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  • I´m sorry my mental health keeps me from accepting sponsors right now – it´s not the biggest secret I´m STERBERG´s COO and not an official blogger 😉




Future Events:


PAST Events:


Ritual LM (watch the dates 😉 It opens at 2 PM SLT)

Ritual Website

Ritual Flickr

Ritual Facebook

Trick Or Treat Lane - 2020 - Square

 by Dark Passions Events

Dark Passions Events SLURL (please keep the dates of the events in mind 😉 )

Dark Passions Events Website
Dark Passions Events FB
Dark Passions Events Flickr

Pumpkin Town 2020 Poster

Pumpkin Town SLURL

Pumpkin Town Website

Pumpkin Town FB

Pumpkin Town Flickr

4 Seasons Event Logo New

4-Seasons Event } Homepage

{The 4-Seasons Event } Facebook

{The 4-Seasons Event } Flickr

Mystical Market - Summer_Fall 2020

Midsummer Enchantment~2020 poster

by Dark Passions Events

Mystical Market SLURL ( August 28th – Septembre 8th)

Mystical Market Website

Mystical Market Flickr


Logo Necrosis

Necrosis SLURL

Necrosis FB

Necrosis Flickr

Necrosis Discord

ebp 2019 events and hunts

Evil Bunny Productions Homepage

Evil Bunny Productions FB

Evil Bunny Flickr  Events :

Sinners&Saints (Feb), Candyland (March, Minievent),  The Dark Side (April), The Jersey Shore Beach Bling Carnival (June), Fable…Once Upon A Time (August), The Mad Circus Halloween & Gacha Fair (Octobre), Black Friday Bazaar (Novembre, Minievent), The Naughty List (Decembre)

The Gacha Life (bi-monthly), TWE12VE (monthly)

Evil Bunny Hunts HP

Evil Bunny Flickr Hunts:

The Stupid Cupid Hunt- February, The Evil Bunny Hunt-April, The Beached Bunny Hunt-July, The Boo! Bunny Hunt-October, The Jerky Turkey Hunt-November, The Grumpy Santa Hunt-December

.Gacha Guild. THE HALLOWS Carnivale 2020 Poster

The .Gacha Guild. Hallows Horror Carnivale SLURL (mind the dates 😉 )

The .Gacha Guild. Hallows Horror Carnivale Website

The .Gacha Guild. Hallows Horror Carnivale Flickr

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