Back in the days

Good evening Lovelies,

now for today´s blogging-madness-finale I have something from an old friend of mine.

You all know Wicca Merlin, right? The Claudia Schiffer…. or Heidi Klum…or…well you get the level… of Second Life. Remember how she used to sponsor me before my poof? Good.

I was DEAD certain she´d kill me once she´d got a hold of me, I think it´s pretty obvious my apology I posted was aimed at her in big parts. So you can imagine how I jumped when she IMed me in Discord. But… Wicca being Wicca she was sweet as ever, not mad (PHEW!!!! The fuckin Alps fell off my heart and I´ve seen them in person this spring… those fuckers are HUGE!!!). She wasn´t mad at all… and she even gave me a little something of her awesomeness.

To be the brutally honest lil critter I tend to be… I´ve always been glad and proud of her when I saw she was still designing and blogging and teaching at BVN – rocking SL more than she did back then.

So yeah… Meet Lucile – her outfit for this year´s Vintage Fair  which took place in June

old teacher_001

So Kids, this is how we learned things when I was in school

In a past life Kasha was a teacher. True story…

old teacher_002

Hahahahaha oh please don´t be silly…. the Earth is THAT big? I call treason! WHAT? Women are allowed to vote nowadays? Don´t be silly! Our sole purpose is to look pretty and make our husband happy.

Ok I still wonder how she managed to timetravel… or if she´s “teaching” in a museum… With her you never know!

This is the dark Pack which comes with a HUD for Metals, Skirt, Jacket, Corset (which has a laced back cos Wicca knows how it´s done !) and belt with the little bag.  The hat is seperate but awesome, too. I can tell you´ll see this outfit again in one way or the other…

Let´s finish with the ever so classical style card:

[ Focus Poses ] Classroom Backdrop at Backdrop City

Truth Taren
Wicca´s Wardrobe Lucile Dark Set
:)(: Lady Pumps


A penny for your thoughts…

…or food…yeah let´s go with food for your thoughts…

Hello Lovelies,

welcome back.

Now yesterday Cilia poked me with another surprise of hers – a very burlesquy outfit I tell ya. It´s her price for the Nevermore Hunt.

But then.. I wouldn´t be me if I went down that route, so I went a little further. Of course it´s the perfect outfit for a night out, but you better have some savory food if you intend to have some alcoholic drinks…

night out_001

of course I had to punk it up a bit… 😉

night out_009.jpg

Hahahah fuck expectations, really!


night out_003

Shhh I won´t tell you had expectations even though you´ve probably known me for years

(New readers – sorry ^^ but you can read the old stuff of course – and trust me – don´t have expectations because… well you saw what I do with them ;P)

night out_004

Now come and tell me your thoughts…*winks

What is all the stuff in the pictures you ask?


BDC: anxiety %escape RARE
Poses: BellePoses – Isobel
*!RO!* RAWR!

Moon Threads
-DRD- Gypsy Bangles
+Psycho Barbie+ [Black Magic HeadBand]
:.C!L.: Ever Black Corset & Gloves (& Collar) Mesh set
[ abrasive ] Strap Leggings – Tattered

Now… the next post will appear soon (it´s a bit like my posts were Pokémon isn´t it? They aren´t though… are they? Who´ll catch ´em all?)

take care,



Take your ME-Time!

Hey Lovelies,

Damn, currently my RL is …well calmer on the one hand when it comes to daily tasks but on the other hand there´s a shitload of extra-stuff  as you know ( I DO blabber a lot, too much?, but I try not to repeat myself too much 😉 ). So the past few days I´ve not really had any kicking idea – or well I HAD an idea but not the energy to actually DO the post.

I don´t really have ANY energy at all as I type this, but then it´s 8 AM for me and I am up since… 6-ish cos the cats were a pain. (At least I got some hours in, last night they woke me at 4.30 XD) But my mental energy just gave me the spark and here we go:

it´s time to show off my office again. Because I found some Bullet Journalling/Craft Gachas. 4 weeks late but… I found them!!!!! How did I manage to miss them in the first place? Damn!!! Oh and I might have said I try not to repeat myself too often, I know, BUT bulletjournalling helps me immensly, so I  might sit here occasionally. Plus “BuJo-ing” helps me keep my mind together and not lose my shit completely. It reminds me what I have done, want to do and have to do – and when.

You already know the What´s next blogger office with the desk, chair, Laptop, I think therefore I blog sign, plant, mug. You also know the tarte. journalling stuff with the Washi and Paper on the desk and my…well ..Kasha´s journal.


You do NOT know the WOH Gift by Petite Morte yet though. It´s this lovely pullover peeking out from under Truth´s Lyric.

But the Gacha items I was so stoked about?

It´s the cart to my right  – it´s by Reign and it comes filled like this. The resemblance to RL IKEA´s “Rågskog” – nicknamed “Cock” by some very inappropriate but fun BulletJournalists. Do you see all the pens and journals waiting to be used?

Oh and that  washi tape wall rack is by InsurreKtion´s Craft room Gacha.


more Petite Morte Pullover, and… do you see the bunch of sticker booklets on my Råskog?

Now the cart isn´t the only item I got from Reign´s Planner Gacha. The washi boxes on the shelves are from it, too, as well as the printer cart peeking out behind me.

Oh and the hot glue gun (another InsurreKtion Craft Room item) reminds me, that I need to check up my costume for any repairs before the next event *coughs*)

The other items on my body are the standards, but you know that already, don´t you?

So that´s it for now, I might even do another post later today or soonish, cos I got two posts planned for you 😉 And… who knows what happens after those?

Take care,



Now there´s a cool cat in town…

she´s a cat she´s a cat she´s a cool cat

Hey Lovelies,

Now I´ve butchered a 90s eurodance song here, I know, but it came to my mind when I saw the outfit and looked for a title for this post…

icey times_006

and you know what? Let´s just stay musical today, shall we? The famous infamous and ever so sweet Falbala Fairey (yep, THE Falbala, incredible, huh?^^ She´s so sweet, though^^) mentioned she´d love to see more lighter colours on me. She even considered me to be outgoing and extrovert.

I had to laugh at that, too, but I´m trying to be more open again. Well my Kasha side is *grins* and she´s having an easier time at this than the Alex-Rest does XD

Ok after I´ve uploaded a few Flickr pics yesterday being all pale-rosey in a Blueberry GroupGift yesterday I went for a blogpost yesterday.

I´m derivating though so let´s get back to the musical topic shall we?

I do love my “new” Tuty´s Sexy Confident AO, because it has some cute poses inbuilt.

icey times_007

Like this Vogueish pose. Now I had it in the back of my head but google-checked it… and GUESS WHAT… Madonna´s “Vogue” has been released in 1990. Did you know that she´s just turned 60 (SIXTY!!!!!!) on August 16th?

Yeah I was astonished, too. And that, along with several TV Specials throughout the week reminded me that not only the Queen of Pop turned 60, but the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson himself would have turned 60 today.

It kinda made me a bit blue, which is again going well with my icey-blue outfit combined with black and pink resembling his so often self-acclaimed innocence. I am not to judge what happened but… did you know he was a talented painter, too?

icey times_017

Ok yeah I notice how …macabre it looks with the pale colours and me linking Ghost, but damnit it´s basically my favourite song of his and I´ve had it stuck in my head all day.

Dunno the bridge part (and who gave you the right…) …it´s so beautiful and deep and horrible and… argh all these emotions …

*coughs* let me tell you what´s on and around me, eh?

Truth´s Makena

my standards

Pink Fuel´s Sugar Rush Eyeshadow

Lisa Walker´s Mermaid Lipstick

Rama´s Feeling Alpha

Alaskametro<3´s Wardrobe Staples Long Tank

DRD´s Gypsy Bangles

Addams´ Apple Low Waist Leggings

MeshAgency´s Martin Shine Boots

The rose shots were taken at Backdrop City with the help of the FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Cherry Blossom prop, the full body shot is at my home in my What Next Nantucket Beach hut.

*sighs* Ok I need choccie now.

Take care,







Lady in red is …standing in the kitchen ;P

Hey Lovelies,

double take this fine early afternoon, eh? Well but I HAVE to show you , so … sit back

Lady in red_002

So yeah, that´s my kitchen. You´ve seen it many times, it´s by What´s next and i´s the cutest kitchen I´ve ever seen. I´ve changed the placement quite a lot for my DaD Cottage.

Ok enough of the background 😉

I´ve been visiting an old friend´s store the day before yesterday and I grabbed a couple of things. Then there was a reminder for the Truth Photo Contest and this outfit happened.

Truth  – Yuko


Just Because – Misty

Just Because – Tanya

Sentinus – Rebeka

Plus I took this outfit out to dance last night and DAMN those textures. Annie has outdone herself again and again and a-fuckin-gain! I can´t even wrap my head around it how awesome her stuff is. You remember me blogging her older stuff, don´t you? It was awesome, too, but DAMNIT!

Ok but yeah *coughs* I´ll leave you to it then,

take care



Let´s get real

Hey Lovelies,


Now today will be another first…and this one isn´t particularly easy for me, but hey.

You know this debate about every avatar being a real person behind the screen?

Now the other day D and I went to a small castle nearby which is a wedding location, too and they had a tree in their garden with a round bench around it. I have something like that in SL as you might have seen occasionally.

I had another insane/brave moment and did some poses I remembered to be in the SL version, so today you´ll see Alex for the first time…

Are you ready? Neither am I but fuck it, it won´t get better anyways XD

RL me comparedRL me compared 2

I squint like hell cos I´m very light-sensitive … we´ll do a close up on my eyes soon. And God help me (oh stop laughing, that goes for you, too , Jesus XD ) those poses aren´t as ideal for Alex as they are for Kasha…


so yeah…  erm back to business:

Alex is wearing a Shirt by and Jeans by C&A

Kasha is wearing:

Truth Tinsley


BM Batman Kiss

Alyce Flare Jeans

I don´t think I´ll promote this one as much as I do with the other entries *laughs*

take care




Hey Lovelies,

I´m feeling a bit under the weather today but I just HAVE to show you this outfit:



What is all this stuff you ask?

Moon Luna Hair
Standards <– UPDATED 😉
Petite Mort – Moon MaidenNecklace
Squishy Fluff – Triple Moon Bento Rings
{C.C.M.} Punk Rock Studded Jacket Razor
-Sentinus- Daniella Dress
~SongBird~ Fishnet Stockings Torn
+Psycho Barbie+ [Athena Leg Straps]
# hashbang! Scuff Boots – Greyffiti
Backdrop City – House Of Shade – Why So Serious Backdrop

now THIS is what I call alternative /substyle /goth /horrorpunk Fashion… I´d love to see more items like that dearest designers. Halloween is coming up and I know you can rock stuff like that, too 😉 DARE TO ROCK!!!



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