he joined me in SL.

To be honest while missing SL, blogging and you lot I wouldn´t have returned without a partner at my side.

This is him as his SL-external RP Char Jacob Troy – I´ll get into that sometime soon^^

My beloved readers, meet Ikari Troy (Ikaritroy Resident inworld^^). My boyfriend in RL and we´re planning a big-assed SL wedding *squeels* .  I´ve also been reaccepted as  a SL Suicide Girl and started to store-model for Venomous Rage Designs. But more on that later…

With this new beginning I changed my disclaimer – please read  it and if you wish to (continue to ?) sponsor me or us  gratitude is granted  of course. 

I really can´t wait to get back into blogging – though my possibilities are much more limited due to RL finances and those resulting in a smaller home in SL (no more homestead ;-; ) – but I´ll keep doing my very best cos I got a ton of ideas, e.g. introducing the story of “How I met Ikari” including pictures of our characters in a german IRC RP (yep I skipped the Cap G on purpose^^)

I´m so happy to be back

I missed you my lovelies


..Break extending unfortunately

I´m sorry Lovelies

due to BIIIG huge massive RL sh*t happening (lets just call them cancer and death *not related in THAT way…not yet…still…a**holes…both of them-.-) I´m …just ..unable to blog as you might understand… will get back to it once this is over….


take care


Don´t fear the autumn weather – you got KaTink!

Hello Lovelies,

damn today´s entry took some time preparing it (mostly due to research, marketplace delivery delay and blablabla – you know the deal^^) BUT – today I´ll present you not one but TWO posepacks by KaTink preparing you for autumn:

 ~ 1. Rain on my Parade ~
 Perfect when it´s raining cats and dogs…
~ 1 ~
~ 2 ~
~ 3 ~
~ 4 ~
~ 5 ~
The umbrellas are included 😉
~ 2. Umbrella Cinderella ~
This set is for when the rain is over and the sun is coming back out
~ 1 ~
~ 2 ~
~ 3 ~
~ 4 ~
~ 5 ~
so don´t be afraid when you see the clouds coming in … just run over to KaTink and you´re good!
Take Care
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