This is my little blog about stuff I like. It´s mainly about fashion, the fashion I like. I´m not the best photo editor so usually my pics are raw screenshots from SL, though I play with windlights and angles and all that 🙂

I will blog the items I like, style them using my knowledge and experience.

If you are interested in sponsoring me just drop me a line or NC inworld or on FB, including your store link and we´ll see. I´m not blogging to collect as many free items as possible and – as much as you have the right to tell me “ok sorry you´re not the right blogger for my stuff” I claim the right to say “hey sorry your stuff is just not for me!”. Which does NOT mean it sucks or anything – but… it´s just not for me.

This includes my precious sponsors! I will blog most items you give me – cos you´re my sponsors for a reason. There might be few items though, that will not be featured (Fetishwear, too revealing stuff, Corsets without laced backs, romantic couple stuff 😉 )

PLATONIC COLLABS ARE WELCOME!!!!! Hit me up with your ideas

Mesh Upgrade complete including Lara, Catwa´s Kathy and Swallow´s HD Ears!

Links are posted as it´s the wish of the designers for us bloggers to do so. These links evolve around inworld stores of SecondLife by LindenLab and their webbased marketplace.

I might use “foul” language in my blog, but that´s because I´m a potty mouth by nature. I´m not against adult stuff, I just don´t feel like wearing or engaging in the VAST majority of it nowadays  – oh and Akasha is on celibacy cos SL is not for D and I am simply not interested in anyone else but him in any universe 😉

My skintone of choice is GlamAffair´s 003(Arctic)- I always retort back to this line since I first laid eyes on it and while there are so many other EPIC skinstores THIS is MY skin – It just suits me best. I might occasionally wear fantasy skins for a day or picture though.

I cleaned my list of PR Places as in where to post the link – I chose a handful big SL groups and some 3rd party sites – I´d rather have fewer groups with more members than 100s of groups with some of them only having a handful of members who are in the bigger groups, too… 😉

if you have any suggestions for groups let me know .

However I will NEVER post selfies, hashtags or use instagram in ANY life…

Wedding-themed items are off the table as marriage is sacred to me and the only wedding themed post I will do is after my RL Wedding on May16th, 2020 😉 .

Some will curse me for that… but I know most people will understand:)

my Blog on FB

anti copycats

I do not like and support copycats! If I find out you have stolen things I will stop working with you and help support the original creator ASAP!




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