Hey Lovelies,

I´ve taken a stroll into the forests, you know… to reconnect with nature and all that. Now there was a giant Panda with a saddle on it. You NEVER say no to Panda so I got up and went on a ride with him.


Ok yes, that sign was a bit suspicious…


Hmmmmm…. something´s not right here…. I think we´re being….




Panda agrees – and… uh what is that? (also I adjusted the legs to a more accurate dressage position… don´t blame the 31 years of horseback riding in me XD)


moar weird creatures….


Uh …also I found this Enamel Pin in the woods…Who might have lost it? Do they miss it? What´s the story behind it and… what the fuck? Does that eye glow?

What´s all this spooky stuff?


FABIA Esther @Epiphany until Novembre 12th
REIGN. Bootastic Sneakers

Trick or Treat Lane open until Halloween –  with MANY gifts:
Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Pentacle Moon *GIFT*
alaskametro<3 X Ray Leggings *GIFT*
Petrichor Planche Earrings
LOVE Gem Path Cat´s Eyes and Doggo de Muertos
Raindale Dustville scarecrow
*paper moon* BEWARE

TWE12VE until Halloween presents:

Mini A Chuu – Kitori Skeleton D20 Necklace (collab with Mishmash Fusion)
Eclectic Stars – Chilly – Magical Hufflepuff

The Hallows Horror Carnivale by Gacha Guild presents until Halloween:

SHED_SKIN[Z] Spooky Carousel Pin Pumpkin
PositiveWavelength – BEARS – Panda
[Ceridwen´s Cauldron] Cthonian Critters

Pumpkin Town (also until the 31st) presents:

Pixelancer Biofilm and Wave (Pumpkin Spice waving tentacle is a GIFT!)

(Milk Motion) The dark forest Road @ Uber until Octobre 22nd

BattleScars  11.0 APOLOGIZE

Ok now I gotta calm my nerves after that ride. May the Panda be with me….

Take care,



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