Happiness and Grief

Hello Lovelies,

*phew* that´s another week full of turmoil and chaos. Where do I begin?

It´s been a pure emotional rollercoaster for RL me.

I haven´t mentioned it yet, but a friend from the StarWars Costuming scene died suddenly on Septembre 30th after a quite harsh attack of the infamous asshole named cancer. I thought I´d have handled it well cos I wasn´t too close with her even though we had some common interests (StarWars, Cosplay, horses, cats, roleplay).Her name was Petra and she just made it past her 50th birthday.

Now with that on my shoulders appearantly bring on last week.

Wedneday was Halloween which means Daves family gathers for a nice meal out in the old part of Cologne´s City Centre. It´s SO VERY FAR from the Halloweens I´ve spent in my twenties at an annual Horrorpunk concert called HELL NIGHTS, but I like it. I love his family as mine and it´s such a comfy, tasty evening.

Thursday was All Hallow´s Eve, where it´s a German tradition to go to the graveyard and visit those whose physical forms have gone. My body hurt like hell so I wasn´t able to leave the house. I felt very bad for this but I looked forward to Friday and a concert we would attend of Taylor Davis, a violinist whom we love dearly.

When I woke up on Friday morning I felt way better and was looking forward to an awesome day with Dave. That happiness was brutally interrupted when I opened my RL FB to learn a friend from the German Garrison has died – totally unexpected…. – I don´t know what happened for sure but… well… Boris is gone. I… I can´t believe it! We used to troop together and he was so … cool yet calming and spreading inner peace while rocking out with us… FUCK!

Happiness and Grief_005

Now I HATE these sayings like “he wouldn´t have wanted us to sit and cry and mope all day” but… yeah – it´s too true in this case so we went on with our day after I cried in Dave´s arms. We headed out to take care of some things then went to the Frankfurt Airport.

Don´t ask me why, we both have a thing for aeroplanes, airports, visitor terraces at airports, the whole deal. So…we went there and watched them land …and take off…, catch some Pokémon. Then all of a sudden – I was looking at Google Maps for the traffic and Dave asked me to put my phone away for a second.

I obliged of course, nothing is more important than my man wanting my attention. I scoulded myself for playing with it anyways. I asked what was up and he was silent. Dead silent. I jokingly put my leg over his so he couldn´t get up. When I took it down again he shifted weirdly and in the next second… well… he was on his knee.

HE PROPOSED TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It´s the simple silver ring. He got it a week earlier, lying to me about having to deal with programming stuff at work which was acting up (fucker!), paying cash and all that so I wouldn´t notice (SNEAKY fucker!).

But yeah. It´s a life-dream comming true for both of us. We´ll get married on May 16th, 2020.

Of course I couldn´t miss the opportunity to put a ring on Kasha´s hand, too, well she IS a part of me and yeah… cos I can?! (I´ll wear the engagement ring on the left hand, the wedding ring on the right hand. It´s the version I grew up with…)

Happiness and Grief_006

Style Card:


Truth – Ciara

Izzie´s – Tears for Catwa

*COCO* Halter Gown

*C:K* Simple Pearl Earrings

Props: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Ballroom (Black, Multi Chandelier) (Rez) and [Bad Unicorn] 01 Hype-Beast Backdrop RARE at Backdrop City

Poses: Catwa Animation Hud Pose and HERAWOH 5

Now after another family dinner to celebrate Dave´s cousin´s sweet 16 (which was on Halloween) we thought this would be it for the hectic times and driving.

Sadly – it isn´t. On Tuesday night we got the news that his uncle passed away from a heart attack. WHAT?!!! We´ll have to go down to the southwest of Germany for the funeral on Tuesday morning. It´s gonna be so hard, I´ve only met Ulli once but it clicked immediately. It´s just not fair …I want to scream and cry all day but then I don´t feel I have the right to cos it´s not MY uncle. I REALLY wanted him to be at our wedding (I know he will… I´ll make sure the loved ones who left this earth will be there!) but… ARGH?!!!


Anyways – to quote Take That: Time is all we had but it was never ours to keep!

With that in mind … reach out to eachother! Do it! NOW! Call your parents, grandparents, tell them you love them, hug your partners, pets and kids… and say hi to new people.

If anybody wants to say hi I added my social media here.

Take care,






Planner Meditation

Hello Lovelies,

So… it´s Monday and as I´ve told you I´m taking ad pics for Cilia on Mondays. We did three outfits today and I have to show you one of them.

Cilia is well aware I´m doing this, btw.

So you know I´m into planning and BulletJournalling and all that, there´s even an inworld group  for that, created by the lovely Theadee. When Annie of JustBecause mentioned she´d need an organisation system other than notepads people suggested BulletJournalling and Planning to her – which she gladly picked up on.

I love to see people join in, Cilia does well in her beginnings, Suki is about to begin …if I keep bugging her she actually might…eventually..she wants to, but then it´s adorably chaotic Suki.

So talking to Cilia today she was nervous as she did run into some obstacle in her planning …


Planner Yoga_004

…..and I told her to channel her “inner planner nerd”

Planner Yoga_001

Ommmmmm Spirits of the Washi Tape give me focus!



Hair: Truth Fiji
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Sheer Kiss
Outfit: :.C!L.: Yawn with the closed eyes mask-version – for Long Winter´s Nap Hunt (It´s not starting till Nov 7th, so it´s a super-duper sneak preview 😉 )
Poses: Voir Yoga AO

Decor: featured and listed in Take your ME-Time!

Shed: DustBunny Gardenia Shed

So if you ever face chaos – sit back, BREATHE…and then make a pretty (or efficient) spread for it 😉

Stay organized and take care,




Back to the roots aka Actual Akasha

Hello Lovelies,

Now I´m sure you´ve heard about Spookzilla? That super awesome megahunt stuffed with Cheapies of 25L and less, even some freebies? 55 Designers, 10 items each… colourful ghosties to find all over a beautiful sim, decorated by the ever so awesome nutcase Toxxic Rhiannyr of Alter Ego?

I´ve wanted to blog about it anyways, cos it was a BLAST and I spent …too much…there – yet not enough. But then last night our dear friend Wicca poked me if I wanted to show you the awesomeness she created for this. Yes, I planned to and I pointed her to our very own Clover and the talented Sukubia Scarmon, who I happen to have adopted recently *chuckles*. Suki is a mini-micro-blogger on Flickr (as in she usually just takes pics and did her very first stylecard on her version of this shoot – so proud^^). We all had a BLAST with this.

Actual Akasha_006

My Vampiric power sent the crazy pyromaniac flying


Actual Akasha_007

but I´m thirsty! I´m coming after you…..



Clover´s StyleCard:

LeLutka.Head.Spencer 3.0
Maitreya Mesh Body
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Caira Pants [Spookzilla]
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Caira Top [Spookzilla]
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Vicky Booties [Spookzilla]
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Xeno Headpiece [Spookzilla]

Skin & eyes – .:Soul:.
burns – Izzie’s
hairbase – {S.M.H}
pose – Sweet Lovely Cute – Fighting Dance

My StyleCard:

Catwa Vampire Teeth
Hair: Truth Teanna
Lipstick: alaskametro<3 Black Magic
Headdress: Wicca´s Wardrobe – Akasha Headpiece – for Spookzilla
Outfit: Wicca´s Wardrobe Francesca Dress – for Spookzilla
Shoes: Wicca´s Wardrobe Witch Boots – for Spookzilla

Location: Spookzilla
Pose: JT – Meshes, Poses, Photography – Horrorpose 3
Windlight: Annan Adored Darkness, CB´s Rouge 4-6

See the whole total of Wicca´s Wardrobe Spookzilla Awesomeness:

Wicca's Wardrobe @ Spookzilla 2018

and many more on their Flickr.

On that note – today (Oct. 28th, 2018 at 6 PM SLT) the epic Spookzilla Costume Party starts. You don´t want to miss that and I myself sure hope to be able to make it to the finale of it!

Spookzilla 2018 - Costume Party Final

Stay weird and wonderful,

take care,




All aboard the Halloween – train

Good evening Lovelies,

it´s the witches hour as I type this – Friday melting into Saturday like a candle´s wax melting under the heat of the flame, creating beautiful smoke patterns. I am sure many of you are lighting more candles in the darker seasons – so are we. Scented Candles, too.  I love how they work their magic. Old wax melts, turns into something new – the smoke who takes the scent by the hand and creats something new. A Pattern, an atmosphere, warmth…

Like the days melting into eachother under the warm flame of the sun wandering around the earth  I´ll create something new in this post – my first pure decor post.

I´ve shown the first pieces last time, this time  I´ll stay out of the picture and let Cosmos create magic.


all aboard the halloween train_010

Meet their little train of pumpkins and the pumpkin scarecrow and friends in a barrow.

This lovely set is available at Scare Me Silly which closes *looks at the time* today. So hurry over and support Team Diabetes SL, it´s a good cause.


Cosmo – Little train of pumpkins, Scarecrow and friends on barrow for Scare Me Silly

Inverse – Multiseason Wood Patch, Cliff

Lacrime dell´anime – Autumn Leaves

Dust Bunny – Autumn calling

Death Row Design – Autumn Log Camp, Rustic Barbecue

Harry Quijote – Jacuzzi Ibiza

DaD – Victorian Sunset Cottage

Dutchie – Rocking Chair

Now my lovelies, this is the last post for Scare Me Silly – I hope you enjoyed the little discourse and support them while you can.

See you next time, sleep tight and stay safe!

Take care,





Tentacles Everywhere O_O

Good Evening Lovelies,

how are you today?

As you all know Scare me Silly has opened, have you checked it out yet?

If not I have two more arguments to convince you to have a look-see – it´s for a good deed, too after all 😉


Tentacle time_005

now this lovely cauldron is by De Baza….

Tentacle time_006

and this cozy huge fireplace is, too…

Tentacle time_002

now the cauldron might be nice and pretty but tentacles are not…

Tentacle time_001

They never are 😦

Tentacle time_004

but I got out alive so it´s all good, don´t worry 😉


Tentacle time_008

while we´re at it – take a close and good look at the awesome gloves by Roosters n cHix



Style Card:

Truth Char
alaskametro<3 Black Magic
Zombie Suicide Bolt for Trick or Treat Lane
Blueberry Kimi
Roosters n CHix Biker Gloves for Scare me Silly
Loki Bad Bat Skinny Jeans GG
Violetility Ava Heels

De Baza Castle Fireplace and Tentacle in every pot for Scare me Silly
Weekend Ruiner black wall blue
Zombie Suicide Peace Out

now …..GO SHOP 😉

take care,


Time to be scared silly

Hello Lovelies,

TODAY´S THE DAY!!! Scare me Silly is finally open since 4 AM SLT :).

I´m sorry that I only tell you about it now, but I´ve just come home after being out and about all day.

Soo here´s WHAT you get:

– live music

– shopping

– 2 hunts

– art

…and more in support of Team Diabetes of Second Life!

Find the full schedule of awesomeness here 🙂

And now you wanna know WHERE to get it?! – Well, right HERE .

After all those previews I´ll blog more of the awesome items during the event´s duration so be curious.

Have a nice evening spending all those L$´s on shopping and donations,

take care, love, Kasha

Bedtime Story

Hello my Lovelies,

well I knew there´d be another SneakPeak for Scare Me Silly which opens on Friday. Just about an hour ago [Pom]´s Ginger Korr poked me with her preview.

Now not to blow all the surprises that were in there, but you gotta see her Cutie Bae lingerie. It´s cute and sexy and has a hud for three textures for the bra, panties and harness, making it mix and match.Plus they are three seperate items of clothing so you can combine them, too. Without the harness it would work out combined with pants for a cute outfit or with some top for a gym outfit. The harness itself screams sexy without looking cheap.


Pom Cutie Bae_001

just because I´m on celibacy it doesn´t mean I have to hide 😉

Style Card:


Truth Reyane

[Pom] Cutie Bae for Scare Me Silly

Ok Lovelies, lounging on my bed  made me forget about time and I gotta sleep as tomorrow´s gonna be a very exciting day.

Sleep tight and be safe,









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