Time to be scared silly

Hello Lovelies,

TODAY´S THE DAY!!! Scare me Silly is finally open since 4 AM SLT :).

I´m sorry that I only tell you about it now, but I´ve just come home after being out and about all day.

Soo here´s WHAT you get:

– live music

– shopping

– 2 hunts

– art

…and more in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life!

Find the full schedule of awesomeness here 🙂

And now you wanna know WHERE to get it?! – Well, right HERE .

After all those previews I´ll blog more of the awesome items during the event´s duration so be curious.

Have a nice evening spending all those L$´s on shopping and donations,

take care, love, Kasha


Bedtime Story

Hello my Lovelies,

well I knew there´d be another SneakPeak for Scare Me Silly which opens on Friday. Just about an hour ago [Pom]´s Ginger Korr poked me with her preview.

Now not to blow all the surprises that were in there, but you gotta see her Cutie Bae lingerie. It´s cute and sexy and has a hud for three textures for the bra, panties and harness, making it mix and match.Plus they are three seperate items of clothing so you can combine them, too. Without the harness it would work out combined with pants for a cute outfit or with some top for a gym outfit. The harness itself screams sexy without looking cheap.


Pom Cutie Bae_001

just because I´m on celibacy it doesn´t mean I have to hide 😉

Style Card:


Truth Reyane

[Pom] Cutie Bae for Scare Me Silly

Ok Lovelies, lounging on my bed  made me forget about time and I gotta sleep as tomorrow´s gonna be a very exciting day.

Sleep tight and be safe,






Hot Bloody

Good evening Lovelies,

It´s almost midnight for me and I thought it would be the perfect time to give you another sneak peak of one of the Scare me Silly Outfits.

Once again you´ll have the adult side of this blog thrown at you in pictures. Anything can happen in October, can´t it?

So grab your armrests, hold on tight and meet RUSH!


RUSH SciFi purple_001

“Hmmm” she mumbles, as she enters the Holodeck.

RUSH SciFi purple_002

“This looks like a nice place for the perfect murder…”

RUSH SciFi purple_003

“No,no, seriously, look how easy it will be to pressure wash the blood off the tiles…”

RUSH SciFi orange_003

All of a sudden the colours switched and a simulation started… Akasha shot around and…

RUSH SciFi orange_002

… started to hack down all those arms emerging from the walls, trying to grab her. Would she be able to get to the door?



RUSH SciFi orange_001

After what must have been hours (when it´s really been about 15 minutes…) of chopping off arms Akasha exclaimed “Stop simulation!”




Truth Reyane

7 Deadly Skins Halloween Skin 1 for Trick or Treat Lane (until Nov 2nd)

Rush SciFi in Purple and Orange for Scare Me Silly

Purple Boots: Vertigo Loren

Orange Boots: Roped Passions Laced Boots for Scare Me Silly

Both Props: The Weekend Ruiner

Knife: Zombie Suicide for Trick or Treat Lane


I got a feeling I´ll be back tomorrow with more stuff to Scare You Silly 😉

Sleep tight and don´t let the bedbugs bite,



Three´s a crowd they say? Well come and watch me…

Hey Lovelies,

I promised to do the triple again…so here´s to a gleaming finale!

I´ve mentioned I was picked to blog for

Scare me silly 2018,

an event organized by the Team Diabetes SL. This is going to be a very wild week so let´s warm up, shall we?


do you want me to dance for you tonight?


Blowing kisses I greet every single one of you to my little show…


Do you like what you see? Are you wondering if I´m wearing panties?


Some questions are better left unanswered. I hope you have some vivid dreams.

This is most definately the steamiest set I´ve shot in years. I enjoyed this challenge though … Those lovely silks come in orange and purple but I refused to decide and mixed both colours.


alaskametro<3 “Black Magic” Make Up
[POUT!]Stellar Make Up
Truth Batty
!TLB Goth Choker
Roped Passions for Scare Me Silly: Halloween All A Glow Silks , Laced Boots, You lovely LaceDress and Mask

Trompe L’oeil Nevaline Garden Bar

LOVEmeBRUTAL – PeepShow Pose

Ok my lovelies, that´s all I have to show you for…oh wait:

Roped Passions has a Gacha out, too:

(RP) Prison Play Gacha Pic

It might just be perfect for you naughty little critters ;P

Good luck, enjoy and be safe,



Loveletter to Cilia

Hey Lovelies,

now I´ve had breakkie, am still dead as fuck but actually this helps as we´re staying in the dark… spooooooky times ahead.

Now in my previous post earlier I mentioned news and things happening with Cilia and me being involved.

We´ve decided to be Tea-Sisters!!!!! YEEEY! We´re tea-junkies so… that´s what is appropriate for us. Plus I really start to feel really close to Cilia, she´s always so warm and funny, caring and …just human you know? A bit chaotic, very creative, a bit insane but we´re working on increasing that *chuckles.

I really suggest you lot take a closer look at her stuff.

With the newer stuff you might notice another agreement of ours: My beloved Tea-Sister has asked me to become her Oompa-Loompa for pictures. Yeah I was astonished, too. So the deal is I take her ad-pics and she edits them to her liking and uses and abuses them as she sees fit. Luckily she´s lovely so there´s not much trolling and stuff I have to fear (have I? MEEP? Fuck it… for the lulz – DO IT!!! XD)

She´s been very busy designing new stuff, too:

Kitty Fear_002

Meet Kitty Fear

Kitty Fear_004

There´s a skeleton Kitty on the hat *.*

I might or might not have been involved in this *coughs* …inspirationwise. Did I mention we work very closely? ^^

Now Kitty Fear is her Greatest Fear Hunt item  – look for an evil Jack o´Lantern ;).

It runs all October and you can find the hints here . Good Luck, Lovelies.

Style Card:

Truth Reyane
:.C!L.: Kitty Fear
KO-H Goth Girl Pentagram Moccasins

this pic was taken at: Halloween Town 2018

NOWWWW now now that´s not all Cilia has released for Halloween.


Witch and Cob_004

This is Witch and Cob. Isn´t it lovely?

Witch and Cob_006

When I shot it and wanted to show the colours that naughty skepeton ghost ran his cold, boney hand over my cheek, chin and neck… it was quite chill as you can imagine.

Style Card:

Truth Reyane
:.C!L.: Witch & Cob
KO-H Goth Girl Pentagram Moccasins

Shot at: Vyper´s Haunted Halloween

To see more of Cilia´s adorable creativeness have a look here .

You really should say hi to her, she´s always so grateful and she deserves any attention she can possibly get 😉

Now I got one more up my sleeve, stay tuned Lovelies,




News and updates that hopefully will not scare you silly ;)

Hey Lovelies,

sorry for letting you wait. Once more I´ll come up with a triple today or over the weekend.

But …first things first…

my RL was very demanding since my last post.

When HairFair came up with their demo group I was super eager to join it and couldn´t wait til the demos were sent out. Now when they were sent out I was so overwhelmed cos I fell back into a very chaotic rezzing and unpacking frenzy (I thought I was past that…damnit!), tilting over the double- and triply wrapped demos(CRUEL!!!) so I deleted them all to just go back to my more modern way and check them out on Flickr or seraphim or the event´s homepage. Now as they were sitting in my trash folder I triple checked my furniture and freebies folders were OUT of the trash (right beneath it though… well, their usual spot). When I clicked “empty trash” a nasty lag spike appeared and when it was gone the trash was empty – but the furniture and freebies had gone, too. No way to retrieve them, filed a ticket with LL, they were at a loss, too.

I was able to have a chunk of it redelivered, the other things are sitting on my wishlist as far as they´re still available.

Furthermore I was tested for Autism (and got a “maybe” and a promise to be invited to a second interview and testing appointment in 8-9 months…), followed by the second biggest costuming event the German Garrison has on a yearly basis: Fiktion trifft Realität in the Technikmuseum Speyer (fiction meets reality). It was a blast, awesome pictures were taken, we danced to a Gonk Droid blasting the Cantina song in a badass version, our feet died a thousand deaths.

When we were back home my beloved GLaDOS decided to act up. We thought it was the Mainboard but it turned out to be the RAM (yes, I know, that´s where you start looking…)

Anyways she´s back up and running, we´ll be sending the 8GB bars in and when Corsair replaced them I´ll have 24fuckinGB!!! YEY!

Next up I had some interesting talk with Cilia – I´ll get to some more detail in the next post (not the very intimate details  – that´s between the two of us… not for you cheeky and nosey lot 😉 ), followed by me raiding the Dark Style Fair and being accepted by The Team Diabetes of SL to blog for their Scare me Silly Hunt, which will start in 6 days from now (Oct. 19th of 2018^^).

I´ll get into that in my third post today. And on Thursday….and after that. You´ll hear …read… quite a lot of it I guess.

It was an easy decision for me to apply because not only we all know I love Halloween and all the awesomeness that is released around that time, but my Granddad on my mom´s side had diabetes Mellitus for 40 years so I grew up with insulin injections and blood sugar tracking. He lost his eyesight when I was 11 which was horrible for me at first, I didn´t really bother much after that. Nowadays I wish he would have seen more than just shadows and greyscale. Three strokes bothered him over the years until he passed away in 2006. I still miss my grandparents as I was VERY close to them.

NOOOOW… while we´re in a dark mood and I mentioned The Dark Style Fair before … I did some shopping and I think I´ve been wearing it ever since:

LOTD Oct 13th red_001

Look at the awesomeness Wicca released with her Nicole Body *-* , no seriously, LOOK!

LOTD Oct 13th red_002

Style Card:

Truth Reyane
SUGAR Eternity Cross Necklace
Wicca´s Nicole Body
PixelBox Mini Pleated Skirt Studded Lace
abrasive Stap Leggings Tattered
.:KC:. Victoria

[ Focus Poses] Dirty Alley Backdrop BDC
Kokoro Poses Julia

I´ll be back after some noms… muahahhaha,



Back in the days

Good evening Lovelies,

now for today´s blogging-madness-finale I have something from an old friend of mine.

You all know Wicca Merlin, right? The Claudia Schiffer…. or Heidi Klum…or…well you get the level… of Second Life. Remember how she used to sponsor me before my poof? Good.

I was DEAD certain she´d kill me once she´d got a hold of me, I think it´s pretty obvious my apology I posted was aimed at her in big parts. So you can imagine how I jumped when she IMed me in Discord. But… Wicca being Wicca she was sweet as ever, not mad (PHEW!!!! The fuckin Alps fell off my heart and I´ve seen them in person this spring… those fuckers are HUGE!!!). She wasn´t mad at all… and she even gave me a little something of her awesomeness.

To be the brutally honest lil critter I tend to be… I´ve always been glad and proud of her when I saw she was still designing and blogging and teaching at BVN – rocking SL more than she did back then.

So yeah… Meet Lucile – her outfit for this year´s Vintage Fair  which took place in June

old teacher_001

So Kids, this is how we learned things when I was in school

In a past life Kasha was a teacher. True story…

old teacher_002

Hahahahaha oh please don´t be silly…. the Earth is THAT big? I call treason! WHAT? Women are allowed to vote nowadays? Don´t be silly! Our sole purpose is to look pretty and make our husband happy.

Ok I still wonder how she managed to timetravel… or if she´s “teaching” in a museum… With her you never know!

This is the dark Pack which comes with a HUD for Metals, Skirt, Jacket, Corset (which has a laced back cos Wicca knows how it´s done !) and belt with the little bag.  The hat is seperate but awesome, too. I can tell you´ll see this outfit again in one way or the other…

Let´s finish with the ever so classical style card:

[ Focus Poses ] Classroom Backdrop at Backdrop City

Truth Taren
Wicca´s Wardrobe Lucile Dark Set
:)(: Lady Pumps

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