It finally happened Pt.3

StandardsHey Lovelies,


Phew! So now that that´s out – it´s been a nightmare to plan (and replan) but we made it.

We ended up having to replan 1.5 years in 4 days but thanks to awesome camera equipment and tablets we were able to transfer half the people to Zoom meetings for both the legal and the church ceremony.

In contrary to Goodbye Pt.2 where I said that we wouldn´t get the wedding we wanted and deserved I´d say we rocked it pretty well. The only time I shed a tear was when one of Jonian´s best men showed us video greetings from friends. We laughed a lot though, giggled and… some jumping up and down might have happened… *coughs*

It finally happened_001


Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
Raven Bell Nereid

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

Oi Bae Queen of Diamonds Gown

Standards (Gianni 5.0, Catwa Victor 4.5)

Clef de Peau  Haider Top and Pants Black
**RealEvil Industries** Our time Couple Watch
Simply Dvyne – No One But You 1

LOVE Mixed Wildflower Pack with lights from the Winter fairy ferns

BattleScars  Premium LUCY 8.0@ our SkyOffice as well as the pose adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version

I have to tell ya, it´s so much fun to be married. Our first honeymoon on glorious balconia was ever so lovely  and hey, because of the current situation we get two honeymoons. Fuck yeah I´d say 😉

Now it´s back to everyday homeoffice life and that means work… Computer Science stuff for Jonian, blogging and stuff for me ^^

Read you much sooner now 😉

Take care,



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