Snapped Circuits

Hey Lovelies,

Gosh it´s been a wild time recently. My emotions are all over all the places – mostly the dark and grim ones though.

My anxiety pikes up to really annoying heights these days missing my parents terribly – them being in their other home 6hrs away a LOT since they´ve retired helps fuck all of course… then the unsolved cat situation and me not knowing what to do. We finally went to meet a lovely tomcat on Saturday but he had no interest in us whatsoever. He let us pet him a bit and took a few treats but that´s it. Staff said the chemistry seems to lack and we agree sadly. Once we were out the door I started sobbing and bawling like I haven´t in a couple of months. When we finally managed to get me into the car but before we actually left a lady who´d been petting cats with us earlier came up to the car and asked what´s wrong. We told her and she invited us for a cuppa and some dog cuddling. DAMN it felt so good… we even went on a lil walk together… I missed walking a dog, but my legs and Jonian´s feet aren´t too well – they´ve been checked, not much to do about it, stress for me and Jonian COULD get surgery but it´s a 50/50 chance things´d go worse and he´s not willing to take that risk, also my massive pluviophobia – phobia of rain and wet clothes and uncontrolled water, spech from above – yeah… ermmm a dog would rightfully tell us to go fuck ourselves.

BUT IT FELT SO FUCKIN GOOD and helped SO much!

Also another horror for me – the fuckin floods. I´ve been panicking since I saw the forecast on my weather app last monday, telling everybody to stay safe and shit. Most were like “yeah don´t worry, it might not be that bad”…. mhhhh seen that haven´t we? The forecast showed red numbers, 64.8l/m²/hr … fuckin hell…
All our friends, family, the family company are safe, Laura´s (bridesmaid, remember?) washing machine might´ve drowned, waiting on her to reply (their laundry room was flooded, they just got it 5 days ago) but we´ve got my old one standing at the inlaws and it should still work so that´d be sorted.
Another friend´s parents were trapped on second floor (US folx – that´s 3rd floor for you) – waiting for more info there. Mom sent me picks of my old school and the ground floor (yep, first floor) was under water up to …dunno 8” of the windows…-ish. Holy shit I cried and screamed when I saw the pics…  We´re on a hill thankfully, no water anywhere near. As soon as you cross Aachen´s city borders though… Eschweiler, Stolberg – well some of you might have seen the picks. Horrible, isn´t it?

So it´s just appropriate that Jonian´s come up with boots for Circuit for Mainframe. They´re also made of carbon fibre, including a metal frame, shin guard, mid heel and flat option and moar colours. The corset will be updated accordingly ;). Also you can make both the foot area and the leg area invisible – individually or both. ALL THOSE OPTIONS! And of course Jonian pulled through with his strict gender policy – no matter what body, you get BOTH the heel and the flat options.

Snapped Circuits_001

they say you have to walk THROUGH hell – they sing “these boots are made for walking”… well sometimes you gotta pause and readjust those boots to be able to walk on

Snapped Circuits_002

pull em up real good

Snapped Circuits_003

air your leg

Snapped Circuits_004

or your feet

Snapped Circuits_005

… or both

Snapped Circuits_006

maybe you don´t need an extra light to shine your way

Snapped Circuits_007

but maybe you do…

The Circuit boots are real jacks of all trades for all those situations, plus they´re super comfy.


Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
Yomi Haru
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book, Space Unicorn and Deadly Cute

+ Psycho Barbie + Sigyn
Blueberry Iconic Doll Bra
STERNBERG Circuit Corset and Boots @ MAINFRAME until Augst 20th (Boots, the Corset is joining with a discounted pricetag 😉 )
Oi Bae Corset Pants (closed her business including MP 😦 )

Cocoon Cyberpunk Roleplay , superawesome decor regionwise

He´s off RL work for 2 weeks now and he´ll be 30 on Friday 😉 So… some days on the couch with Dani and Loki, or on the balcony…. are ahead… can´t wait.

take care,




Hey Lovelies,

today I´m taking you to space with some awesomeness featured at the new round of Chronicles and Legends. GOSH you have to check that event out. Let me know if you need a shopping cart – I have transferable ones ;). Starting my shift I´ve emerged my quarters with BB-One just to run into lil creatures he´s never seen before. I told him they´re lions and they´re from earth, like me. They were friendly, he was curious and not as cheeky as he usually is – it was a wonderful encounter.  I don´t know how they appeared up here but these things happen quite regularly on a big starship so you stop questioning.


Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
Exile Svetlana
Nailpolish via Lara Hud

Chronicles and Legends (until the 31st):

Ahegao Space Visor
STERNBERG Admiral and Multiscanner (the Scanner is our Hunt item – FREE!!! in the mainstore)
:FNY: Designs BB-One
Serenity Style Centerprise Control Room

Jian Lion Cubs Saturday Sale Item July 10th, 2021, it´s still out as I post it – HURRY!!!!
ChiMia:: Game Tile Letters

Illuminated by Lumi Pro

May the Force serve England well!

take care,




Hey Lovelies,

today I´d like you to meet Symbol, Jonian´s newest creation for the second round of Ritual. It comes in five dark colours and three handdrawn patterns to fulfill all your gloomy witchy goth desires. As usual it´s rigged for all the genders 😉


I met a fairy in the forest and we had a lil chat. She says hi 🙂

What´s all this stuff then?

Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
Yomi Haru
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty

STERNBERG Symbol @ RITUAL until the 22nd

Shot at @ Lost Unicorn, all decor regionwise

This month is loaded, Jonian´s at THREE events this month! More info soon 😉

Take care,



Goth Summer

Hey Lovelies,

today I´m back with a non-sponsored collab with my auntie Millie. This posts sole purpose is to surprise my big lil sis Lola, showcasing her new dress El Gato and to let her know Millie´s her aunt, too. Fun fact: Millie blogs for Lola´s brand Lolapop and now for STERNBERG, too. I know, it took her ages, right?

Goth Summer_003

we went to a lovely beach and talked

Goth Summer_004

…. family hug times and some more talkings

Goth Summer_005

then we got thirsty

Goth Summer_007

and sat at a cute lil bar until

Goth Summer_002

the sun set and we watched it sink into the ocean…



FABIA Esther
Ade- Hard Love Glasses
AsteroidBox. Cross Earrings
*RealEvil* Pixi Moon Collar
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute
Lolapop! El Gato

Millie (her version) is wearing:

Maitreya Lara
Catwa Jasmine
DOUX – Silent
[7DeadlySkins] – BODY 2020 CALM bom
Lolapop! – Idiota (pink)
DAPPA – Shika

:Zombie.Suicide: Lunar Nose Ring
VENGE Pentacle Nose Ring
SixFeetUnder – Cora Earrings
Bliensen + MaiTai – Selene – Choker
Lolapop! – El Gato
friday – Dawn Leather Ring Set
RAWR! Moonchild Nails
The Sea Hole ~ Zombikini beach bag (store closed, no longer available, not even on MP ;-;)
[..CULT..] Nyx

Prim Platform textured and tinted (Strg+b 😉 )
 CVR 4waves stg6
Studio Skye Water
*NeverWish* Goth Summer set
(Fundati) Cliffs and Yucca Trees
[FOURTH WALL] Multi-Texture Rock
Nerenzo Some Rocks under palms
Soy. German Hooded Beach Chair
DaD Palms, Pebble Letters and Wooden Floor Lamps
Bee Designs A Day at the Beach (gothified)
Belle Epoque Candice Bag Pride Edition GIFT @ SL18B
CHEZ MOI Tiki Bar and Floating Piicnic Table
Cheeky Pea Boho Dreamtime Hammock (gothified)
[noctis] Tiki pouffe
Made by … Beach Chairs
[Immoral Designs] Casket BBQ
things&stuffs goth floatie and black flamingo
-DIVIAs Design- Tiki Beach Privacy Screen modified
DISORDERLY. / Fairy Lanterns / Holdable / Silver [L]

Summerfest (till July 11th):

[-BLUE SKY-] Nautical Fence (w/o holes)
Kraftwork Matcha Beach Check (slightly gothified) and Nautical Bar

BattleScars  – Summer 4.0

I can´t wait to see what the siblings will say – I don´t think they´re aware of having a new aunt *grins* – and they know her already, too XD Don´t you just love the family revelations? I mean I happen to live across the street of Aurora´s daughter Saya – so I found another neice, too. Super stoked. I hope the family gets to hang out together soon. It´s been way too long… But for now…

take care,




Hello Lovelies,

as I said I went further into the forest and somehow ended up here. Gosh it´s beautiful here and the vibes are so strong. Today I cater to my darker sides and sacrifice potions that are not to be consumed by creatures but diffunded into the air to dissolve into nothingness, carrying evil and sadness with them. Also I conjured some bones to form a pentagram in front of my core – to give myself stability and my bones protection and a little extra support.

Unholy Powers_004

Style Card:

Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
Magika Alexandra
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty

RITUAL – NEW EVENT!!! FIRST ROUND!!! until the 22th

Six Feet Under Divination Necklace
+ Psycho Barbie + [Rebel Dress] (and Fishnets – in her mainstore 😉
.Evil Baby. – Belladonna Bottle
.Tardfish. Ritual Bones
.~Deadly Nightshade~. Essence of Nightshade

Shot at @ SL Countryside, all decor regionwise

Let´s see what the future holds, I actually do have hope for once and am in good spirit and my intentions are clear and good.

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,

I went into the forest for a little grounding and peace. I went in the dark and only took one lantern to light my way. I stumbled upon a ruin of a once proud wall – with a creature safely locked inside, frozen into what seemed to be metal.



Standards *UPDATED*
Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
. Doe . Floret
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty

RITUAL – NEW EVENT!!! FIRST ROUND!!! until the 22nd:

g-Spot Magic Star Dress
torment Spellchief gacha ( glasses and book *rare*)
STERNBERG MoonStar Pendant (GIFT!!! FREE!!!)
What´s Lost Spirits Night Terrors Wall hanging
Quills & Curiosities Wayfinder Lantern

(Fundati) Land Ground Patch
Simply Shelby Ruin Wall
KIDD GRASS Bush Lil White Flowers

BattleScars  PREMIUM – STARS – PREMIUM 2.0

Hm… this forest is inspiring. I think I´ll return soon. Look at the stars if you get the chance to, preferably with grass under your bare feet.

Take care,



Penta protecting Ritual

Hey Lovelies,

I might have hinted at it but… I took on ONE new sponsor. An event nontheless. WHAT? …. I know… It´s a new event called Ritual and it´s gonna be witchy, dark, mystical  – perfect for me. Jonian joined in as  a designer – meet PENTA!

Can you see the energy of nature I channeled around me? How I aim to throw it at the future for protection and blessing? May we all thrive under it.

Penta protecting Ritual_001


Penta comes with a unique lacing and with a reduced Pride pack cos you know how much the LGBTIQA+ community means to us and we have several gay, nonbinary, genderqueer, trans, pan, asexual and poly folx in our RL and SL family. The wildest mixes of “labels” among them, too. GOSH they´re a colourful bunch and we love them. That´s why Jonian makes sure EVERY STERNBERG Release is UNISEX! YES. EVERY fuckin one! Be it a suit or a dress. And we would be thrilled to see all kinds of …creatures… at least demo the stuff and try new things. The limitation here is that one of the supported bodies should fit you cos there´s only so much time in a day, this is not his RL job and it has to be somehow efficient. I still think he made a decent choice.

Penta protecting Ritual_002

Now I was wondering how to present Penta, as I didn´t want to be lazy and just use the ad shot as it is. So I´m doing a …related… expanded… version, showing off another version. Thankfully – sixx – came up with a wonderful crop top that is definately sexy but not skimpy – not even for yours truly.  I grabbed inventory gold by [G-SHOT] and +PsychoBarbie+ and Astara makes sure my feet won´t get dirty.

Penta protecting Ritual_003

he drew the pattern by hand… on a piece of paper… for his previous D&D campaign´s Deck of many things. Both the star and the moon – I just wanted to show you the star, though, as both Jonian´s store and Ritual are rising stars… Also… I´ve mentioned it before – Stern is german for Star.


Standards *UPDATED*
Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
. Doe . Floret
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty


RITUAL – NEW EVENT!!! FIRST ROUND!!! until the 22nd:

-sixx – Aislinn Crop
STERNBERG Penta Corset and Moon&Star Pendant (Moon&Star is a GIFT!!!)
Astara Ankle Boots

[G-SHOT] Arei Skirt
+ Psycho Barbie + Dogma and Enchanted Stockings


Celeste – Crystal Scatter and Lunar Glyphs
(Fundati) Cliff and ground
*CSF* Snappy Grass
-Elemental- Electric Hands Aura

BattleScars  – 14.0 SKIN

OMG  I´m so excited…

take care,



Celebrate Love

Hey Lovelies,

wow what a week this has been.

Last Sunday we  had Mother´s Day in Germany, followed up by Father´s Day on Thursday just to be crowned by our first RL Wedding Anniversary. Insane, right? Also the last week of The Darkness Chamber Fair has started where you can get our circuit corset.

With all those events Jonian came up with a new Groupgift – the Circuit Bracelet but also with a new Krug. More free beer (it can hold any liquid you like though 😉 )! They´re not only great to drink from at home or on the go, but they make  great decor items, too. Grab them all – more versions to follow soon ;).

Celebrate Love


Standards *UPDATED*
Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty
Wicca´s Originals Rune @ Cyberpunk Fair until May 30th


♥ Circuit Corset @ The Darkness Chamber Fair until May 22nd
♥ Circuit Bracelet GROUPGIFT
♥ Circuit Krug and Krug FREEBIES
♥ Cyber Bunny Ears

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Absence of Fear
amias – NADIA

MINIMAL – Illuminate Backdrop

BattleScars  Can´t stop the feeling – fiddled with and illuminated by Lumi Pro

I went super wild and added a lil close up of the bracelet  AND I cropped the pic a bit – all done in 😉

Now, those knowing me read and heard me say “I´ll go unsponsored, blabla, no pressure, if at all, yadda yadda. WELL!  Erm, things happened… and so I accepted to blog for a new event starting on June 2nd. I trust the owner and Jonian´s joined as a designer so I´ll do one post anyways, the requirements are VERY fair so that´s a safe one. Plus I´m in good company colleague-wise *blushes*.

So yeah, more about that soon.

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,


OMG I´m way beyond excited. Jonian´s first event!!!!!  The wonderful self-lacing fan laced circuit corset has just hit The Darkness Chamber Fair. It comes in singles, theme packs, and of course a fatpack giving you ALL those customisation options muahahahhaha. What the hell is a theme pack you ask? Well.. plain, silver circuits and gold circuits ;).

And… what do you mean this must have been my idea… I mean I might have emptied my Pinterest mood board over him and there might have been fan-laced corsets in between… but … ok yes I admit it it was a collaboration 😉

Oh? Pictures? Yes, yes, of course, sorry:

Have some details:

Standards *UPDATED*
[monso] Choi

alaskametro<3 Dead Cute

+Psycho Barbie+ [Sigyn Jacket]
Blueberry Iconic Doll Bra

STERNBERG – Circuit Corset @ The Darkness Chamber Fair until May 22nd

Oi Bae Corset Pants (closed her business including MP 😦 )

//Bohemia// *Stairs Sci-Fi*

Happy Shopping and take care,




Hey Lovelies,

wow, it´s been a while, eh? What happened, what made me stop?
I had a massive burnout. Yes, another. It was looming on me for a couple of weeks but I had to pull through Halloween. After Elektrohexe I´ve let go of all of my sponsors, jobs and responsibilities, thanking them kindly. I´ve retorted to Youtube and Spotify, drowning myself in music, podcasts and channels devoted to dogs, mental illnesses, queer and trans topics, wellness, cooking, horses, celli, StarWars. My beloved cat Arya joined me ever so often, curling up on my lap or between my chest and my keyboard.
Then Dec 24th happened and Arya fell sick. I have mentioned it in previous years – this is THE day of Christmas for my family. THE NIGHT OF THE YEAR. Holy to me. However I did spend it with Arya in the clinic.  But this was only the start to a 3 week nightmare triggering the worst phase of my life.
While I spent day and night on the couch, at Arya´s side, taking her in for infusions twice some douchbag took the glasses of my car´s side mirrors, tried to kick off the left one and took my front wipers. Of course there´s no hints as to who it was and it was JUST below of what I have to pay before the insurance takes over.
My parent´s 14 yr old lab fell sick on the same day as Arya, Sam´s fine now though, he just turned 15 on the 8th. Arya however turned out to have a lymphoma, it was 8 by 4″ – her having a back length of  11″. It must have pretty much exploded and there was open fluid, too. I had to let her go on January 13th. One day after my rezday, 2 days before my birthday and 15 years after my Grandfather died.  It crushed me completely, especially as she was so dehydrated they almost had to do a cardial injection (Pulp Fiction Needle in Heart Style). On the clinic´s cold metal table.

I´ve posted updates on my personal SL FB so you might have seen those. Hence I´ve asked not to be tagged in anything except for stuff I´m actually participating in.

However on the 20th my bridesmaid Laura asked us if we wanted to adopt their black beauty Loki, a huge mini panther with a gentle soul and heart. We discussed things and of course it was interrupted by Arya falling sick. Dani, her sister was quite fine after she passed  and no matter how broken my heart was – I couldn´t stop thinking about Loki. I´ve always had a crush on him and I knew that he would be a great buddy for Dani. We took him in a few days after Arya´s urn was back home. They gave their pack of 4 away cos they never really got along. Well they gave Paulchen and Loki away. Their girl Snow stayed along with Loki´s brother Jasper, who had 2 huge tumors on his neck. Jasper passed away 3 weeks ago, so Snow is now alone. With them expecting their third child in late summer this is absolutely the right decision.
Dani and Loki get along just fine and Loki´s SUCH a daddy´s boy. He loves Jonian to bits and prefers males. So we´re looking for Soul No 3 right now cos I´m really suffering under not having a cat that loves to cuddle near my heart and lets me hug them. Ours look at me if I wanted to punish them and I don´t want to annoy them too much bless their gentle souls.
My mom also lost her “shadow” (yet blonde) pug Paula quite suddenly due to a brain tumor, another angel sorely missed by the whole family. I mean – who´s gonna lick our jeans´ legs when we visit them now?

Quite some furry-induced trouble, eh?

The biggest impact this all´s had on me though: I cannot listen to music anymore. If you´ve seen me in a club or at a set, telling you “love that tune” – it´s because  I´ve read it in local. I´m sorry.  I start to shake if I try to listen to tunes. I cannot watch videos anymore either. I miss it, cos it helped me relax, kept me occupied without being overwhelming.

I´ve started to dabble in some projects in SL again. I´ve updated my services page accordingly and you find more detailed info and all the links there. Mainly Jonian opened his mainstore and will attend his first event next month, my beloved colleague Mildread Gloom and I started an Event Promo Agency, for EU-timezoned goth/rock/alt club MANAGERS to promote their events on adboards and in an inworld group to people within our timezones. Furthermore I started….or am starting… a consulting service for bloggers to help them with organizing their workload, setting up scenes for them or helping them with that – or whatever they need help with in their workflow. Well, except post editing their pictures of course, cos we all know I don´t do that. But I know some awesome digital artists (people who do) that have done some wonderful tutorials to refer them to.
“Unfortunately” neither of these services are free.
I´ve worked hours and hours helping people for free. Good service isn´t free and free service isn´t good. There might be exceptions but people keep mentioning this “self-worth” thing and well, let´s do that for a change.

I don´t know if I´ll ever return to sponsored blogging though, because it gets more and more insane out there and I neither have the will nor the strength to succumb myself to the pressure of achieving numbers and deal with items I wouldn´t usually wear just to fullfill requirements. Never say never, but for now it´ll be random posts of whatever I feel like.  I´ve had about 11 wannado´s prepared, some pre-written, some pre-styled and I might do some text only posts, too.

The pictures I´ll add today is  one I did for a black and white challenge Will tagged me in on FB, I´ve never actually released it but just put it in the comments under his post. It´s my farewell to the souls we´ve lost recently. There will be no Stylecard either. Of course you can always ask, but you know that. I´ll only add the B/W Version but I do have a coloured version of it, too. The second is my current mood with a kitteh that I found in my inventory. It was part of a ….swing set? I think…

That´s it for now.

Take care,