Pumpkin Town

Hey Lovelies,

this post is the pic-heaviest post I´ve done in at least 7 years, given they´re all in 4k (3840×3840) – things might take a bit to load but…it´s worth it! I furthermore did not alter the windlight or do anything to the poses. The only thing I adjusted was the sun settings on some for better view. I wanted to show things as TayTay intends them to look 😉

So let´s start:


“Hey there – did you hear that sound?” I love that little hangout-seating area … it also has a campfire!! ♥

Things you see today:


MINA Emilia
Magnetic Witch Please Tee for BOO Hunt 9 (starting on the 3rd) by Evil Bunny Productions
amias EMBLA
[ bubble ] Stars Hip Dermals
Blueberry Natalia Capri
Eudora3D Chiara @Uber until Octobre 22nd

Pumpkintown – open later today until Octobre 31st presents:

all decor Regionwise by Taylor Flannagan
Windlight is region default, unchanged

now let´s continue:


there´s several booths where you can buy candies and little snacks to keep your blood sugar level up while exploring.


As you can tell this one´s especially close to my heart.


Next to the Bloodbank there´s this lovely bar that… devours you 😉


it´s quite comfy inside though… I really like this place! Well both bar and town *chuckles*


Now do you see this lovely Church of St. Jack Skellington! It´s even more beautiful but I have to leave some things for you to explore yourself, don´t I?


Hmmmmmm Cemetery… Haunted House….. they both sound awesome, I guess I´ll have to visit the cemetery later …

GAHHHHH ok I could go on for hours but… I want you to go over and explore for yourself so I´ll stop here instead of spoiling the experience! If you see me around say hi… please? Pretty please? I won´t bite unless I´m asked to!(No huds though^^)
Take care,



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