Planner Meditation

Hello Lovelies,

So… it´s Monday and as I´ve told you I´m taking ad pics for Cilia on Mondays. We did three outfits today and I have to show you one of them.

Cilia is well aware I´m doing this, btw.

So you know I´m into planning and BulletJournalling and all that, there´s even an inworld group  for that, created by the lovely Theadee. When Annie of JustBecause mentioned she´d need an organisation system other than notepads people suggested BulletJournalling and Planning to her – which she gladly picked up on.

I love to see people join in, Cilia does well in her beginnings, Suki is about to begin …if I keep bugging her she actually might…eventually..she wants to, but then it´s adorably chaotic Suki.

So talking to Cilia today she was nervous as she did run into some obstacle in her planning …


Planner Yoga_004

…..and I told her to channel her “inner planner nerd”

Planner Yoga_001

Ommmmmm Spirits of the Washi Tape give me focus!



Hair: Truth Fiji
Lipstick: Pink Fuel Sheer Kiss
Outfit: :.C!L.: Yawn with the closed eyes mask-version – for Long Winter´s Nap Hunt (It´s not starting till Nov 7th, so it´s a super-duper sneak preview 😉 )
Poses: Voir Yoga AO

Decor: featured and listed in Take your ME-Time!

Shed: DustBunny Gardenia Shed

So if you ever face chaos – sit back, BREATHE…and then make a pretty (or efficient) spread for it 😉

Stay organized and take care,




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