Skating around

Hey Lovelies,

I´ve been skating around the area of my house in Bellisseria and came across a lovely spot in Rabelais. But damn it´s kinda chill these days so I made sure to be warm enough  with the help of ::After Midnight Fashion:: and MOoH!. Seriously what would I do without these two? Plus I love these fancy skates by Reign from their Derby Queen Gacha. WE NEED MORE ROLLERDERBY IN SL AGAIN!!! DAMNIT xD

Skating around_002

I didn´t need the jacket after all but I was glad to have taken it along…


You get to choose from 4 huds(the wiccan in the top right has 8 options, the other ones have 6 each) – or… if you just refuse to decide … GET EM ALL 😉 

Style Card:

Standards (new: Catwa Kathy 4.0 Update, HD Lips)
eXxEsS Anguria
::After Midnight Fashion:: Hayden Sweatshirt @ Up Event until Sept 15th 2019
MOoH! Hazel (Plaid Shirt), Roxette (Pants)

REIGN. Derby Skates


BattleScars 15.0 – DOWN @ near My Retreat

Ok, now I have to get ready to go out in RL, we need to go shopping and I want to go early so MAYBE there´s a chance I can get my hands on a Cello … Wish me luck, so deprived… XD

Take care,




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