Dark Corner

Hey Lovelies,

it´s starting to be really autumny here, we switched our RL Living room to winter mode – the rowing machine is no longer a tripping hazard in front of the couch but back in the bedroom and the couch is turned back standing into the room facing the TV again instead of blocking the radiator. So it´s more inviting to curl up and watch those lovely witchy films, tv shows and …the regular tv program seems to be picking up again, too. YEEEY!

Anyways, I´ve prepared some posts already but …today it´s time to show you a spooky-comfy lil hideaway.

Dark Corner_001

nothing like recharging and relaxing a bit…

Dark Corner_003

something in your hand and a soft creature by your side can help so much…

Hiding in and with:


Truth Poetry *GG – GJF*
[JUSTICE] ZOE @ FaMESHed until the 27th
PinkCreamPie Lucy
Sn@tch Latex Pants

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Octobre 31st:

[Yumera] Meowgical Pin
Bunnypop Twinkx
*flUff* Bat Bat White

Pumpkin Town (also until the 31st) presents:

[TCoD] Heel Shoes Blair Witch
Mini A Chuu – Kitori Skeleton D20 Earrings (collab with Mishmash Fusion)
Famous [Voodoo] Backdrop

Trick or Treat Lane open until Halloween, too –  with MANY gifts:

Afterparty Boo Bitch
Petrichor Plance Nanichoker (part of a set but you´ll see more of that soon)
[Puke Rainbows] Pumpkins Pile
*NeverWish* Cauldron Punch Bowl *GIFT*
Dark Passions  – Koffin Nails – Pentacle Moon *GIFT*

FOXCITY Stairs Sitting 2

BattleScars 17.0 ARRECIFE (Pure Battlescars)

Have a relaxing Sunday and take care,



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