The last days of summer

Hey Lovelies,

today you get to read me yet you won´t see me. Nice change, eh?  It´s not even an article either. Nooo my dear lovelies, I gots news… I´ve shown you things by Nerenzo before, shopped there, too and … then tried my luck when they were looking for Bloggers. I got in within minutes *YEEEY*. So – yeah – new decor sponsor. And an awesome one at that.

Oh while we´re talking decor:  I noticed a nice bed on a TV commercial on the weekend – well we bought it yesterday in the afternoon and picked it up earlier. Once Dave´s home we´ll exchange the beds. So much for “no we´re not  buying the very first one”… but it´s got everything we wanted to have …
AAAAAANYways.. I can´t wait to fall into it tonight… I´m so super tired… had several nights of 5 and less hours of sleep.. Fuck I´m deriving again… Erm.. yeah! Nerenzo. Vic Nerenzo is extremly talented, you get the good folks PG versions and kinky fuckers Adult versions. Plus Vic himself is very sweet and he really loves feedback. Xenna, his blogger manager is super sweet, too, very “there” and eager – and boy were they overwhelmed with the response to their blogger search 😉 (I wasn´t… the stuff rocks … XD). Now please meet the  Awesome Campfire:


Setup Card:

PrimPossible Rezplatform
3D Trees – AUTUMN TREES + Accessories
LAGOM Flowy Fall Leaves
Nerenzo – Awesome Campfire (31% discount until Sept. 22nd, 2019 😉 )
hive // fall scarecrow

BattleScars 4.0 – SUMMER @ My Office

See what I did there?  I think the name Setup Card is quite apropriate for decor only posts. I gotta put that in my journal to remember 😉

Anyways, lovelies, I gotta get some life back into me… talk to you later.

take care,



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