We will rise!

Hey Lovelies,

Wow, a lot has happened over the last days.  I´ve acquired TWO new sponsors – AVEC TOI and Necrosis. My start with the later is also their birthday round – what a great time!!! Also it´s time for Wizarding Faire and as a proud badger I´m super hyped about that, too. Now all those things work so great together in my mind.

We will rise_002

First things first though: You remember AVEC TOI, right? Now while I was impatiently awaiting her next release  I liked her WIP on FB and not that long after Ellen poked me, telling me she´s her BloggerManager now and asked if I´d be interested in being an official blogger. While classy-elegant isn´t my main style of coures I said yes, cos as I said before Klet will go places with her brand.

We will rise_004

Now next we have Necrosis. They´re opening for their FIRST Birthday round today at SLT and this is a lil goth-horror-dark event. After having such a wonderful time blogging for Midsummer Enchantment I feel safer with blogging for events. Plus this is just the beginning cos Halloween is lurking and I plan to apply to and have already applied to quite some events and shenanigans.
Still being in the magical mood MSE has put me in and being a proud Hufflepuff of course I couldn´t help but throw some items from the Wizarding Faire in, too.

We will rise_005

First and foremost Hextraordinary´s Phoenix. Why? Well, those of you who know me since my blogging beginnings know that I´m actually an official and publicated SL Suicide Girl. The Suicide Girls are an alternative pin up  modelling agency. Raw, twisted, sexy, nerdy, colourful, diverse, versatile – all things fun basically. While there have been some attempts to get the group back to old activity things decreased before they actually triggered much.
Usually I was away when they happened, on a break or just offline for a couple of days. Now this time two of us opened a Discord which I´ve linked below the StyleCard. This lead to a lot of discussions and plannings – and of course yours truly is heavily involved.

It´s not much of a secret that I am not the biggest fan of the general fashion and modelling scene. This is not because I don´t like runway stuff – it´s because I don´t like the topics of the shows, the styles, the designs. Runway can be SO much fun and still be professional even though you´re covered in tattoos, torn fishnets and your hair is pink and green. I´ve been dreaming of seeing exactly that in shows and we´re working hard on a concept to make it work this time. It will be an INSANE amount of work but it will be worth it in the end. We´re in the very early stages of our planning though and right now it´s the stage where we mention it, try to see who might be interested and lure them into the inworld group and onto the Discord server. You can steal the inworld group from my profile. My name is the same in the same clear writing in every SL related place I lurk about 😉 .

That´s what makes me look so good today:

TAOX TaTToo Feet Rose Cross

Exile Rosalie
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5

*NeverWish* Happy Heart Earrings

AVEC TOI Chained Blaze and Lua @Uber until August 22nd
+Psycho Barbie+ [Fishnet Stockings – GROUPGIFT] – GroupJoinFee (50L)
WeArH0uSE torn

Necrosis (July 31st til August 21st) – HAPPY BIRTHDAY- :

Goodies.I.Need Oil Slick Lips
..::Implings::.. Witches Pebble Necklace
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Mystic Age

Infernal Alchemy Ye Olde Buzzy Chair
Lillith´s Den Gargungoy

Wizarding Faire (until August 9th):

*Astara Etheral Staff
*PITAYA Magic Practice Skyebox
* Hextraordinary Firy Phoenix

{what next}  Bloggers Desk
*OA-MEO* [FS] Vintage.Chair_Black

[KMA] -Distinct Sit (7L)-

BattleScars – CLOUDS – ILLINOIS 2.0 @ our SkyOffice, along with the pose edited in Black Dragon illuminated with the help of LumiPro

*SL Suicide Girls Discord

This post was inspired by Arch Enemy´s We will Rise. All rights belong to the band and their lable, I have nothing but deep appreciation to this track:

Take care,





Let me just grab you

Hey Lovelies,

Just let me get you_001

and we´ll summon all the magic creatures so Jonian has the best Birthday!

What´s that pretty staff and stuff you ask?

– The pretty tattoo is Leven Ink ´s Gloria –

Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th) presenting you:

+Raindale – Fairy circle (PG)
+Afterparty – Novice Druid Staff HUNT ITEM – 5L! look for a pretty victorian mask 😉
+Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Grim Garden

other Deco items jumping to help:

+*CSF* Soft Grass
+LOVE– WEEPING WILLOW and 1Prim Forest Summer
+.Tardfish. Death Fairy

BattleScars – FREE GIFT – CLOUDS – ROMANTIC – NORTH @our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon, as well as the pose based on the basic SL stand


We won´t be on much the next few days so

take care, love, Kasha

Melodic Forest

Hey Lovelies,

We´ve entered the last  week of the Midsummer Enchantment Event and  you´re missing out if you don´t go there while you can. Not only is the sim beautiful but GOSH it triggered my creativity like no other event.

Melodic Forest_001

That´s what makes me beautiful:

Raven BellNereid
[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Oblique Chic TSAHC Gift!

Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th):
*[ bubble ] Spell Bottle Necklace
*Senzafine Lyneth

+Dragon Magick Wares Heavenly Cottage and Phases Rug (<–5L Hunt Item!!)

-ATTIC-  Moon Lute (Rare;) ) @ Kustom9 until August 10th

Surroundings by:

LH-Victorian – Rose Bush
KIDD GRASS*Hedgerow*

.:YouNeed:. Wood burning stove

E.V.E Stars Fireflies Light Path

BattleScars – STARS 2.0 @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon, as well as the pose based on the basic SL stand

I´ll be back very soon. Until then…

take care,



Touch Neowise

Hey Lovelies,

Touching Neowise_001

Don´t we all want to reach for the stars at times? They´re pretty much unreachable but comet  Neowise is coming quite close these days. Comets are splitters of asteroids that pass the earth more closely, often having a glowing tail, smaller comet parts are called shooting stars. While we´re talking about Asteroids – do you know Asteroid Box? Their Sienna Jacket is so comfy as are their Remy pants …and Wicca´s Prudence booties – not prude at all – turn them into a stellar outfit 😉


The Awesomeness making me look good:

Magika Billie

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Grim Garden @Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th)

*Sienna @ Kustom9 until August 10th

Wicca´s Originals Prudence @Access until August 8th

Nerenzo – 7 rocks
*CSF* Snappy and soft grass

LOVE Shooting Stars

BattleScars – STARS 2.0 @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon, as well as the pose based on the basic SL stand

take care,



Colours in the afternoon

Hey Lovelies,

Colours in the afternoon_003

Isn´t it nice to just sit with your partner, chat, have some noms and enjoy the warm rays of the afternoon sun?

Colours in the afternoon_004

This is the cascade version of the Raptor Tank Jonian meshed for ExMachina – currently at ACCESS until the 8th 😉

Colours in the afternoon_005

His rainbow shirt triggert me so I went rainbow, too *.*

Colours in the afternoon_006

Letting the feet get some air so they´re not stinky 😉

Why we look so good:


Raven Bell Nereid

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Raging Waters and Halloween Glitter Bats

.EPOCH. BeachLife
*NeverWish*   Pyramid Spike Bracelets
Razor/// Spunky Punk
Eudora3D Ivy Flats


Standards (Gianni 5.0, Catwa Victor 4.5)

STERNBERG – Panda Ears and Wedding Ring Jonian
EXMACHINA Raptor Top Tank Cascade @ Access until August 8th and Raptor Jeans
**RealEvil Industries** Our time Couple Watch
Lapointe&BastChild Swear Low Top Sneakers

[ VERSOV ]_PARIS ROOFTOP @ Kustom9 until August 10th

DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – A
[DDD] Zen Bamboo
Trompe Loeil – Delaney Camp Couch PG and Nevaline Bar Table
dust bunny potted dragon tree, coconut and pineapple drink
{what next} Dahlia Lemonade Dispenser
Jian – Sushi & Sashimi Time (Drinks), (Accoutrements) and (Asst. 3 Rolls & Sashimi)
Dahlia – Sara – Milkshake – Gift – REZ
*PetitChat* Summertime Short Table (3 linked together^^)

Shadows are provided by:
Simply Shelby Rose Trellis Garden – Peach and Potted Orange Tree
Raindale – Fairley arch (v2) promo for Wanderlust July 18/19th

BattleScars  FREE GIFT – ROMANTIC – CLOUDS – SOUTH @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon

I´ll be back with something very different very soon,

take care,



Dark Witch

Hey Lovelies,

time for some darkness:

Dark Witch_001Dark Witch close up_001

Style Card:


Magika Billie

LuluB! Cute Girl Big Stars and Galaxy Skull

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Fishnet Addict
[Addicted Apothecary] – Bad Bunneh – Bracers – UNCOMMON @The Darkness Monthly Event until July 28th
[ Abrasive ] Strapp Leggings – Tattered
+Psycho Barbie+ [Fishnet Stockings – GROUPGIFT] – GroupJoinFee (50L)

Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th):

*:Zombie.Suicide: Penta Head Chain
*.:Beauty of Darkness:. Vikkilongoria
* .~Deadly Nightshade~. Binding Heart – Combat Hud Pose 3
* Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Grim Garden
* Wicca´s Originals – Lyndis Booties

* Raindale Fairy circle
* Laminak Enchanted Lanterns

Celeste Magic Within Altar Room
Studio Skye – Water Circle

BattleScars – STARS 5.0 @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon, as well as the pose

Talking about twisted things: I might have triggered yet another attempt to revive the SL Suicide Girls. I will continue to do so until either it is successful or the group is deleted *muahah*. Anyways, join the inworld group and the discord server for more info 😉

Now ….what will I do next? WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT *muahahahhahaha*

Take care,



Z has had enough

Hey Lovelies,

y´all know the store Dead Dollz, right? Now…there´s news: Z disappeared and the brand is now called Dead Doll, cos, you know, the show must go on and stuffs…


“DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PRESSURE IS ON MY SHOULDERS?” Was the last thing I heart it scream before running off, slamming each door in its way. I still haven´t found it yet… but it seems to REALLY have enough… Will we ever see it again? I just hope it´s safe! Be well Z, may you find your peace.


Style Card:

Doux Cassie

Pink Fuel Sugar Rush
IDTTY Deja Vu @ BlackFair until July 18th
[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Stargazer

Dead Doll Losing my Zed Merch (shirt, Z, Coffee to go)
Salt&Pepper – Calliope @ Uber until July 22nd

MINIMAL – London Rooftop Scene @ UBER until July 22nd

Magnifique Poses – Journey Home Pose 4

BattleScars – FREE GIFT – Romantic South @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon as well as the pose

if you see Zed tell him he´s sorely missed but… we understand. Or… maybe just give him the peace he desires so badly and just nod knowingly.
(My subconsciousness wrote this post for a certain very lovely man who disappeared into the shadows after an amazing career in a British pop-band. My Zed is…has been called Jay – don´t worry it´s known that he´s alive, though there´s reports of him replying with “not anymore” if asked if it was him.)

take care,



Follow me to be enchanted

Hey Lovelies,

I know I said I´d keep my sponsors low but I was accepted as a blogger for the Midsummer Enchantment by Dark Passions Events that runs until the 26th. It´s a lovely event full of magical whimsical things by great designers to fulfill your fantasy needs. For some budgeting fun there´s also a 5L hunt (look for a pretty pink carnival mask ^.~).

I can´t wait what this round will bring but I promise you won´t be disappointed.

Follow me to be enchanted (1)

Squishy Fluff came up with these lovely tulip garden lanterns. The Ombre version is the hunt item 😉 They brought more awesomeness ready to enchant you so check out their booth.

Follow me to be enchanted (2)

Also please notice this lovely outfit (yes the heels are included 😉 by zOOm. It comes in 4 more soft colours ready to be admired at their booth 😉


Standards *page updated 😉
Raven Bell Nereid
[mock] Artron Raspberry Creme Cake and Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Oblique Chic

Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th): *starts at 1PM SLT
*zOOm Wicca Summer Outfit (includes the heels 😉 )
*Squishy Fluff – Blossom Garden Lanterns (Ombre: HuntGift – 5L 😉 )

Simply Shelby Forgotten Archway and Enchanted Cello Fountain
Little Branch – Daisy {Field}

VR Creations Falling 4

BattleScars – Lucy 3.0 @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon as well as the pose


Maybe see you there? If not read you again tomorrow, hopefully.

Take care,



Come closer

Hey Folks

come closer_001

as I said I wanted to mix things up a bit, experiment and stuffs^^ so this is an approach to do beauty, cosmetics, nails, jewellery 😉


Standards (Lara 5.2, Catwa 4.5)
STERNBERG Wedding Ring Akasha
Doux Cassie @Très Chic until July 10th
Simple Bloom JuliaWater Small SoftArch

Pink Fuel Sugar Rush and Sparkle&Shine
IDTTY Deja Vu @ BlackFair until July 18th
Catwa Master Hud Lower Eyeliner

alaskametro<3 Rose Gold Lipstick

CAE  Simplicity earrings
lassitude & ennui Viola
..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Breathin 2.0

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Whistful Princess Silver

MINIMAL – London Rooftop Scene (@ UBER until July 22nd) and Red Cabin July GG

Po^Z Bento – Mood today (finger pose Maitreya Hand tab)

(SS) Atmospheric 18:00 b @ our SkyOffice in Black Dragon EEP Version

Take care,



Rose Red

Hey Lovelies,

Now today I need to sit down while I tell you this story – and you should, too. So Eudora introduced a new designer in a group notices: AVEC TOI. Well the designer is Klet Glass, but her label is AVEC TOI. I noticed her skill right away. I don´t seem to have been the only one cos her first release hit a previous round of Kinky, this one, her second called Rose is currently at Uber. Not bad, eh? She´s super humble and sweet, too. I had the honour to talk to her – and add her *hrhrhrhrhrhr* – and omg I melted!

Needless to say I combined them with Eudora´s newest release which is currently to be found at FaMESHed.
As this style is a bit out of my comfort zone – you know I´m usually not as classically elegant and posh… I had to sit down on Kraftwork´s release for past weekend´s Happy Weekend Sale and as that´s called Dandy it was just perfect to prepare after we´ve watched Titanic which has been (*sobs* I actually have a lifelong fascination for that ship…dunno why just do) just as elegant… well. The added character of – another- Rose is both beautiful, sweet and tough so the circle brought me back to the ever so awesome Miss Emily Autumn whose song Rose Red I´ve added in both the teaser and the stylecard, text and video respectively.

Rose Red_002


Standards (Lara 5.2, Catwa 4.5)
STERNBERG Wedding Ring Akasha
Doux Cassie @Très Chic until July 10th

Pink Fuel Sugar Rush
IDTTY Deja Vu @ BlackFair until July 18th
Catwa Master Hud Lower Eyeliner

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

CAE  Devil
AVEC TOI Rose @ Uber until July 22nd
Bowtique Fishnet Rose Tights
Eudora3D Aura @ FaMESHed until July 27th

KRAFTWORK Dandy (Happy60L WE July 5/6)
[Krescendo] Spring Panels @ BlackFair until July 18th
dust bunny natural habitat 3

(SS) Atmos 18:00 1 @ our SkyOffice as well as the inbuilt pose adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version, illuminated by Lumi Pro

Video with Lyrics

I also might try to switch up the posts a bit, I´m trying to you know… find a balance between my style and what works “numbers” wise cos as much as I twist and turn things it IS still marketing and advertising both for the designers and for me. In all the creativity and behind it it is always a bit of serious business involved. I try to keep it as unnoticable as possible, but yeah ^^. Let´s see how that goes and if my OCD lets me shake things up… Wish me luck and take care,