Chillin´out max

Hey again Lovelies,

well this is a story all about how…  oh…do you have a song in your head now? I´m SO damn sorry. The little weird Horrorpunk from Germany just planted a 90s classics TV Theme into your head. Yep, you´ve read that right, one of the best hiphop tracks EVER by the best rapper of all times  – can you tell I´m a lifelong fan of Will Smith?

Anyways….[Marquesse]  just shoved a little box in my direction, whispering that you guys would have to see this… And… Milla was right!


You´re looking at:

Truth Kaijah
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb, Alchemy eyebrows
[Marquesse] Just Me Outfit

REIGN. Arianna

DRD GG Statium Chair – Acid Rain provided by Remy Frimon
Suicide Girls – The Mansion Reborn 2018

Now what do you think? Let me know 🙂

Take care,




A Piece of Pie

Hey Lovelies,


Today I´m gonna properly introduce you to another store I fell in love with recently:

Pink Cream Pie!

Now get your mind out of the gutter – yes, I fell for that one, too, but she´s actually about the PIE! She seriously is! There´s even a plushie I will show you eventually.

You´ve seen items of hers before, but yeah 😉 It´s time for a proper introduction.


Do you have a moment to sit and talk about THE PIE with me?


UGH! Ok yes that was cheesy…


I´ll be waiting though

I´m wearing:

Truth Kaijah
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb
Pink Cream Pie – Leanne Loose ( this one was part of the Love Bites Hunt)
Pink Cream Pie – Lacey Flat
!79! Onyx Addict Sneaker
SynCo – Broken Heart Earrings (another item from the Love Bites Hunt)

CHEZ MOI Gypsy Soul Shed at my Office

Now you see their stuff is awesome, the details are divine  and the pricing is more than fair, but that´s not all. Vaygah Varriale, the owner of PCP is also the creative mind behind the Fly Buy Friday Hud and event. So more offers and pampering there. On top of that she created a VERY active Discord server for the Brand – I swear – the life of the party is there. It´s for members of her inworld group which is 250L to join but you get a discound code of 100L each month and a gift and several LuckyBoards 😉 .  She´s online on a daily basis and super active and approachable. That´s something I cherish, especially if someone´s as warm and funny as Vaygah!

You´ll see quite some Pie here from now on 😉

Take care,



Grim Seduction

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you had a weekend full of party and sunshine cos today we´re going dark, hot and cozy.

First of all let me introduce you to OA-MEO as my newest sponsor. They ´re a Jack of all Trades acing Home Decor and both female and male fashion. Ain´t that cool?

Grim Seduction_008

I know this bed looks real dark and sinister but it is SO cozy and has such nice poses in it

Grim Seduction_007

Can you tell I love the Candle Set?  Though the Barkshelf is quite cool, too…. and the Commode*-*

Grim Seduction_006


Grim Seduction_001

Hello there…  Relaxing in Marquesses Seducer which is just so soft and hugging onto your body

Grim Seduction_005

Meet Eugene

Grim Seduction_002

Look at that cute face, relaxing



eXxEsS – Anguria
7 Deadly S{k}ins Eugene (shown without Makeup in browless cotton candy) at  eBento  until the 28th
[Marquesse] Seducer Pink at Designer Circle it opened yesterday and runs till March 2nd
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb

K&S Loft1 Backdrop
..::OA-M.E.O::.. =VintageGrimm= at The Darkness Monthly until the 28th
(Commode, Barkshelf, Candle with Plant, Bed, Old Mirror, Drapes Black and Green, Sparkle Table, Fluffy Fur Rug, Candle Set, Pot Plant, Small Plant, Rug Green,Big Arm Chair)
Pomegranate  Endearment Pillow – Sugar Plum (Marshmallow)
ChicModa Decor Metal Ring Candles

Now I hope you´re in a calm, relaxed mode, too and sleep well.

Take care,



Baby, let me tell you – Cupid is Stupid!

Hey Lovelies,


I had prepared the pics to be blogged on Wednesday but …I don´t know what´s the problem with my body … I´ve been DEAD tired this week even though I slept enough… I swear I did.

Anyways – time to Rock´n´roll even harder!

I hope you had a wonderful St. Valentine´s or Single Awareness Day – please feel hugged (all partners included) no matter which version you did or didn´t celebrate.

For those who are kinda sick of all that lovey-dovey stuffs … there´s the Cupid is Stupid Hunt and it runs until the 28th so …13 more days to hunt your heart out.

Of course Izara of 7 Deadly S{k}ins happily participates in the hunt (she does so many releases, events, hunts, offers and gifts I´m worried about her at times but everytime I talk to her she´s full of life  – So no need to worry! She just LOVES to spoil us!)

Lovelies, this is Baby.

Baby Fluttershy_002Baby Fluttershy_004Baby Fluttershy_003

As I usually do I slipped into the CottonCandy Tone. And yes, I love Fluttershy 😉

Style Card:

Rama  – Lia – Equal 10
7 Deadly S{k}ins –  Baby – Stupid Cupid Hunt, 28th, an Arrow is the item you´re looking for 😉
alaskametro<3 – Beachcomb
antisystem – Harley – Equal 10
[E+HeR3@L (HA0s] – My Little Princess:: Blushing
!79! – Onyx Addict Sneaker

SynCo – Cubify PhotoScene Gift
Tuty´s Enchanted Beauty

Pic taken at my Working Area

So what did you do yesterday? I´d love to read your stories 🙂

Take care,



Purple times

Hello Lovelies,

today I finally reached to an outfit on my “To-Blog-List” that I´ve been wanting to show you for quite a while now. Let´s make it another quick one shall we?


A Study in Purple_001

I haven´t properly introduced you to a designer I grew quite fond of recently : Meet Narcisse Constantine everybody.  She does elegant to quite naughty fashion and accessoires 😉 

A Study in Purple_004

Now the hair is from an old friend of ours: eXxEsS´s Layja Vidor.

A Study in Purple_006

As I mentioned Narcisse is a bit cheeky so of corse there´s a see through version of this 😉 I might even build up the courage to show you at a later point 😉 


alaskametro<3 alchemy eyeshadow 2 and Lipstick 3
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb
Bijin Drop Chain Earrings
-Narcisse- Lydia Ruffle Halterneck
-Narcisse- Kit Pants
:::ChicChica::: Colette Night

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Workshop, Fast Fan (No Lights) C Rez
*PosESioN* Madame 2, 6 and 9 be
Ana Boutique Bento Portrait Set 2 – 3

Working Area

Oh… what´s that? I´ve heard Cilia mumbling she´s going to give me new stuff to shoot so watch her space for new releases and gifts^^

Strolling Casually

Hello Lovelies,


this blog contains quite the number of firsts today.

First of all while I´m typing that I´m sharing my screen with Cilia so she sees HOW I work and how the PR goes… *grins*

Next First for today is : I HAZ A SKIN SPONSOR! And… not only A skin sponsor… but 7 Deadly S{k}ins!!! It happened like those things always happen to me… I talked to Roodvosje Rosse to come check the store opposite my office for SL F&O (it has too much too adult stuff in there – guessed so but worth a try)… and she asked me if I was interested.
I´ve mentioned my history with 7DS before so you already know that Iza, the brand and Rood are close to my heart. Knowing me, too, you can guess how hyped I was.

I had to get the other posts off my chest first so I can fully focus on the awesomeness but…



Meet Amina

strolling casually_001

oh hello there…


strolling casually_004

… just let me have a quick sip…


strolling casually_010

the face is so pretty I didn´t even have to wear make up today


Style Card:

eXxEsS Juno
7 Deadly S{k}ins Amina in Cotton Candy (Browless Version) –The Chapter Four
[Marquesse] Flower Crop Jacket – The Designer Circle
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb
Petite Mort Bib – Ace Event
!79! Addict – Ace Event

HILTED – Travel Cup – The Gacha Life

The Bearded Guy – Callejon Branca
Foxcity Bento Faces
Catwa Animations 3.2

. MILA . Poses Gift Pack 4
Tuty´s Enchanting Beauty AO
.:[LS]:. Kim

Isn´t she lovely? Isn´t she beautiful? No I´m not singing cos I don´t want Cilia´s ears to bleed 😉 *coughs* Ok I´ll leave you alone for now but … I´LL BE BACK!!!

take care,



Nerdy Retreat

Hey Lovelies,

let´s continue with myseries of “less talk more action”. I think it´s a nice change to the text only posts and the ramblings and blabberings 😉

Today (or well …the last 3 days) I set up a nice nerdy retreat (I took it back after the photos, sorry^^):

Nerdy room_003

with the help of :

K&S – // Loft 1 backdrop. White&Black
Petite Mort Love Shack (currently at The Gacha Garden):
Plants *exclusive
LISP Mathilda Clothes Rack
{Why Not?} Wall Art {Blessed}
{what next} ‘Tattered’ Trunk
~*S.E.*~ Ouija Board Rug
[ bubble ] Neon – Shoot That Ship
Serenity Style– Dont Forget Anything ORGANIZER
HILTED – Snowbound Hunt – Tablet and Pen
{what next} Blogger’s Office Desk and Chair(noir)
Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice ~ Photo Laptop
Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice ~ Photo Planner
Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice ~ Photo Notebook
Wednesday[+] ~ Girls And Roses ~ Roses Screen – RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Girls And Roses ~ Multi Socket – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Cold Days ~ Mini Fridge – COMMON
-David Heather- Industrio Magazine Bin
[Danielito] Starwars Tie Fighter Helmet

so if you want to recreate it you´ll know what to look out for 😉

I´ve got so much more to come – be prepared 😉

take care,



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