Snapped Circuits

Hey Lovelies,

Gosh it´s been a wild time recently. My emotions are all over all the places – mostly the dark and grim ones though.

My anxiety pikes up to really annoying heights these days missing my parents terribly – them being in their other home 6hrs away a LOT since they´ve retired helps fuck all of course… then the unsolved cat situation and me not knowing what to do. We finally went to meet a lovely tomcat on Saturday but he had no interest in us whatsoever. He let us pet him a bit and took a few treats but that´s it. Staff said the chemistry seems to lack and we agree sadly. Once we were out the door I started sobbing and bawling like I haven´t in a couple of months. When we finally managed to get me into the car but before we actually left a lady who´d been petting cats with us earlier came up to the car and asked what´s wrong. We told her and she invited us for a cuppa and some dog cuddling. DAMN it felt so good… we even went on a lil walk together… I missed walking a dog, but my legs and Jonian´s feet aren´t too well – they´ve been checked, not much to do about it, stress for me and Jonian COULD get surgery but it´s a 50/50 chance things´d go worse and he´s not willing to take that risk, also my massive pluviophobia – phobia of rain and wet clothes and uncontrolled water, spech from above – yeah… ermmm a dog would rightfully tell us to go fuck ourselves.

BUT IT FELT SO FUCKIN GOOD and helped SO much!

Also another horror for me – the fuckin floods. I´ve been panicking since I saw the forecast on my weather app last monday, telling everybody to stay safe and shit. Most were like “yeah don´t worry, it might not be that bad”…. mhhhh seen that haven´t we? The forecast showed red numbers, 64.8l/m²/hr … fuckin hell…
All our friends, family, the family company are safe, Laura´s (bridesmaid, remember?) washing machine might´ve drowned, waiting on her to reply (their laundry room was flooded, they just got it 5 days ago) but we´ve got my old one standing at the inlaws and it should still work so that´d be sorted.
Another friend´s parents were trapped on second floor (US folx – that´s 3rd floor for you) – waiting for more info there. Mom sent me picks of my old school and the ground floor (yep, first floor) was under water up to …dunno 8” of the windows…-ish. Holy shit I cried and screamed when I saw the pics…  We´re on a hill thankfully, no water anywhere near. As soon as you cross Aachen´s city borders though… Eschweiler, Stolberg – well some of you might have seen the picks. Horrible, isn´t it?

So it´s just appropriate that Jonian´s come up with boots for Circuit for Mainframe. They´re also made of carbon fibre, including a metal frame, shin guard, mid heel and flat option and moar colours. The corset will be updated accordingly ;). Also you can make both the foot area and the leg area invisible – individually or both. ALL THOSE OPTIONS! And of course Jonian pulled through with his strict gender policy – no matter what body, you get BOTH the heel and the flat options.

Snapped Circuits_001

they say you have to walk THROUGH hell – they sing “these boots are made for walking”… well sometimes you gotta pause and readjust those boots to be able to walk on

Snapped Circuits_002

pull em up real good

Snapped Circuits_003

air your leg

Snapped Circuits_004

or your feet

Snapped Circuits_005

… or both

Snapped Circuits_006

maybe you don´t need an extra light to shine your way

Snapped Circuits_007

but maybe you do…

The Circuit boots are real jacks of all trades for all those situations, plus they´re super comfy.


Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
Yomi Haru
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book, Space Unicorn and Deadly Cute

+ Psycho Barbie + Sigyn
Blueberry Iconic Doll Bra
STERNBERG Circuit Corset and Boots @ MAINFRAME until Augst 20th (Boots, the Corset is joining with a discounted pricetag 😉 )
Oi Bae Corset Pants (closed her business including MP 😦 )

Cocoon Cyberpunk Roleplay , superawesome decor regionwise

He´s off RL work for 2 weeks now and he´ll be 30 on Friday 😉 So… some days on the couch with Dani and Loki, or on the balcony…. are ahead… can´t wait.

take care,



3 thoughts on “Snapped Circuits

  1. I live y the ocean, east coast of New England, and we have several rivers that empty into the bay. All of them breached their banks during Elsa. Several streets were closed for a couple of days. Main roads. It caused severe issues. Stay dry and safe.


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