Celebrate Love

Hey Lovelies,

wow what a week this has been.

Last Sunday we  had Mother´s Day in Germany, followed up by Father´s Day on Thursday just to be crowned by our first RL Wedding Anniversary. Insane, right? Also the last week of The Darkness Chamber Fair has started where you can get our circuit corset.

With all those events Jonian came up with a new Groupgift – the Circuit Bracelet but also with a new Krug. More free beer (it can hold any liquid you like though 😉 )! They´re not only great to drink from at home or on the go, but they make  great decor items, too. Grab them all – more versions to follow soon ;).

Celebrate Love


Standards *UPDATED*
Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty
Wicca´s Originals Rune @ Cyberpunk Fair until May 30th


♥ Circuit Corset @ The Darkness Chamber Fair until May 22nd
♥ Circuit Bracelet GROUPGIFT
♥ Circuit Krug and Krug FREEBIES
♥ Cyber Bunny Ears

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Absence of Fear
amias – NADIA

MINIMAL – Illuminate Backdrop

BattleScars  Can´t stop the feeling – fiddled with and illuminated by Lumi Pro

I went super wild and added a lil close up of the bracelet  AND I cropped the pic a bit – all done in Paint.net 😉

Now, those knowing me read and heard me say “I´ll go unsponsored, blabla, no pressure, if at all, yadda yadda. WELL!  Erm, things happened… and so I accepted to blog for a new event starting on June 2nd. I trust the owner and Jonian´s joined as a designer so I´ll do one post anyways, the requirements are VERY fair so that´s a safe one. Plus I´m in good company colleague-wise *blushes*.

So yeah, more about that soon.

Take care,



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