A Shelter from the Storm

Hey Lovelies,

WOW what a week…

friends of ours got married on Monday, I joined the newlywed …now ex-bride for some paperwork trips which ended in a spontanuous BBQ at ours with her hubby (they are SOOOO cute) and her daughter – who I adore! Of course their soon to be born daughter was present, too 😉 Wednesday was another roundtrip day cos I had to pester my psychiatrist again *muahahhaha* and we had a lovely date night in the evening. Are you dizzy yet? No? Good! Cos the rest of the week I  kept Cilia busy who in return THREW (yes, threw *cries*) me onto the posestand to shoot a whooping 4 outfits – one of which you´re getting a sneak peak here.

We were to attend another wedding (this time: Dave´s cousin) but I wasn´t feeling well. The usual… you know… It´s better now but I´m still glad to a) find the time blogging and b) lie in my new shelter for a few moments.

A Shelter from the Storm_001


Kuni Maria
#ADORED – Glossed up shadows
Catwa Master Hud
:.C!L.: PattiPunk Shirt and Skirt <– will be released, soon
Blueberry FLF 7/19 Stockings Pack
!Suicidal Unborn! Zath´tus Collar
*NeverWish* Pyramid Spike Bracelet Checker
Pharmacist Kuro Creepers

Nerenzo Little Shelter
Prim Possible Rezplatform
*CSF Celeste.Sanct  Tall Sugar Grass
Lunaria. Season Changing Tree
DaD Design’s Flower Palm Group V.2
Q Creation Waterfall Island
Landscapes Unlimited Off-Sim Corner Parcel Environment

REAL WAVES – Mode Simple

BattleScars 16.0 – ARRECIFE @ home

Now that´s that, but I´ll be back with new stuff for you to wear this lovely fall very soon. Be prepared 😉

take care,



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