Saturday Night Concerto

Hey Lovelies,

Gosh this peace is awesome. All the time we have now.

Saturday Night Concerto (1)

I even managed to play a bit while Jonian hung out and listened

Saturday Night Concerto (2)

cuddletime afterwards *-*

Style Card:


Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
STERNBERG Wedding Ring Akasha
Magika Faye

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Spooky Girl shredded nylons
WarPaint Unicorn Tears

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)
DarkPassion– Koffin Nails – Bolt Jolt @Cruel Summer Hunt until June 14th

[QE] Spirit Board Necklace
*COCO* BellSleeveMiniDress for TheSaturdaySale June 13th
Meva Erica
:Zombie.Suicide: Torn Leggings
[ abrasive ] Frail Fishnet Tights
:CULT: Friday Boots for TheSaturdaySale June 13th
Standards (Gianni 5.0, Catwa Victor 4.5)

STERNBERG – Panda Ears and Wedding Ring Jonian
EXMACHINA Raptor Top Tank LGBTQI @ Access until July 8th (FREE GroupGift!!!)
**RealEvil Industries** Our time Couple Watch
Exmachina Raptor Jeans
[Deadwool] Chase sneakers – Pride

*NeverWish* Moon Glow Skybox for TheSaturdaySale June 13th
LOVE – Heart of me Cello
{zerofucksgiven} home in bloom pride ground lights
Atelier Burgundy . Pride . Collection for Happy Weekend by Access
{what next} Norwegian Wood Sofa (sofa 2)


[EUPHORIA] Hello Gaia our SkyOffice adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version

ok folks, the StyleCard is long, let´s keep the rambling minimal for once 😉 Also I´m tired and I have to do the PR… *laughs*

take care,




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