Hey Lovelies,

ok there must have been something in my tea cos I don´t know WHAT the fuck I was doing in the woods, but…ah well…see for yourself:


This lovely creature came to check out what I had in the cauldron. There must have been some twigs and branches involved cause why else would I have the chainsaw ready? I´m not THAT murderous…. or am I?


It doesn´t seem to mind …or did it like my brewing potion?

My partners in crime today:


FABIA Esther @Epiphany until Novembre 12th

Addams – Phoebe
-Pixicat- Eye.Thights

Trick or Treat Lane open until Halloween –  with MANY gifts:
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Nightmare Streak
alaskametro<3 Batty
Dragon Magick Wares Arcane Rug
[ bubble ] Love Potion Bottle
Secret October Brew Cauldron
[Puke Rainbows] Vertical Lamps
LOVE – Old brick pentacle Garden Decor
Velika Rituals Herbs Drying Rack

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Halloween:

[TheJackalopeRanch] ZODIAC Halo
Hilted Howler
Faust Imperium Exports Dreadmore Chainsaw

LOVE 1Prim Forest
NOMAD Gothic Pavillion
MINIMAL Creepy Tree

BattleScars  Stars 3.0

Be safe out there!

Take care,



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