Goodbye Pt. 2

Hey Lovelies,

well well… the time has come… the fog is lifting and yeah… this will be the last post I´m writing as an unmarried woman. I´d lie if I said we´re getting the wedding we want and deserve but everybody´s gonna be there! Be it in person or via Zoom – at least for the ceremonies. The dancing has to happen on our seats anyways so there´s not much to watch anyways.
Jonian has already changed his name legally and I´ll take his name on Saturday.

I AM SO FUCKIN EXCITED!!! This is so surreal… My life goal… completed! No hunting or praying for it anymore. It´s DONE! The final big one –  a house – will happen in a few years, single digits – about 2-5 so…soon. But yeah – that´s it! My life plan´s complete and I can just sit back, maybe think of new goals… but yeah the biggest goal after the wedding is do build my Shadow Stormtrooper for the 501st. And live my extra life. Without many goals, stress or stuff… just an average life. It won´t be too boring because of our friends and hobbies so don´t worry about that 😉

But last names are not the only things we let go: As I´ve mentioned before Jonian started designing and released the Panda Ears on his spanking new MP Store. He´s been working with Alantori and ExMachina, too. Both the ALANTORI Polo and the EXMACHINA Jeans are currently up for grabs at Men Only Monthly and ACCESS respectively.

Goodbye Pt. 2 teaser_002

Saturday Imma put a ring on this hand my love! (In Germany it´s common to wear the wedding ring on the right hand, hence my engagement ring on the left^^)

I´d like to point out, that  Mel  did a STELLAR job on this top which comes with a load of textures, those supercool shoulder chains, the strap and … the fishnets are seperate sleeves! YES!!! All those combinations *-* Proud of you, hun^^

Now my tits tend to distort prints ever so often – it says Respect my Religion as I respect yours. It couldn´t be more appropriate cos we´re going to have a roman catholic wedding as well. Our church is most certainly far from perfect and really needs a make over but we´ve went out of our ways to make sure our ceremony is a modern and better approach 😉

Goodbye Pt. 2 teaser_003

Jonian did the mesh of the Jeans, the ever so awesome Ramses Meredith did the textures, give him a high5 when you see him out and about. He´s such a sweetheart. I´d also love to thank Eudora3D for providing me with another pair of wonderful heels that go just perfectly fine with the rest of the outfit.


Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
Dura U102 @TMD until May 30th (unisex hair 😉 )

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Holly

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

Ohemo Cello GIFT @ Cosmopolitan 8th Birthday until May 16th (Free Group Needed)
::After Midnight Fashion:: Midnight Spirit @ The Darkness until May 28th
**RealEvil Industries** Lucky Charms Watch
FashionNatic NOVA @ Cosmopolitan 8th Birthday Pt. 1 until May 16th
Eudora3D Beryl @ Uber until May 22nd

Standards (Gianni 5.0, Catwa Victor 4.5)

STERNBERG PandaEars  – Exclusive Color
ALANTORI – Cody Polo @ Men Only Monthly until May 15th – FRIDAY – GO GO GO
**RealEvil Industries** Our time Couple Watch
Lapointe&BastChild Swear Ranger Leather Boots

*Cronos Poses* In Your Arms for The Stay at Home Club GIFT (No Group Needed)

Trompe Loeil – Pomeroy Glen Cabin Bluebird V1.2 for The Stay at Home Club GIFT (NGN)

BattleScars  Premium LUCY 8.0@ our SkyOffice as well as the pose adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version

ok so now that I got you busy with all the shopping I´ll go back to helping Jonian with the final preparations. We just got the numbers this morning so we have to replan everything in… yeah… 4 days that has been planned for 2 years and was ready to go 2 months ago …. I HAAAAAAAAAAAATED it then and hate it even more now. Ah well, the end is near!

See you on the other side,

take care,


Kasha and Jonian (he waves 😉 )

Own it, Witch!

Hey Lovelies,


gah! Where is my mind? Anybody seen it? HALP! Decisions that HAVE been made have to be made again. We try to be positive and see the advantages in all of it for all participants (no travel, no dressing up yet not missing out, more space for everybody physically present, more friends being able to attend because of the videostream,…) but it is SUCH a pain in the arse to still not have numbers for the weddings. We´re hopefully looking into getting them on Monday.

Own it Witch_001

Our wedding will be nothing like it´s planned to be but… well we gotta own the situation don´t we?

Own it Witch_003

We´ll kick some arse!

Style Card:

Standards (Lara 5.02, Catwa 4.5)
Raven Bell Nereid @ Fantasy Faire until May 10th, >>RFL Vendor<< <– HURRY UP! Few hours left!!!!!!

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Holly

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

[JUSTICE] JANIS Dress, Chain and Boots @FaMESHeduntil May
and REMI Bracelet and Necklace Set – GIFT – for FaMESHed 8th Birthday (Free Group Needed)

FOXCITY Neighbourhood and Chill (6) for TheSaturdaySale
STERNBERG May Tree (custom, not for sale)


BattleScars –Premium LUCY 10.0@ our SkyOffice as well as the pose tinkered with in BlackDragon Viewer EEP Version

Regarding that tree to my left: It is a “Maibaum” (May´s Tree). After “breakfast” on May 1st Jonian threw me out of the living room to prepare something… I was HIGHLY alarmed but let him be, determined to complain about him openly being premaritally mean and cruel and you have it…. fishing for awwws!
When I was allowed to return I had to search so I started at our front door until I noticed it´s something in SL (I was in the office 2km up in the sky, he wasn´t there…) so I tp´ed to him and he put built and put up a decorated May-Birch *-* I´ve never gotten one in any life and always kinda suffered from that so YEEEEEEEEEEEEEY *-*

This Tree thing is something local to Northrhine-Westphalia I think …. every May the 1st guys set up a decorated birch with a heart in front of their partner´s window. For leap years it´s usually the other way around but yeah XD to quote him “ah…details….”

Erm yeah… I´m blown away really *-* So instead of telling him how mean he is – if you see him around pat his back or high5 him, he deserves it ^^

Have your fingers crossed everybody, this time next week yer lil weirdo will be fuckin MARRIED! WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,

I swore I´d really make a simple outfit resulting in a short notecard… now…well then I went to Fantasy Faire and… as much as the event itself overwhelmed me…. went downhill quite quickly. I also think this is the most fantastic post I´ve ever done (isn´t it the first, too? I think it is…^^)


But seriously,… I had to turn into a lil fairydemon….


Raven Bell´s Nereid is SOOOO addictive in their RFL Version… look how it sparkles all rainbowy*-*…


Oh…and I´ve just added the skirt cos you know I´m rather shy in my pics but as I wanted to show [JUSTICE]´s Mia is in fact a bodysuit and not just a shirt – you get an up the skirt pic – LEWD!!! I know!!!! *blushes*


Standards (Lara 5.02, Catwa 4.5)
Raven Bell Nereid @ Fantasy Faire until May 10th, >>RFL Vendor<<

Izzie´s Evening Glitter Eyeshadow
WarPaint Radiant and Enchanting
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
StarGazer Body Shine Holo Glitter
alaskametro<3 Holly

*NeverWish* Dreamer Horns @ Fantasy Faire until May 10th (>>big ones: RFL<<)
!deviousMind Gwendolyn Necklace
*OA-MEO* Aria Skirt
alaskametro<3 Wanda
erratic laser cut leggings
Eudora3D Della @ Engine Room until May 20th

selfmade and retextured glass platform
Mesh Plants Grass Patch Large
Dysfunctionality Scraggly Pom Grass


[ keke ] star projector

Botanical– Will-O-Wisp v2

*!Reve.Obscura!*   Perspective, a groundsit from my Tuty´s Enchanted Woman AO and my CATWA Animations Hud

BattleScars –Premium LUCY 9.0@ our SkyOffice as well as the pose tinkered with in BlackDragon Viewer EEP Version

So…. what do you think…. hello? Lovelies? Hm…they must have run off to shop….HAVE FUN *yells after them*

take care,



A new Start

Hey Lovelies,

whoa, what a time, isn´t it?
To get that out of the way: we will STILL get married at May 16th – we´ll have to see what is possible in our county then, how many of the 80 people invited will be there in person and how many will be joining us via video call. Decisions for that timeframe will be made on May 3rd so there´s no info for us until then. We´re cool kids so we masked up but then I haven´t left the flat since I registered with the city as a new citizen on April 1st. Taking out the paper trash is further than to shop groceries, Jonian´sin homeoffice, we´re living our extra life – xept for the wedding scare…

Talking about Jonian: he´s started to design, he´s doing exclusive designs from scratch (with Blender and Substance Painter) for stores, his first is out for Alantori– Cody Polo at Men only Monthly. Further collabs will be with ExMachinaand time will tell what and who else.  For now he only has male dev kits though.
He does create stuff that he´ll release himself, he´s preparing the setup for his brand (STERNBERG) and MP as I type this, the first release there is these lovely Panda ears. The Pink Zombie version is a custom for me, as well as a Cheshire version he´s wearing – both will NOT be available *muahahaha, sorry ^^) but there´s other cute versions 😉

A new Start_005

Nothing makes black pop like sparkles and bubbles, really!

A new Start_004


Style Card:
Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
Magika Rowan

Izzie´s Evening Glitter Eyeshadow
WarPaint Radiant
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

STERNBERGPandaEars Zombie Purple
AURORASandra Choker
::After Midnight Fashion:: Dee Sandals

FOXCITY Glitter Box
Ican Bubble Generator

Lush Poses – Nina

!!JUICYBOMB.COM Mela The Space Queen @ our SkyOffice as well as the pose tinkered with in Black Dragon, illuminated with the help of Lumi Pro

that´s all I have to show for now but there´ll be more of me and you´ll see Jonian again, soon. Oh yeah and while I´m at it: we´ve given up our Bellisseria home and Belli alltogether cos I tried for almost a year now and to this day I never felt at home and the Groupchat was such a pain I closed it within seconds most of the time… But yeah…

As the very awesome Brad Mondo always says “Don´t forget your extra life!”

take care,




Hanging in mid air

Hey Lovelies,

I´ve been back for about 3 weeks now, the move is complete, so is the bathroom. Back to normality for me.


While everything´s pretty much normal for me Jonian´s in constant homeoffice for now and everything else is hanging in mid air. You know what is coming up soon, it was meant to be the final destination of my life plan. After that I just want an average, boring life. With our hobbies we can entertain us enough – we don´t need more. Move into a house in 2-3 years and then just… live…day to day, eat well, friends, family, hobbies. That´s entertaining enough. I cannot deal with drama, my mental health is fragile enough and I´ve stopped counting the traumas and burnouts normal life give me. I´ve never learnt how to “get over” things or anything alike. Nobody was able to tell me, not even my therapist. “Manuals” of “letting go” don´t work for me. Everything keeps coming back up…. so… imagine how I feel now that my final life-goal was planned to… well not perfection (how do others do that?) but to a level I can …hopefully- handle…. ? I just want it to be over tbh, to have the ceremonies behind me, have the new name legally, have a few hours of good food, relatives and that dance… and then finally go into a plain, simple life.
Now I have to either make more compromises or…I can´t even  type it… So, excuse me while I´m not meeting goals or…. continue to blog for a while, expanding again like I planned to…. every day RL is too much for me right now…. I´m broken.

As I took some items:

Hanging in mid air_003


Standards(Lara 5.02)
TruthVivid (GroupGift,paid group needed – worth it though!)
[Pink Fuel] Sugar Rush Eyeshadow
Izzie´s Shimmer Lipstick

!deviousMind Gwendolyn Necklace
ZoZ Natural Butterfly
Lapointe&BastChild SWear Old School Women’s Low Tops

HerGeekSpot Imperial Throne

BattleScars  Time to fly off the runway7.0 @ SkyOffice (next to it, really) as well as the pose tinkered in Black Dragon

I have never struggled with a post that much and never has one felt so forced. I love the items though so I pulled through… I hope it´s ok.

Forgive me and excuse me, I need… everything to be over….

take care,



Goodbye Pt 1

Hey Lovelies,

well I guess the time of the big goodbyes has come. First of all Jonian and I say goodbye to our shower, then I´m saying goodbye to Eudora3D as my guest sponsor and how greatful I am to have had this awesome opportunity because Sugarfairy is awesome. Last but not least we´re saying goodbye to my own flat whose rent expires on March 31st officially but we´re looking to end it one or two weeks earlier. This is the first and bigger of two waves of goodbyes within the next 3 months. The rest of goodbyes will be in May so I´ll get to that then. To hint at what we part from: We´ve bought our wedding rings last friday! Yes, on V-Day hrhrhrh.

Goodbye Pt 1_001

Style Card:

Standards (Maitreya Lara 5.02)
Magika Faye

[Salem]Elle @ FrouFrou until March 8th
Blueberry – Evie
Eudora3D Sid @ FaMESHed until March 6th

BattleScars LUCY 10.0 @ our Retreat in Black Dragon, which was used for the pose, too

See ya round!

Take care,




Hey Lovelies,


Last night Krys of LOVE announced their new FB Page in their inworld groupchat and this is what happened:

Love Posy pics with Glitter

sorry for the crappy screenie – anyways… it continued with someone throwing Glitter and so I announced a posey pic with Glitter! You know me – I say things and I do things!



Standards (Maitreya Lara 5.02)
Magika Faye
alaskametro<3 Wytch Eyeshadow
Izzie´s Catwa shimmer Lipstick

 CAE   Xoxo @Shop &Hop until the 23rd
[JUSTICE] JADA Shirt & Leggings, LIA Bracelet
**RealEvil** Our time Watch
ZoZ Natural Butterfly
Eudora3D River Boots

FOXCITY Glitter Box
E.V.E DYSTOPIA Rose Fire and Sugarflies

I´ve stopped my random stand loop from Tuty´s Enchanted Woman AO and my CATWA Animations Hud at the right moment for the pose again 😉

BattleScars 19.0 – Blood @ our SkyOffice tinkered with in Black Dragon with LumiPro

I hope it´s posey and glittery enough *chuckles*

take care,