Penta protecting Ritual

Hey Lovelies,

I might have hinted at it but… I took on ONE new sponsor. An event nontheless. WHAT? …. I know… It´s a new event called Ritual and it´s gonna be witchy, dark, mystical  – perfect for me. Jonian joined in as  a designer – meet PENTA!

Can you see the energy of nature I channeled around me? How I aim to throw it at the future for protection and blessing? May we all thrive under it.

Penta protecting Ritual_001


Penta comes with a unique lacing and with a reduced Pride pack cos you know how much the LGBTIQA+ community means to us and we have several gay, nonbinary, genderqueer, trans, pan, asexual and poly folx in our RL and SL family. The wildest mixes of “labels” among them, too. GOSH they´re a colourful bunch and we love them. That´s why Jonian makes sure EVERY STERNBERG Release is UNISEX! YES. EVERY fuckin one! Be it a suit or a dress. And we would be thrilled to see all kinds of …creatures… at least demo the stuff and try new things. The limitation here is that one of the supported bodies should fit you cos there´s only so much time in a day, this is not his RL job and it has to be somehow efficient. I still think he made a decent choice.

Penta protecting Ritual_002

Now I was wondering how to present Penta, as I didn´t want to be lazy and just use the ad shot as it is. So I´m doing a …related… expanded… version, showing off another version. Thankfully – sixx – came up with a wonderful crop top that is definately sexy but not skimpy – not even for yours truly.  I grabbed inventory gold by [G-SHOT] and +PsychoBarbie+ and Astara makes sure my feet won´t get dirty.

Penta protecting Ritual_003

he drew the pattern by hand… on a piece of paper… for his previous D&D campaign´s Deck of many things. Both the star and the moon – I just wanted to show you the star, though, as both Jonian´s store and Ritual are rising stars… Also… I´ve mentioned it before – Stern is german for Star.


Standards *UPDATED*
Izzie´s Baby Hairs Hairbase
. Doe . Floret
alaskametro<3 Dead Cute and Batty


RITUAL – NEW EVENT!!! FIRST ROUND!!! until the 22nd:

-sixx – Aislinn Crop
STERNBERG Penta Corset and Moon&Star Pendant (Moon&Star is a GIFT!!!)
Astara Ankle Boots

[G-SHOT] Arei Skirt
+ Psycho Barbie + Dogma and Enchanted Stockings


Celeste – Crystal Scatter and Lunar Glyphs
(Fundati) Cliff and ground
*CSF* Snappy Grass
-Elemental- Electric Hands Aura

BattleScars  – 14.0 SKIN

OMG  I´m so excited…

take care,



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