summer summer summerTIME!!!


erm.. I mean… hi lovelies 😉

Oh my you know how I´ve always had this talent for situations to just….happen?

Well this was another one^^

Cilia Shepherd is one of you (now insert “Hey Cilia” choir here^^) and she poked me the other day. She´s a designer. far so unspectacular, every other person in SL is a designer of some sort. Cilia does quite adorable vintage fashion though! Like 1920s style vintage, yet very wearable nowadays without looking weird or costumed.


Come a little closer


This is Cilia´s lovely set called Ananas (that´s pineapple in English 😉 )


See the lovely embroidery?

Oh and … didn´t I create a lovely sandcastle? The posing prop is not made by me of course, that´s Caren Jewel´s Creation *grins*.

But Cilia gave me another outfit..or well a bathing dress (those were THE bathing suits back then! Top notch and everything)

Myrna (1)

This is Myrna.

Myrna (2)

Look at the details!!! If you enlarge the pic and look at my boobs – it´s ok for this purpose *coughs* – you see the knitted texture 

But like I said both styles are very “today” -y :


I´ll go out like this now!

…and I can see Ananas being combined with a pair of Jeans for the top —or maybe a black spaghetti top for the shorts?

Oh and this is where you can get both styles:

:.C!L.: Inworld Store 

:.C!L.: Marketplace

Today´s hair is Truth´s AveryElena and the Sneakers are called Sandy 🙂

This title was inspired by “Summertime”, performed by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (aka Will Smith).

Now while Kasha goes out to shop Alex has to dash out to physiotherapy 😉

Wish me luck ,

take care



A walk across my own little beach

Hello Lovelies,

after updating some stuff on my blog and plotting to update my portfolio and inworld profile I decided to drag my feet through the soft waves and sand of my little beach.


the cool water is awesome!!


but the sun is so bright…


so I went to check the birdies


and the other ones next to the house

Oh… you  want to know where to get this lovely combo?

Well the hair´s MINA´s Harper and the lovely airy combo is Dafnis´CBB135 codename Friday 😉 the bird houses are by Caren Jewell. The rest is just my standard look *grins* you know where to find that^^. Oh and yes I´m wearing panties underneath *snickers*. Those are the !FP! lace panties which come in 8 colours 🙂


Now have a nice evening…or day…^^



Upgrade, Decisions and Processes wrapped up in Sunset Candy

Hello Lovelies,

today I would love to give you some behind the scenes insight on how I operate.

As I´ve told you I have decided on a Mesh head so I need a new skin.


I´ve grabbed …idk HOW many demos and… you know me.. I´ll always be a pale-nose 😛

Now I could just go around and buy all those skins (given I have the money which I don´t XD) I don´t see why I would need more than one skin and head. I´m not much of a changer, I´ve worn GlamAffair´s Cassiopeia for YEARS (not counting the breaks^^). I can alter it enough with make-ups (which I rarely do, too). Of course, if I want to shapeshift there´s a need for more skins (for my Twi`lek Char ^^), but for my everyday use? I mean I don´t have the funds to collect stuff like that anymore, plus… I don´t really change tattoos, skins and heads (even the system ones – one I wore and will be wearing on a daily basis, others I keep just for melancholic reasons as I wore them before the standard one was released – including my RL tattoos ;) – ok I would wear those on an Alex Version of Kasha XD) .

I kinda see my chars as persons, they´re all parts of me but sometimes I dream of us sitting around a table and talk or I see Kasha or Rhian (my SW Chat RP Char – who is 1:1 Kasha just a bit …much more of a temper than I and Kasha have – maybe as much as Kasha had back in ~2012^^) cursing me or yelling at me XD. Now… I do have ONE head, ONE skin and only so much of space for tattoos.
Hair is changeable – be it via the hairdresser or my own skilled hands (well… xD theoretically xD) or via wigs. The Skin and Body stays. Kasha varies her looks via fashion and all that enough for my liking ^^. If you add my VERY tiny budget (SL is pure luxury as it is for me, kind of a therapeutic creative outlet) you´ll understand why I make such a fuss out of decisions.

I made a list in my SL Journal:


As you can see I  put 5 boxes behind the names. I´ll wear the demos 5 times now..just randomly do another round, do other stuff, slap them on again… and weed out more.

The winner will be bought 🙂  Current Status Quo:


Oh  and a dear friend of mine (hey Fiona^^) suggested Magic Fishing (amongst other fishing games) to me, cos well… I need money and as I´ve said before RL retraining, the lack of a laptop, the other hobbies and my depression keep me from looking  for a paid SL Job.

That´s what I´ve been doing for about 3 hours yesterday and am doing it right now while I type this. The Catwa Omega Relay is close I tell ya!!! YEEEY!

But after a while the sea breeze made me sleepy so I headed over to Backdrop City and threw myself into the “Day Hammock”

it was SO comfy that I stayed well into the night and way past my bedtime *oooops*^^ (more on my flickr^^)

I´m wearing :

Catwa´s Kathy Head, Maitreya´s Lara Body, AviGlam´s Vivid Eyes in Night, Lamb´s Cupid GroupGift (they have so many out…unbelievable! The group is free to join btw^^),  Chop Zuey´s She Sells She Shells Necklace, Etchaflesh´s Sookie Halter, Carol G´s Romantic Roses, Stelloane´s Boho girl dreamcatcher armwrap, FashionNatic´s Miya Skirt and KC´s Shelby Heels.

The Hut in the first pic is by DustBunny and the Day Hammock at BackDropCity is by {moss&mink} 😉

Oh and by the way. I made a blogger list where you can put your name and few details about yourself then to see who´s out there, follow others and maybe collaborate.

I can´t wait to see where this is going.




“Alles neu macht der Mai” aka May changes everything

Hello Lovelies,

yes I know a German title is rare for me …but it´s a saying^^

Ok so where to start… maybe here:

After SEVEN (yes, you´ve read that right… SEVEN!!!) fuckin´months of demoing, crying, ranting, cursing I managed to decide on a mesh head: Catwa´s Kathy.

Not only being the only head I liked and recognized myself with but the support group being nothing but charming, helpful and a ton of fun *grins*. Just like my Lara body this head was a surprising gift by a wonderful friend, I wish I could hug her till she´d gasp for air.

Now with that sorted I grabbed my journal to see what´s next:

  • Omega Relay
  • Test Bake on Mesh
  • new Skin
  • new Make-Up
  • new AO
  • continue to catalogize that damn inventory, bitch!!!

easy, right? Play LindenRealm (a friend of mine just referred me to some fishing stuff and “Lindo” to make more L$ cos I can´t commit to a regular job with a schedule atm… I just can´t, cos it would be quite the dick move to be unreliable. I´ve been unreliable enough with my beloved blog which still haunts me ;-;  *coughs… BTT!!!) make some L$ and then buy that stuff and continue to take pics, hang out, dance in clubs, cause chaos in groupchats and blog^^

But there I stood, looked at my home and couldn´t stand the sight of it so I put it away. I browsed all the other houses I had but none were acceptable atm.

I´m looking into a small, preferably one story home with a room for a bathroom, kitchen  and bedroom. Though I could do without a kitchen,…. I don´t know I guess it just has to click.  Right now Trompe L´oeil´s Haider Elevated is under consideration and… I think it was DAD´s Victorian Sunrise Cottage. Well you´ll see once I´ve decided and invested .

Now.. I know you lot are curious so let´s get to today´s pics :

I´m wearing my Bento Kasha´s Custom Perfection Shape, Catwa´s Kathy 3.2 head, AviGlam´s Melancholia Eyes in Forest, Maitreya´s Lara 4.1 body, CarolG´s R, Lamb´s Dissolved Girl Hair in Pink Ombre,  Well Made´s Shery Dress, Bowtique´s Rose Fishnet Stockings and Amacci´s June Sorbet Heels.

All of that is draped upon my Trompe Loeil – Nevaline Garden Bar and snapped with Paulina´s Fairy warm pink Windlight.

(btw – I´ll give you the names but I won´t put any links in here, just tags 😛 You guys are not stupid, maybe a bit lazy but this way it´s up to you if you want to shop inworld or on the marketplace 😉 Either way – LOVE THOSE DEMOS!!!!!)

Now there´s a story why I picked this outfit:

I was running around Linden Realm to grab some gems and turn them into a few  L$ when I ran past a very stereotypical hiphop-hipster boy. Internally I rolled my eyes and PLOPP there was the IM – in Spanish. Now SL is an international environment. I don´t run around talking German unless I know the person I´m talking to will understand me. It´s rude to expect people to speak your language, folks.  Don´t do that! Dick move!

He threw adjectives at me (wow….) and then whinced, when I called him out on being rude. I blocked him and while answering on a forum post regarding bad pick up lines the next guy IMed me, in Spanish, too.  I know the odd word in Spanish, still. INTERNATIONAL^^ Let´s start with English, shall we? While I kindly told him to fuckoff I changed my title in my private group to “No, nope, nein;)” and donned this outfit. I meant to grab the Shery dress anyway and I will wear it on quite some occasions – as a shirt though. I´ll leave that length for a dressto others 😉

Ok folks I´ll leave you with that, I´m dead tired.

Read you soon, feel free to say hi inworld 😉



The mess that is my Inventory

Hey Lovelies,


I´ve mentioned a thorough inventory- clean up on my latest statement. Within the last weeks the topic came up in the forums, repetitively and my system was always complimented when I explained how I sort my inventory.

Back in …2009? I hopped on a Posestand and didn´t leave it for 6 weeks (yeah you read that right…) taking raw, simple pics for EVERY fuckin item I bought…

Those pictures are hilarious I tell ya!! Naked with only a shirt, bald with nothing but a pair of jeans, blurry face but the dress rezzed just fine. Stuff like that.

On my HDD (synched with Dropbox and Nextcloud) I created the exact subfolders that I have inworld.


Actually… I didn´t take pics of EVERYthing… I just started to  weed out and catalogize all those accessories, followed by furniture, makeup, poses and photo stuff.  You bet I´ll be so glad when that´s all done cos I have no idea what everything is and I basically do need that shit, spech when I think of going back to blogging.


Erm… I´m derivating. Where was I? Oh… right! Everytime I buy something new I put it in either “zum auspacken” (unpack) or if it comes unpacked it goes into “einsortieren und knipsen” (sort and snap). As soon as a picture of it is saved offline it goes in the corresponding inworld folder.


If I am hunting or raiding gifts  I might go some days without unpacking and snapping pics, but I try to keep that up. Plus it helps me procrastinate with the remaining folders of horror! I do start to see a massive impact though, starting at 83k I´m now down to 62k items. Plus I throw out sizes I don´t wear and all those rezzing poses that want to animate your avatar during unpacking, unpacking scripts and stuff.

I do have back ups in my “Do not delete” Folder and if all else fails there´s usually redelivery ;).

This system works like a charm for me and I´ve been thinking about giving classes about it back in the days. Who knows what might happen?


Till then,




Hm… I guess it´s time to come clear

Hello Lovelies,

yes, I´m still alive … thank God? Unfortunately? I´ll leave that up to you.

There are no words that can express how terribly sorry I am to have poofed so suddenly, without a word. It´s nothing you should do, especially not as a sponsored blogger.

Let me give you a short recap of what happened in the last 3 years:

  •  I had a major burnout, followed by a boreout cos my colleagues didn´t give me any tasks after the burnout in case it was too much for me (well cleaning the coffee machine 3 times a day really does your head in, trust me…)
  •  there was a nasty break-up as in I got dumped pathetically
  • I was at home for 2 years – plenty of time but I was struggling financially as it is and my desktop was too old to run SL properly, let alone take acceptable pics
  • I met the man of my dreams and we became best friends
  • I started StarWars Cosplay and joined the 501st Legion German Garrison as                TI – 68713
  • I got a new laptop and returned to SL because as you might remember I abuse Kasha for Character Pics *coughs*
  • Last Christmas I got a new PC (admit it you sung it in your head^^)
  • I started retraining as an office clerk (I worked in offices for years, but in Germany you need a certificate for everything…)

So yeah, while I do have the hardware to blog again I´m nowhere near capable of returning to where I was.

Back then it was like this:

  1.  styling
  2. setting up the spot
  3. cranking the graphics up
  4. praying to whoever was available – all of them
  5. taking the pic
  6. cropping/”editing”
  7. typing the blog entry in blogspot (this one is actually written on wordpress^^)
  8. posting
  9. PR:
  • crossposting to WordPress, Tumblr, moolto, what have you
  • FB (the blog´s page, Kashas Profile, about 300 SL Fashion groups (no really… I kid you not…)
  • inworld groups
  •  Flickr including all tags, links, groups

all of that took me up to 3 hours PER POST.

My current SL budget is 40€ a month which is about 12k L$, 7k for rent and 5k for shopping. You see that´s dropped down severely. Now with D (the name continues but let´s introduce him as D ^^) …we´re going to move in next year but until then the cats and I go over every other weekend plus there are the 501st events, we´re in 2 PNP rounds (Shadowrun 5 and D´n´D 5) and  we´ve got a monthly SW get-together so it´s one free weekend. My retraining is full-time so that kills another 10 hours every Mon – Thu, 6 every Friday.  I´ve started bullet-journalling (yes, I do have one for SL, too XD) and I´ve started to clean my inventory, take pics of the  stuff I didn´t take pics of back then (accessories, poses, furniture, textures) – I´m down 21k (still 62k in there^^).

Plus there´s these damn Mesh heads. I´ve demoed everyone and their kids and moms and whatever I could find… NOT ONE I liked… so this will take quite a while, too.

You get the idea, IF I´d return to blog there´d be waaaaay less  PR, it´d basically just be:

  • yadda yadda -> post
  • crosspost to either Blogspot or WordPress
  • FB: Blog page and Kasha´s page
  • inworld groups
  • Flickr

plus it´d be waay less frequent of course and not regularly. I just can´t tell how much I´ll be on tomorrow, next week, what have you.

I miss blogging, I really do. But that´s the only way it could be. There´s no way any sponsors would accept me (back) like this so I wouldn´t have sponsored posts and deadlines either.

Ok ,now you´re informed what happened, why I did what I did and yeah. I´d love to talk to you though. Via IM inworld or on the forums? I´m quite active there…

Til then,




Game of Thrones – House Troy

Hey Lovelies,

hm ok I couldn´t let this opportunity pass.

When Wicca saw yesterday´s post she offered me a dress. ME! a DRESS! ..well challenge  accepted.

She surprised me with a model called Cercei.

Now for all Game of Thrones Fans out there this name DOES ring a bell or two and most likely not the most positive ones.

Neither does it with me to be honest as I´m not a fan of the House Lannister (ok Tyrion is ace but that´s the acception to the rule). This post gives me the chance to portrait a very own version of Cercei though  – which is a pure pleasure because well Ikari and I are Game of Thrones fans, my RL phone´s Background and cover feature both our banner sign and family motto:

ok it features an old motto *gg*

The motto had been changed to “Family, Duty, Honour”, when Jacob Troy was made head of the Clan as a wedding gift. His aunt abdicated as the Head of the Clan after binding us as husband and wife. (Jacob Troy and Arali’wa Raven-Troy are our RP Chars at , a German StarWars ChatRoleplay, you met my other Char Rhian de-Girondel at my first collaboration with Wicca).

Another sign of my love for GoT MIGHT be the name of our RL cats, who moved in when I moved to this lovely flat on July 1st, 2013:

Arya (left) and Daenerys (aka Dani. right),

2 spanish girls I got from a shelter, born Feb 26th, 2013

But now let´s get to my interpretation of Cercei:

I am not Cercei Lannister, nor will I ever be. I understand that she would do anything for her children (so would I, even though at this point in my life my “children” are those two cats or close friends from the RP I mentioned above – lovely young adults aged 24,22 and 16), but the most dominant part that is portrayed in the HBO Series´ – and I think n the books as well is one her being a cruel woman with no mercy and a big love for intrigues (and her brother Jaime – no I could not let that slip *gg* – well until he lost his hand that is… – see  – she´s mean!).

The dress inspired me to do a softer version of Cercei… Cersha if you want …Kacei? Pfft you get the intentions my clever lovelies,

black haired instead of blonde, tattoed (hey it´s mainly roses  – the flower of looooove 😉 )

I even put my hair into a bun to show you the lovely backside …of the dress – and my tattoo which fits so perfectly to the laced corset (Wicca knows of my love and passion for corsets *blushes*).

(excuse my poor attempts at picture editing XD still learning)

What? What was that? Because Tommen is not old enough yet and Joffrey is dead Cercei is the current Queen and a Queen needs a crown?

Happy now? 😛 Both crown and this epic shoulderpiece are included of course.

I´ll tell you another secret: They´re engraved…. What they say you ask? According to Wicca´s husband Redclaw Inshan it says :

 Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms


My Standards

Dress, Crown and Shoulderpiece of Epicness: Wicca´s Wardrobe

*available @ Tales of Fantasy – more detail about that here*

Shoes: Alyce

Hair: Truth (Dariela and Snow)

Poses: Glitterati

Backdrop: PNP now known as Katink

In her vendor ads Wicca kept a bit more to the TV version just so you see the comparison:

Wicca's Wardrobe - Cercei Gown Salmon Vendor

and those are all the colours you can grab :

Wicca's Wardrobe - Cercei Gown

Now tell me my lovelies, what do you think of my interpretation?



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