AS|C – Akasha Sternberg Consulting:

blogger training and consulting:

We´ll work on your efficiency, base skills and whatever you think you need help with.
Examples: StyleCard, Signature Look, PR, BlackDragon Photography, Post Setup, Inworld Photography

AS|C Inworld Office
photography (NO post-editing! I use Firestorm for setup, BlackDragon for the actual pic, nothing else happens to the pic after I click save 😉 )
model training and modelling (certified runway model, vendor, live, alternative, bikini/lingerie and platonic only, romantic poses only with Jonian)
interior and exterior decorating
translations German/English

The Alchemy Institute:

We are the premier EU based goth/ alt Events Promotion Agency in SL, created for EU-based alternative/rock/metal/goth club Owners and Managers to promote their club nights and events to clubber’s in their timezone, within SL.
The rental of one of our boards costs just L$200 a week.
Join the inworld group to coordinate and advertise club nights. Get the word out to your clientele when your events are being held. There is a small join fee of L$50 so that we can avoid those who might spam and run. We want this group to build and unite the SL EU goth/metal/ alternative community. Club owners and managers will be able to post their events schedule once a week.

The Alchemy Institute ~ secondlife:///app/group/857da1de-d389-fb6b-fb1c-36c61b035743/about (Copy and paste in local chat 😉 )



Custom meshwork (mesh and rigged or textured and ready to release)


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