Loveletter to Cilia

Hey Lovelies,

now I´ve had breakkie, am still dead as fuck but actually this helps as we´re staying in the dark… spooooooky times ahead.

Now in my previous post earlier I mentioned news and things happening with Cilia and me being involved.

We´ve decided to be Tea-Sisters!!!!! YEEEY! We´re tea-junkies so… that´s what is appropriate for us. Plus I really start to feel really close to Cilia, she´s always so warm and funny, caring and …just human you know? A bit chaotic, very creative, a bit insane but we´re working on increasing that *chuckles.

I really suggest you lot take a closer look at her stuff.

With the newer stuff you might notice another agreement of ours: My beloved Tea-Sister has asked me to become her Oompa-Loompa for pictures. Yeah I was astonished, too. So the deal is I take her ad-pics and she edits them to her liking and uses and abuses them as she sees fit. Luckily she´s lovely so there´s not much trolling and stuff I have to fear (have I? MEEP? Fuck it… for the lulz – DO IT!!! XD)

She´s been very busy designing new stuff, too:

Kitty Fear_002

Meet Kitty Fear

Kitty Fear_004

There´s a skeleton Kitty on the hat *.*

I might or might not have been involved in this *coughs* …inspirationwise. Did I mention we work very closely? ^^

Now Kitty Fear is her Greatest Fear Hunt item  – look for an evil Jack o´Lantern ;).

It runs all October and you can find the hints here . Good Luck, Lovelies.

Style Card:

Truth Reyane
:.C!L.: Kitty Fear
KO-H Goth Girl Pentagram Moccasins

this pic was taken at: Halloween Town 2018

NOWWWW now now that´s not all Cilia has released for Halloween.


Witch and Cob_004

This is Witch and Cob. Isn´t it lovely?

Witch and Cob_006

When I shot it and wanted to show the colours that naughty skepeton ghost ran his cold, boney hand over my cheek, chin and neck… it was quite chill as you can imagine.

Style Card:

Truth Reyane
:.C!L.: Witch & Cob
KO-H Goth Girl Pentagram Moccasins

Shot at: Vyper´s Haunted Halloween

To see more of Cilia´s adorable creativeness have a look here .

You really should say hi to her, she´s always so grateful and she deserves any attention she can possibly get 😉

Now I got one more up my sleeve, stay tuned Lovelies,




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