Hey Lovelies,

I haven´t felt too good this weekend so I tried to fill up my sleeping reserves and rested that much. I´m not really feeling my best yet – feeling really tired and drained recently but I managed to get some piccies done.

This one´s a totally different direction for me but I wanted to do it after having a LOT of inspiration.


YES, I know this is SO much less fabric than I usually wear but so be it this time…


Don´t you feel like time is running through your hands at times?


TICK TOCK, bitches! In a blink of an eye 12 minutes are gone…. Tick! Fuckin! Tock!

Lifting me up, pulling me down and watching over me today we have:


+Psycho Barbie+ Groupgifts ( GroupJoinFee!)
† CyberPunk Underwear
† Fishnet Stockings

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Fishnet Addiction

Engine Room until Octobre 20th presents:

Raven Bell – Evangeline
::Static:: Agrace Choker
Astara Aether Pocketwatch
Dark Passions  – Koffin Nails – Nevermore
::AMBIX:: Chained Visions
Eudora3D Lyra
VARONIS Dornenburg

Engine Room as a LOOOT of Gifts for you if you wear the SL Syndicate Group which is free to join 😉

BattleScars  25.0 HERMIT with the loving help of LumiPro

Don´t waste your time! Take care,



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