This is my little blog about stuff I like. It´s mainly about fashion, the fashion I like.

I might use “foul” language in my blog, but that´s because I´m a potty mouth by nature. I´m not against adult stuff, I just don´t feel like wearing or engaging in the VAST majority of it nowadays  – oh and Akasha is on celibacy cos Jonian is sitting about 3ft away from me in RL … SLex just doesn´t do the trick for me… and I am simply not interested in anyone else but him in any universe 😉

Some will curse me for that… but I know most people will understand:)

What I WILL do:

– give my honest opinion as kindly as possible
– communicate honestly and openly with my sponsors
– collaborate with other bloggers platonically
– try different styles (some more often than others)
– throw in text posts (rants, articles, tutorials, ramblings)
– blog decor (interior and exteriors)
– mix short, quick posts and long posts with lots of words
– credit everything you see as good as I can
– add SLURLs or Marketplace URLs and event SLURLs
– mention the end date of events
– put my heart into my posts (both in content and in effort)
– tell designers and fellow bloggers to eat, drink and sleep enough knowing I need to improve on that myself
– be a smartarse
– care too much
– “test-blog” new designers for a month to see if we´re both happy with my posts of their stuff
– switch between 1-2 posts a week and 3 posts a day though I try to spread it out to approx. 1 post a day (hey I cannot schedule my creativity and I´m not the biggest fan of timed publishing)
– PR on FB, Flickr and Discord (adding the pic/link to appropriate groups, I´m cautious not to spam on FB though), Plurk, Social VR, my SL webprofile, the community forum´s Vanity Thread and Inworld in the groups I have notice rights of (-UrWorld- and Starwalkers2010), The Blogger Hub gets a Chatentry as it´s offered to do.
– tag and link the designers, their page and manager in the post´s PR
– take the pics with passion taking great care of pixel-perfect outfits, windlights (usually altered for the pic), angles, sun position and projectors
– talk about StarWars, the 501st Legion, my cats and Jonian whenever possible ;P
– consider blogging for you if you send me a NC with your store link 😉
– stay up to date (after thorough research of course!) – I do have LeLutka´s Avalon demo – didn´t have the nerve to work with it though – hate shape editing
– Twist and turn BlackDragon, squeeze it like a lemon using the tools it offers (that´s why my pictures might look edited in some parts)

What I MIGHT do:

– add text, blobbs of other colours available, pics of the hud, arrows, frames to a picture

What I WON´T do:

– photoshop or edit my pics except the editing mentioned in might do
– buy likes or give in to the trend of “have x likes /pic”
– do romantic/erotic/sexual collaborations
– wedding stuff
– selfies
– instagram ( I know I created an account when it was new, I use it to be able to watch livevideos of TakeThat really^^)
– use the hashtag symbol unless it´s part of a store´s or event´s name
– have sex with you in any kind, life or way
– reign in my pottymouth on my own blog
– blog items I don´t like (pet peeve: corsets without a laced back)
– blog skins unless part of a look or change my skin often
– accept exclusive sponsoring (e.g. for hair, skins, make-up)
– buy more bodies or heads (except for the upgrades to stay up to date)
– update the hyperlinks if a store moves. If there´s no LM included in the item´s folder I´ll look at the creator´s profile and use that one. This will not be updated if they decide to move the store. If you find an outdated link please search for a newer one 😉 Sponsor LMs will be updated on the Sponsors page.
– blog “favours” – I did that in the past and it never worked out for me
– stay with a sponsor that I don´t feel (anymore). This will result in shite posts which are good for neither of us.

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anti copycats

I do not like and support copycats! If I find out you have stolen things I will stop working with you and help support the original creator ASAP!

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