Take your ME-Time!

Hey Lovelies,

Damn, currently my RL is …well calmer on the one hand when it comes to daily tasks but on the other hand there´s a shitload of extra-stuff  as you know ( I DO blabber a lot, too much?, but I try not to repeat myself too much 😉 ). So the past few days I´ve not really had any kicking idea – or well I HAD an idea but not the energy to actually DO the post.

I don´t really have ANY energy at all as I type this, but then it´s 8 AM for me and I am up since… 6-ish cos the cats were a pain. (At least I got some hours in, last night they woke me at 4.30 XD) But my mental energy just gave me the spark and here we go:

it´s time to show off my office again. Because I found some Bullet Journalling/Craft Gachas. 4 weeks late but… I found them!!!!! How did I manage to miss them in the first place? Damn!!! Oh and I might have said I try not to repeat myself too often, I know, BUT bulletjournalling helps me immensly, so I  might sit here occasionally. Plus “BuJo-ing” helps me keep my mind together and not lose my shit completely. It reminds me what I have done, want to do and have to do – and when.

You already know the What´s next blogger office with the desk, chair, Laptop, I think therefore I blog sign, plant, mug. You also know the tarte. journalling stuff with the Washi and Paper on the desk and my…well ..Kasha´s journal.


You do NOT know the WOH Gift by Petite Morte yet though. It´s this lovely pullover peeking out from under Truth´s Lyric.

But the Gacha items I was so stoked about?

It´s the cart to my right  – it´s by Reign and it comes filled like this. The resemblance to RL IKEA´s “Rågskog” – nicknamed “Cock” by some very inappropriate but fun BulletJournalists. Do you see all the pens and journals waiting to be used?

Oh and that  washi tape wall rack is by InsurreKtion´s Craft room Gacha.


more Petite Morte Pullover, and… do you see the bunch of sticker booklets on my Råskog?

Now the cart isn´t the only item I got from Reign´s Planner Gacha. The washi boxes on the shelves are from it, too, as well as the printer cart peeking out behind me.

Oh and the hot glue gun (another InsurreKtion Craft Room item) reminds me, that I need to check up my costume for any repairs before the next event *coughs*)

The other items on my body are the standards, but you know that already, don´t you?

So that´s it for now, I might even do another post later today or soonish, cos I got two posts planned for you 😉 And… who knows what happens after those?

Take care,



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