Hey Lovelies,

I´ve actually managed…or well… took the time to unpack half of the awesomeness I managed to grab this month in a plethora of events. Much more waiting for me but I´m chased by deadlines so let´s get to it:



My Halo is glittering


but even my nails are reaching out


time to hold on tight, it´s gonna be a WILD ride

Electrifying me:

FABIA Esther @Epiphany until Novembre 12th

Spookzilla presents until the 31st:
Cazimi Spookzilla 2020 Eyeliner
Morbid Mausoleum Chrystal Lipgloss

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails Haunted Hands @ The Dark Style Fair until the 31st

*NeverWish* for Fallen Gods´13th Birthday – Dreamer:


*Hunt and Event end on Halloween, too!

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Fishnet Addiction
[Addicted Apothecary] – Bad Bunneh – Bracers
WeArH0uSE torn
+Psycho Barbie+ Fishnet Stockings GG

Necrotize until Nov 20th presents:

*Insomnia Angel – Alien Shoulders
*Eudora3D Vertigo Boots
**NeverWish* x A.D.D. Andel Dress

::REA:: Flying Witches Broom for BOO Hunt 9 by Evil Bunny Productions until the 31st
BattleScars  Stars 2.0 *tinted

Inspirational Song:

Take care,



I´ve got the Gift!

Hey Lovelies,

I gotta make this short cos I feel kinda stripped of everything….

I´ve got the Gift_001

You´ve seen me barely dressed but … you´ve never seen me THIS naked…

I´ve got the Gift_002

Pure, raw …

What´s left:


MOoH! Athena for BOO Hunt 9 by Evil Bunny Productions until the 31st

Sainstreet Light Stage

THE SONG of which I do not own anything but a deep love for:

… I gotta run and find my…. me! I feel so raw… WAHHHH!!!!!

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,

ok there must have been something in my tea cos I don´t know WHAT the fuck I was doing in the woods, but…ah well…see for yourself:


This lovely creature came to check out what I had in the cauldron. There must have been some twigs and branches involved cause why else would I have the chainsaw ready? I´m not THAT murderous…. or am I?


It doesn´t seem to mind …or did it like my brewing potion?

My partners in crime today:


FABIA Esther @Epiphany until Novembre 12th

Addams – Phoebe
-Pixicat- Eye.Thights

Trick or Treat Lane open until Halloween –  with MANY gifts:
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Nightmare Streak
alaskametro<3 Batty
Dragon Magick Wares Arcane Rug
[ bubble ] Love Potion Bottle
Secret October Brew Cauldron
[Puke Rainbows] Vertical Lamps
LOVE – Old brick pentacle Garden Decor
Velika Rituals Herbs Drying Rack

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Halloween:

[TheJackalopeRanch] ZODIAC Halo
Hilted Howler
Faust Imperium Exports Dreadmore Chainsaw

LOVE 1Prim Forest
NOMAD Gothic Pavillion
MINIMAL Creepy Tree

BattleScars  Stars 3.0

Be safe out there!

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,

I´ve taken a stroll into the forests, you know… to reconnect with nature and all that. Now there was a giant Panda with a saddle on it. You NEVER say no to Panda so I got up and went on a ride with him.


Ok yes, that sign was a bit suspicious…


Hmmmmm…. something´s not right here…. I think we´re being….




Panda agrees – and… uh what is that? (also I adjusted the legs to a more accurate dressage position… don´t blame the 31 years of horseback riding in me XD)


moar weird creatures….


Uh …also I found this Enamel Pin in the woods…Who might have lost it? Do they miss it? What´s the story behind it and… what the fuck? Does that eye glow?

What´s all this spooky stuff?


FABIA Esther @Epiphany until Novembre 12th
REIGN. Bootastic Sneakers

Trick or Treat Lane open until Halloween –  with MANY gifts:
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Pentacle Moon *GIFT*
alaskametro<3 X Ray Leggings *GIFT*
Petrichor Planche Earrings
LOVE Gem Path Cat´s Eyes and Doggo de Muertos
Raindale Dustville scarecrow
*paper moon* BEWARE

TWE12VE until Halloween presents:

Mini A Chuu – Kitori Skeleton D20 Necklace (collab with Mishmash Fusion)
Eclectic Stars – Chilly – Magical Hufflepuff

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Halloween:

SHED_SKIN[Z] Spooky Carousel Pin Pumpkin
PositiveWavelength – BEARS – Panda
[Ceridwen´s Cauldron] Cthonian Critters

Pumpkin Town (also until the 31st) presents:

Pixelancer Biofilm and Wave (Pumpkin Spice waving tentacle is a GIFT!)

(Milk Motion) The dark forest Road @ Uber until Octobre 22nd

BattleScars  11.0 APOLOGIZE

Ok now I gotta calm my nerves after that ride. May the Panda be with me….

Take care,



Autumn Jog

Hey Lovelies,

today I went for a lil run through the leaves.

Autumn Jog_001

Keeping me warm:


Magika Billie

Lapointe&BastChild Swear Amelie & SwearTECH @ FaMESHed until Octobre 27th

*PosESioN* Running

all decor Regionwise by Taylor FlannaganPumpkin Town – open until Octobre 31st,
Windlight is region default, unchanged

Time to get back to work! OMG I just noticed this is my 200th post *.*

Take care,



Dark Corner

Hey Lovelies,

it´s starting to be really autumny here, we switched our RL Living room to winter mode – the rowing machine is no longer a tripping hazard in front of the couch but back in the bedroom and the couch is turned back standing into the room facing the TV again instead of blocking the radiator. So it´s more inviting to curl up and watch those lovely witchy films, tv shows and …the regular tv program seems to be picking up again, too. YEEEY!

Anyways, I´ve prepared some posts already but …today it´s time to show you a spooky-comfy lil hideaway.

Dark Corner_001

nothing like recharging and relaxing a bit…

Dark Corner_003

something in your hand and a soft creature by your side can help so much…

Hiding in and with:


Truth Poetry *GG – GJF*
[JUSTICE] ZOE @ FaMESHed until the 27th
PinkCreamPie Lucy
Sn@tch Latex Pants

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Octobre 31st:

[Yumera] Meowgical Pin
Bunnypop Twinkx
*flUff* Bat Bat White

Pumpkin Town (also until the 31st) presents:

[TCoD] Heel Shoes Blair Witch
Mini A Chuu – Kitori Skeleton D20 Earrings (collab with Mishmash Fusion)
Famous [Voodoo] Backdrop

Trick or Treat Lane open until Halloween, too –  with MANY gifts:

Afterparty Boo Bitch
Petrichor Plance Nanichoker (part of a set but you´ll see more of that soon)
[Puke Rainbows] Pumpkins Pile
*NeverWish* Cauldron Punch Bowl *GIFT*
Dark Passions  – Koffin Nails – Pentacle Moon *GIFT*

FOXCITY Stairs Sitting 2

BattleScars 17.0 ARRECIFE (Pure Battlescars)

Have a relaxing Sunday and take care,



Im the only clown you´ll ever know

Hey Lovelies,

today I´ll present

I´m the only clown you´ll ever know_001

My audience seems to have enjoyed the show… I hope it didn´t scare them too much…

I´m the only clown you´ll ever know_002

All the love makes me tear up a bit *sniffs

I´m the only clown you´ll ever know_003

look at their huge eyes and how they´re jumping with enjoyment

Making me look fabulous:


Magika Billie
WarPaint Moonage
[Mignonne] Halloween Skull Pierrot
+Psycho Barbie+ Fishnet Stockings GG
Blueberry FLF 7/19 Stockings
[Enchante’] Lilou Shop&Hop Gift

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Octobre 31st:
!Boneworks! Lion Tamer
[Cubic Cherry] USB Tails
Faust Imperium Exports Dreadmorne
Astara Portly Pals

Paparazzi The Glam Stage
[Puke Rainbows] Little Twinkling Pyramids


Song inspiration:

Music and Lyrics by Take That

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,

I haven´t felt too good this weekend so I tried to fill up my sleeping reserves and rested that much. I´m not really feeling my best yet – feeling really tired and drained recently but I managed to get some piccies done.

This one´s a totally different direction for me but I wanted to do it after having a LOT of inspiration.


YES, I know this is SO much less fabric than I usually wear but so be it this time…


Don´t you feel like time is running through your hands at times?


TICK TOCK, bitches! In a blink of an eye 12 minutes are gone…. Tick! Fuckin! Tock!

Lifting me up, pulling me down and watching over me today we have:


+Psycho Barbie+ Groupgifts ( GroupJoinFee!)
† CyberPunk Underwear
† Fishnet Stockings

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Fishnet Addiction

Engine Room until Octobre 20th presents:

Raven Bell – Evangeline
::Static:: Agrace Choker
Astara Aether Pocketwatch
Dark Passions  – Koffin Nails – Nevermore
::AMBIX:: Chained Visions
Eudora3D Lyra
VARONIS Dornenburg

Engine Room as a LOOOT of Gifts for you if you wear the SL Syndicate Group which is free to join 😉

BattleScars  25.0 HERMIT with the loving help of LumiPro

Don´t waste your time! Take care,



Pumpkin Town

Hey Lovelies,

this post is the pic-heaviest post I´ve done in at least 7 years, given they´re all in 4k (3840×3840) – things might take a bit to load but…it´s worth it! I furthermore did not alter the windlight or do anything to the poses. The only thing I adjusted was the sun settings on some for better view. I wanted to show things as TayTay intends them to look 😉

So let´s start:


“Hey there – did you hear that sound?” I love that little hangout-seating area … it also has a campfire!! ♥

Things you see today:


MINA Emilia
Magnetic Witch Please Tee for BOO Hunt 9 (starting on the 3rd) by Evil Bunny Productions
amias EMBLA
[ bubble ] Stars Hip Dermals
Blueberry Natalia Capri
Eudora3D Chiara @Uber until Octobre 22nd

Pumpkintown – open later today until Octobre 31st presents:

all decor Regionwise by Taylor Flannagan
Windlight is region default, unchanged

now let´s continue:


there´s several booths where you can buy candies and little snacks to keep your blood sugar level up while exploring.


As you can tell this one´s especially close to my heart.


Next to the Bloodbank there´s this lovely bar that… devours you 😉


it´s quite comfy inside though… I really like this place! Well both bar and town *chuckles*


Now do you see this lovely Church of St. Jack Skellington! It´s even more beautiful but I have to leave some things for you to explore yourself, don´t I?


Hmmmmmm Cemetery… Haunted House….. they both sound awesome, I guess I´ll have to visit the cemetery later …

GAHHHHH ok I could go on for hours but… I want you to go over and explore for yourself so I´ll stop here instead of spoiling the experience! If you see me around say hi… please? Pretty please? I won´t bite unless I´m asked to!(No huds though^^)
Take care,




Hey Lovelies,

today I want to recharge, cos starting today there´ll be several awesome events rocking your SL to the core!  One of them is Pumpkintown of which I had a lil preview and trust me – you´ll love it as much as I do.

I´ll give you much more details tomorrow but for now have this preview:


Giving me strength:


Doux Tegan @Dubai until Octobre 10th
AVEC TOI Runaway Set @Uber until Octobre 22nd

Pumpkintown – open later today until Octobre 31st presents:

Enchantress´Pastel Goth Witch Set Gacha:
♥Animated Ouija Boards *Pumpkintown GIFT*
♥Hand Cage Chair *Rare1*
♥Enchanged Crystal Ball
♥Goth and Pastel Goth Crystals
♥Gothic Witchy Frame *Rare2*

*NeverWish* Moon Glow Skybox

BattleScars  22.0 TWO WAY, LumiPro illuminating me

Be prepared – the wild right and bumpy journey is starting tomorrow.

Take care,