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Goth Summer

Hey Lovelies,

today I´m back with a non-sponsored collab with my auntie Millie. This posts sole purpose is to surprise my big lil sis Lola, showcasing her new dress El Gato and to let her know Millie´s her aunt, too. Fun fact: Millie blogs for Lola´s brand Lolapop and now for STERNBERG, too. I know, it took her ages, right?

Goth Summer_003

we went to a lovely beach and talked

Goth Summer_004

…. family hug times and some more talkings

Goth Summer_005

then we got thirsty

Goth Summer_007

and sat at a cute lil bar until

Goth Summer_002

the sun set and we watched it sink into the ocean…



FABIA Esther
Ade- Hard Love Glasses
AsteroidBox. Cross Earrings
*RealEvil* Pixi Moon Collar
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute
Lolapop! El Gato

Millie (her version) is wearing:

Maitreya Lara
Catwa Jasmine
DOUX – Silent
[7DeadlySkins] – BODY 2020 CALM bom
Lolapop! – Idiota (pink)
DAPPA – Shika

:Zombie.Suicide: Lunar Nose Ring
VENGE Pentacle Nose Ring
SixFeetUnder – Cora Earrings
Bliensen + MaiTai – Selene – Choker
Lolapop! – El Gato
friday – Dawn Leather Ring Set
RAWR! Moonchild Nails
The Sea Hole ~ Zombikini beach bag (store closed, no longer available, not even on MP ;-;)
[..CULT..] Nyx

Prim Platform textured and tinted (Strg+b 😉 )
 CVR 4waves stg6
Studio Skye Water
*NeverWish* Goth Summer set
(Fundati) Cliffs and Yucca Trees
[FOURTH WALL] Multi-Texture Rock
Nerenzo Some Rocks under palms
Soy. German Hooded Beach Chair
DaD Palms, Pebble Letters and Wooden Floor Lamps
Bee Designs A Day at the Beach (gothified)
Belle Epoque Candice Bag Pride Edition GIFT @ SL18B
CHEZ MOI Tiki Bar and Floating Piicnic Table
Cheeky Pea Boho Dreamtime Hammock (gothified)
[noctis] Tiki pouffe
Made by … Beach Chairs
[Immoral Designs] Casket BBQ
things&stuffs goth floatie and black flamingo
-DIVIAs Design- Tiki Beach Privacy Screen modified
DISORDERLY. / Fairy Lanterns / Holdable / Silver [L]

Summerfest (till July 11th):

[-BLUE SKY-] Nautical Fence (w/o holes)
Kraftwork Matcha Beach Check (slightly gothified) and Nautical Bar

BattleScars  – Summer 4.0

I can´t wait to see what the siblings will say – I don´t think they´re aware of having a new aunt *grins* – and they know her already, too XD Don´t you just love the family revelations? I mean I happen to live across the street of Aurora´s daughter Saya – so I found another neice, too. Super stoked. I hope the family gets to hang out together soon. It´s been way too long… But for now…

take care,



Touch Neowise

Hey Lovelies,

Touching Neowise_001

Don´t we all want to reach for the stars at times? They´re pretty much unreachable but comet  Neowise is coming quite close these days. Comets are splitters of asteroids that pass the earth more closely, often having a glowing tail, smaller comet parts are called shooting stars. While we´re talking about Asteroids – do you know Asteroid Box? Their Sienna Jacket is so comfy as are their Remy pants …and Wicca´s Prudence booties – not prude at all – turn them into a stellar outfit 😉


The Awesomeness making me look good:

Magika Billie

Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – Grim Garden @Midsummer Enchantment (until July 26th)

*Sienna @ Kustom9 until August 10th

Wicca´s Originals Prudence @Access until August 8th

Nerenzo – 7 rocks
*CSF* Snappy and soft grass

LOVE Shooting Stars

BattleScars – STARS 2.0 @ our SkyOffice, edited in Black Dragon, as well as the pose based on the basic SL stand

take care,



So Vampires, huh?

Hello Lovelies,

today I´m back with …well we could say my annual halloween The Akasha Origins post.

Even I tend to forget that I´m originally a vampire. I don´t show it much – well when I did adult RP it sometimes shone through though my play-partners would only describe it as wild…bless their poor souls *chuckles*

But let´s talk about Vampires. Not all Vampires are mean assholes. Well I can be quite the arse but I do have humour. It´s quite dirty and often immature mind you, but I got a lot of it.

So Vampires huh_001

I also do have cats… yes, they´re black…

So Vampires huh_002

… but soooo fluffy…..

So Vampires huh_005

Hello there!

So Vampires huh_006

…time to get up and get going!!!

So Vampires huh_008

Oh…. and also never say no to Panda!!!

So Vampires huh_010

Skeleton Angel: “Ok Kasha that was not what I meant when I said suck me dry”  (ooopsies…. sorry?^^)



no.match NO REFUGE
{Frick} Bat Eye
Astara Hallowed Glitter
alaskametro<3 Black Magic
Catwa Vampire Teeth

Her Geek Spot Knotted Tank
-Eon- Latex Leggings
Koffin Nails Black Gloss Glitter Tips

Nerenzo Coffin V with Poses

MadPea The Hangar
MOoH! Black kitten Gacha @Driftwood until Nov 5th
MOoH! Skeleton Gacha @The Gacha Life until Oct. 31st

Retextured Platform

BattleScars HORROR 3.0 at my SkyOffice slightly altered with BlackDragon

But now it´s late… time to grab some drink… any volunteers? I´ll try to stop earlier this time… I promise!!

Take care,



A Shelter from the Storm

Hey Lovelies,

WOW what a week…

friends of ours got married on Monday, I joined the newlywed …now ex-bride for some paperwork trips which ended in a spontanuous BBQ at ours with her hubby (they are SOOOO cute) and her daughter – who I adore! Of course their soon to be born daughter was present, too 😉 Wednesday was another roundtrip day cos I had to pester my psychiatrist again *muahahhaha* and we had a lovely date night in the evening. Are you dizzy yet? No? Good! Cos the rest of the week I  kept Cilia busy who in return THREW (yes, threw *cries*) me onto the posestand to shoot a whooping 4 outfits – one of which you´re getting a sneak peak here.

We were to attend another wedding (this time: Dave´s cousin) but I wasn´t feeling well. The usual… you know… It´s better now but I´m still glad to a) find the time blogging and b) lie in my new shelter for a few moments.

A Shelter from the Storm_001


Kuni Maria
#ADORED – Glossed up shadows
Catwa Master Hud
:.C!L.: PattiPunk Shirt and Skirt <– will be released, soon
Blueberry FLF 7/19 Stockings Pack
!Suicidal Unborn! Zath´tus Collar
*NeverWish* Pyramid Spike Bracelet Checker
Pharmacist Kuro Creepers

Nerenzo Little Shelter
Prim Possible Rezplatform
*CSF Celeste.Sanct  Tall Sugar Grass
Lunaria. Season Changing Tree
DaD Design’s Flower Palm Group V.2
Q Creation Waterfall Island
Landscapes Unlimited Off-Sim Corner Parcel Environment

REAL WAVES – Mode Simple

BattleScars 16.0 – ARRECIFE @ home

Now that´s that, but I´ll be back with new stuff for you to wear this lovely fall very soon. Be prepared 😉

take care,



The last days of summer

Hey Lovelies,

today you get to read me yet you won´t see me. Nice change, eh?  It´s not even an article either. Nooo my dear lovelies, I gots news… I´ve shown you things by Nerenzo before, shopped there, too and … then tried my luck when they were looking for Bloggers. I got in within minutes *YEEEY*. So – yeah – new decor sponsor. And an awesome one at that.

Oh while we´re talking decor:  I noticed a nice bed on a TV commercial on the weekend – well we bought it yesterday in the afternoon and picked it up earlier. Once Dave´s home we´ll exchange the beds. So much for “no we´re not  buying the very first one”… but it´s got everything we wanted to have …
AAAAAANYways.. I can´t wait to fall into it tonight… I´m so super tired… had several nights of 5 and less hours of sleep.. Fuck I´m deriving again… Erm.. yeah! Nerenzo. Vic Nerenzo is extremly talented, you get the good folks PG versions and kinky fuckers Adult versions. Plus Vic himself is very sweet and he really loves feedback. Xenna, his blogger manager is super sweet, too, very “there” and eager – and boy were they overwhelmed with the response to their blogger search 😉 (I wasn´t… the stuff rocks … XD). Now please meet the  Awesome Campfire:


Setup Card:

PrimPossible Rezplatform
3D Trees – AUTUMN TREES + Accessories
LAGOM Flowy Fall Leaves
Nerenzo – Awesome Campfire (31% discount until Sept. 22nd, 2019 😉 )
hive // fall scarecrow

BattleScars 4.0 – SUMMER @ My Office

See what I did there?  I think the name Setup Card is quite apropriate for decor only posts. I gotta put that in my journal to remember 😉

Anyways, lovelies, I gotta get some life back into me… talk to you later.

take care,



Spring chilling

Hey Lovelies,

Ahh… you know… today´s one of those days where you want to lie somewhere and soak up some Vitamin D… Luckily enough Lapointe & Bastchild have us covered with their combo release for this month´s Uber…


Spring chilling_001

meet April and Kayla. April is so well crotcheted you can almost feel the soft wool – to me it is cotton  and feels like the triangle scarfes my mom does for me. Kayla wins your heart with the beautiful flowers (they are optional and both versions are available in a wide array of colours)


(touch the pics for their captions 😉 ) I went for the Capri version but there´s a lovely long version, too.
Style Card:

Truth Horizon
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition and Holosexual mani and pedi

Lapointe&Bastchild April and Kayla @ UBER until June 22nd
REIGN. Summer Pattern Flip Flops

Nerenzo Rest Nest inbuilt poses

Satomi´s 2017 Early Morning altered @

Excuse my short post today but…well… You see the pics – what can I say? And the combi is SO comfly – I´ll pass…out..soon….*yawns*… sorry…

Spring chilling_002

take care,



De coy peak of spring

Hey Lovelies,

so the other day Decoy did a little survey on their FB page and you got 250L$ for taking it. While I would have done it for free ( I don´t have too many items of their collections yet but…they´re reaaaally really good and a safe choice for every day… seriously!) I was quite happy cos, well, shopping 😉

Let me show you what I got: (I had to throw in 20L$ but hey^^)


de coy of spring_001

Take a look at Sarai – which is out at their mainstore for a new (to me) event called Palette. They focus on a colour – this month it´s green – and you can get a hud via the Palette HP

de coy of spring_005

I just love the detail on Heather – you can almost feel the soft yet sturdy denim below your fingertips, ready to do anything you feel like doing. The wonderful Leather Crossed Sandals by REIGN. will give your feet the perfect airy protection they´ll need and they´re lightweight and good to carry if you decide to go barefoot for a while.



Truth Kaijah
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition

[Eternus] Eden Choker Bow
Decoy Sarai Blouse Green Duo Pack (for Palette) and Heather Bell Bottoms
Real Evil Vix Watch
REIGN. Leather Crossed Sandals

Nerenzo snuggle waggon with inbuilt poses (on location)

Satomi´s 2017 bright sun altered at SL Countryside

take care,