Hey Lovelies,

Oh my I wanted to spend  the afternoon  on the  balcony, but DAMN I need to show you this:



Oh hello there…


Who came up with that Jedi-Scum Quote?!!!


Just kidding though! Let´s get to business…




This is [Marquesse]´s Queenie. The dress and the gloves are what you get. NOW! The fun fact is: Queenie is one of my RL Nicknames. Well Queeny but that´s nitpicking. My Chatname in the old times was Queen of Damned – which is Akasha´s title but that nick was taken for years. I claimed it eventually *muahahhahahaha*  So you can imagine I was quite stoked …

Style Card:

Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
eXxEsS Anguria
.:Mai Bilavio:. GlamRock Collection Lovebug
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Black Magic Lipstick (altered)

[Marquesse] Queenie Dress and Gloves
[Lei Motiv] Erin Booties

*PosESioN* Lay Her Editorial 4
*!R.O!* Force and Peace You
Catwa Animations Hud
Tuty´s Enchanting Beauty AO

The Bearded Guy – Afraid – ‘Are you Scared?
CB´s Rouge 3 altered at my Office


Oh by the way … As you might have noticed I´ve experimented over the last days… Not using the Teaser Pic in the actual Post, only uploading one of the pics to Flickr …. What do you think of that? Let me know?

Ok I´ll leave you alone for now *grins and coughs* HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY!!!

Read you next week, stay safe!

Take care,



Easter Bunny

Hey Lovelies,


Easter Bunny

Without further ado I´ll take you to Feather, the home sim of MI.CO today. I´m wearing the Rabbit Overall which comes in 20 colours…

Easter Bunny1_001

…and as a little surprise you get this cute plush bunneh, too *-* (It´s SOOOOOOOOOOOO soft^^)

Now… Minchen says hi and  told me to tell you that tomorrow will start a hunt on her Sim.  So that hunt will run from the 19th to the 23rd (that´s next Tuesday^^)

The Hunt is FREE and will be in and around the shop. You don´t need to join the group (which is 99L$) – but we all know it can´t hurt *wink wink*

Easter Bunny1_003

Moaaaar Bunneeeehs

Easter Bunny1_004

This kawaii Animesh Usagi dances and greets you in front of the store *-*

Easter Bunny1_006

Yes it IS warm enough to go barefoot – at least in this sunny weather it is 😉 Love to feel the grass under my feet – plus it´s super good for you 😉 Especially if you will run around a lot …and trust me you will while hunting. Check every corner!  Thankfully you have AWESOME movement in this outfit.

Easter Bunny1_007

Phew… hunting can be exhausting. But luckily you can hop onto the big bunny, rest on it´s head and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You won´t even feel the overall as it´s so light and comfy.


Style Card

Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
eXxEsS Juno
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
MI.CO Rabbit Overall (20 Colours) + Bunny

*!R.O.!* Believe
standard non AO Stand
Cara & Ella´s Heart full of Kisses

Landscaping by Varosh, you know him as an awesome blogger and blogger manager for ..::OA-M.E.O::.. and MI.CO (yep the whole bunch is a bunch of friends, german-speaking and super sweet and funny^^…fuckin nutcases ;* )

Now happy hunting, be save and take care,



Dark Sakura

Hello again Lovelies,

let´s make this a quick one but I just HAAAVE to show you the new stuff from OA-MEO and Deliciae.
Both Obsi and SaraJane have been very busy and both are at events. So check the extra LMs in the StyleCard and get the awesomeness.

When I tried to come up with a name for this post I remembered a Co-Pilot from the GermanGarrison whose Callsign is Dark Sakura (she´s half asian, vietnamese if I´m not mistaken).


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
Rama West @Flourish
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
Deliciae Spring Blooms @The Season Story

[Marquesse] Zinnie

..::OA-M.E.O::.. Yuna @SWANK

ArchiTech Design – Spring Tree Cluster of 4
^Upcycled^ Hanging Sofa Bed
*CSF* Snappy Grass
.:M.LAW:. Eloisa Set Garden iron chair one Pg
[DDD] Orchard Tree – Apples
Inverse – Multiseason Wood Patch
DaD DESIGN “Victorian Sunrise Cottage” and Dejeuner sur l’herbe Candy
Trompe L´oeil – Nevaline Garden Bar Full PG
dust bunny . spring washline
[Krescendo] Apoxwagon – PG
Q CreationsWaterfall Island

(SS) Atmospheric 13:00 – altered at home

Fuck… I forgot to have lunch cos once I finished Flourish! I just wanted to change quickly and then I ended up taking the pics and well here I am… I´ll be back tomorrow though … be curious!

Take care,




Hello Lovelies,

I´m sure you´ve heard of the new event Flourish by now. It´s super awesome and everything costs between 70 and 99L$. Plus you might run into old friends there cos the designers can put out new colours of old items, too… I´ve teamed some of my finds up with some other freebies and cheapies so today it´s for the poor souls:



Kasha? KAAASHAAAA??!! Damnit Akasha, where are you, woman?!!


Ohhhh there you are!!!! – Yep I´m here. Namaste!


Looking all serene, huh?  Well even the weirdest nutcases need some downtime I guess…


But I just knew those pants had to be presented in an active way!


Who knew I´d witstand the temptations of those delicious chocolatey donuts? Who believed in me?


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria
Rama West @Flourish <- open till May the 4th – that´s a sign I tell ya!!!*-*
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
^Upcycled^ Candy Necklace *freebie*
Lapointe&Bastchild SWEAR Lisette bralette @Flourish
FAKEICON Tommy @Flourish
!79! Onyx Addict

Apple Fall Hetton Barn Conversion *freebie* and Gay Pride Flag *Freebie MP*
Foxwood Incantation Tapestry Yellow and Hanging Plants large
CHEZ MOI Mandala Yoga Set and Poses, Hamburger Tray – and Barbecue Party
BlackJacK Vintage Floor Lamp
:CheekyPea: Book Decor Dollarbie and Bohemian Curtains Watercolour
DaD Aeolus BeanBag @Collabor88 April
DRD Vagabond Tapestry
dust bunny giant palm plant and potted dragon tree
.Lunaria. Season Changing Tree
Hayabusa Design Bo Maple
LittleBranch GoldenBirch
KaTink PhotoStudio
GOOSE Wall Sit Groupgift

FOXCITY Balance 3, 2, 5 Props included at my office

Seriously though…. I´m starving! I wasn´t feeling too good so I didn´t eat yesterday (on purpose to give my insides a thorough washing with tea and water) and today´s light food day. Lunchtime, too . It´s 1pm as I type this and I have to do the linking in the StyleCard and Promo before or I can´t enjoy my food XD. I better hurry now 🙂

take care,



Cilia gives us the warmth of spring

Hey Lovelies,

today I´m in a lazy mode. Actually I´ve been that way yesterday, too… Hence I didn´t manage to get the post out, so sorry*blushes*. Cilia on the other hand has been VERY good and she  pulled me to the posestand twice last week.

Have you seen the pics all over FB and Flickr? Show her some love she´s really working hard 😉

Anyways she did put out the April Group Gift AND she added a Gacha for 25L$/pull. That´s a very fair price I´d say.



Now this is Dorothy – the GroupGift. It is so pretty and light … I LOVE it!!! The Group Join Fee is 50L$, but we know that´s not much after all, is it?


Look at the frilly puffy little sleeves and how it hugs my body!!!


I´ve only slipped out of this  dress to do the Back to Goth Post and change into the Madame High set. It has the same paisley pattern just a tad more muted and I swear I´m still wearing the same Boots – the pants go right over them so you don´t need to worry about it and combine them with boots. These are two options in the Gacha btw, the shirt comes in several Polka Options, too.

Let´s hope we can pull the warmth out of their hiding with these items. Go check Cilia´s store to see it all and to play your heart out.


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Stealthic – Sensual + Bangs Airy A
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb Nailpolish and Daytime Eyeshadow
:.C!L.: Dorothy Mini Dress and Madame High Waist Pants Set
Dirty Princess – Lil Cowboy Princess

:CheekyPea: Boho Dreamtime Canopy (incl poses)
T-Spot Mesh – Line of Grass
Inverse – Multiseason Wood Patch and Cliff #2 with vegetation
DaD DESIGN “Victorian Sunrise Cottage”
LISP – Tree Seat Baa&Chirp
Reid – Bush – Season Change
3D Trees – Dog rose
[DDD] Orchard Tree – Apples
.:M.LAW:. Eloisa Set Garden iron chair one Pg
*CSF* Tall Sugar Grass
ArchiTech Design – Spring Tree Cluster of 4

Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty
(SS) Atmospheric 15:00 cloudy – altered at my home

Now I hoope you´ll understand that I won´t link my home, the access is set to my group Akasha´s Trusted Pack anyways unless I host a breakfast spontanuously 😉

take care,



Back to Goth

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m still watching the StarWars Celebration Stream and I´m still VERY emotional about it and seeing friends I actually troop with in RL and all that so I went for another dark outfit – black and red – but more goth this time and without my beautiful TIE LN peeking out in the back.


Back to Goth_008

I gotta admit I chose the filter spotlight for today´s pics with a colouraltered Creepy Pyri Windlight.

Back to Goth_009

But back to the outfit. The trigger of this post were these pants – they´re Marquesse´s Sequin Pants and you can find them at their Marketplace as Appliers for several bodies as they´re an older item but DAMN I love them *-* 

Back to Goth_010

I went for this beautiful corset with the intriguing lacing  by Voluptas Virtualis along with the .Viki. Neck Corset.

Back to Goth_007

Because I love laces on clothing I had to slap on these gloves by The Mystic along with matching fingerclaws. The eyeshadow is part of a 5 option hud GroupGift by Mai Bilavio at the current ACCESS event. 


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Stealthic – Cadence + Bangs Airy A
.:Mai Bilavio:. GlamRock Collection
.:Misteria:. Glitter Freckles
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nail Art
.Viki. – Maitreya – Neck Corset
\//. (Voluptas Virtualis) – Olivia – {MAITREYA}
*The Mystic*Gothic Glove (Black) -Maitreya and Gothic Plated Claw Ring L&R
[Marquesse] Sequin Pants
[LeiMotiv] AVI Runner Boots

The Bearded Guy Intimi – Protocol Nights (currently at their LB – Group needed but SO worth it!!!) – Lichi I love the way you greet your customers btw! YOU ROCK!!
*PosESioN* Alexandra 1 and Ari 3
..::Ana Boutique::.. Bento Portrait Set 2 4

once again I´m all alone at my Office

Be prepared for more awesomeness soon *grins*

take care,



Dark – Darker – Nora

Hello Lovelies,

The Force hasn´t been too strong with me this week, I´ve been having issues with my sleep pattern and Arya didn´t really think letting me sleep past 5.30 was an option. Alternatively she´d settle for waking me, then… once I was awake enough to not go back to sleep… she snuggles up my ribcage so I struggle to actually get up… ARGH!!!

Anyways… yesterday was a big day for me as a StarWars fan – Celebration Chicago launched with the Episode IX Panel. I won´t go into details on that but I saw friends from the German Garrison on the stream  (not that panel mind you but I know some where there… so jealous and proud….!!).

With my general tiredness I had some things piling up in my “blog” Folder but I lacked ideas on how to portrait them.  But I knew I´d get these outfits right after I calmed a bit after seeing the trailer.


Dark Darker Nora_001

The Empire landed and sent a sinister creature out

Dark Darker Nora_002

Do not cross her or she´ll cut you up like butter

Dark Darker Nora_003

Don´t worry she didn´t lower the sabre any further. She´s not a Skywalker after all 😉 


Style Card:

Standards *Updated!*
Stealthic – Sensual + Bangs Airy A
[Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine
..::OA – M.E.O::.. Nora @Suicide Dolls
Blueberry Oakley Copper Body Chain
Pink Cream Pie Kore Leggings Uniombre pack
Dirty Princess Lil Cowgirl Princess Boots @Uber

Napalm Industries Lightsaber

Foxcity Old Town
Le Poppycock – Valiant one, Dreaded one and Elf kindred
Killer Twin Wing Fighter v.12 at my Office *muahahhahaha*

Did you see the teaser ? My RL FB is full of it while my SL…well anything really… could really nerd up a notch or 10 😉 COME ON 😛

Oh btw there´s a chance for you to be my neighbour!! Drop by the office and go have a look 😉

Take care,



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