My Standard Look (feat. Jonian)


this is the basic style I wear:

Standards Kasha March 21_001

Not changing:

Shape:Kasha Bento Perfection (several versions)
Body: Maitreya Lara 5.3 Bake on Mesh
Head: Catwa Kathy 4.5 with Head Animations (cute, friendly, winky) and Vampire Teeth Bake on Mesh
Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Ears HD – High Definition 0.1
Eyes: hazel eyes close to my RL ones (currently: LOTUS. – Sparkle Eyes06)

Juna Panda Tattoo Catwa Applier
Leven Ink Tattoo Gloria in black 50% BOM
WarPaint* Eden Arm Tattoo colour, faded and Elysium neck tattoo (LT), grayscale, faded BOM
Carol G Kitten Belly, Help Kitten Back Leg, Pet Lovers Shin, Tiny Paws Shoulder, Underboob, Back and Neck all BOM
WL Catrina Leg BOM
Beach´s Dandelion Leg BOM
TAOX Tattoo Feet Rose Cross BOM
.::Scuttlebutt::. Fairy Ankle and Queen of Spades Ankle Tattoos BOM

Skin: Glam Affair Tone 003 (currently: Wendy) BOM
Engagement Ring left Hand: ~Gold&Silver~ Marriage Ring

Wedding Ring right Hand: STERNBERG – Akasha´s Wedding Ring

Simple Bloom JuliaWater Small SoftArch BOM

Standards Kasha March 21 back_002



Usually I wear my hair in a rosey pink, black, my natural dark brown, a deeper shade of red or weird funky colours and ombres from stores like :
Truth (here – Blush)

or other stores of great quality
I adjust the colour of my hairbase and eyebrows according to the current haircolour (of course I do! 😉 )

Changes will always be featured in the StyleCard!

MakeUp and Nails:

Standards MakeUp Septembre 10th, 2020_001

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book 5

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine 0, Bellini 0 and Dark Tapestry 0

any alterations from that will be featured in the StyleCard

AO: Tuty´s Enchanting Woman Priority 4, if no pose is mentioned it´s been altered from either the standard SL stand or this AO with BlackDragon Viewer´s Poser

My Pics are usually taken at our SkyOffice in Black Dragon Viewer´s latest release

Standard Windlight: AnaLutetia – AvatarOpt2 whiter in Firestorm´s latest Release (full release, not Beta 😉 )

I prefer a bit more fabric, do love corsets (only with a laced back!!!), don´t mind lingerie or sexy but won´t focus on that. I´m not a fan of these over the top avant garde styles (NOT AT ALL!) and tend to keep to the casual side.
I do love alternative and substyles like Gothic, Punk, Horrorpunk, Cyber and mixes of those. Oh … and I´ll NEVER say no to anything Panda!

Why I won´t change my shape dramatically, my skin or get another head or body or switch my tattoos around?

Well you see… I, Alex, do have ONE skin, ONE shape and ONE “tattoo layer”. Kasha might be a character of mine, a part of my personality to some degree that might or might not frighten me at times…but I do see her as a person. She´s not a shapeshifter (if I bring out Ari that´s another character for me ^^) so…it´s the same rules as for me! The damn brat is spoilt enough as it is 😉

On that note I´d like to thank a dear friend of mine, you know who you are and what for!! :*


Standards Jonian Dec 2019_001

NOT changing:
Signature Gianni v5
Catwa Victor 4.5
Jonian Costum Shape in different versions (based on a shape gifted by Hobbit Zenfold)
Not found Ruddy – currently: ASH
-Birth- ‘Glimmer’ Eyes v1.11

Standards Jonian Dec 2019 close up_001
probably not changing:
Stealthic Atlas
Vista Animations Gerard Full Bento AO


Just as Dave himself, Kasha or me Jonian has ONE body, ONE shape and ONE Skin. His eyes are like that to match his RP Char (bright green, slightly fluorescent) and his clothing style is modern and simple, more on the urban side.

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