Goodbye Pt. 2

Hey Lovelies,

well well… the time has come… the fog is lifting and yeah… this will be the last post I´m writing as an unmarried woman. I´d lie if I said we´re getting the wedding we want and deserve but everybody´s gonna be there! Be it in person or via Zoom – at least for the ceremonies. The dancing has to happen on our seats anyways so there´s not much to watch anyways.
Jonian has already changed his name legally and I´ll take his name on Saturday.

I AM SO FUCKIN EXCITED!!! This is so surreal… My life goal… completed! No hunting or praying for it anymore. It´s DONE! The final big one –  a house – will happen in a few years, single digits – about 2-5 so…soon. But yeah – that´s it! My life plan´s complete and I can just sit back, maybe think of new goals… but yeah the biggest goal after the wedding is do build my Shadow Stormtrooper for the 501st. And live my extra life. Without many goals, stress or stuff… just an average life. It won´t be too boring because of our friends and hobbies so don´t worry about that 😉

But last names are not the only things we let go: As I´ve mentioned before Jonian started designing and released the Panda Ears on his spanking new MP Store. He´s been working with Alantori and ExMachina, too. Both the ALANTORI Polo and the EXMACHINA Jeans are currently up for grabs at Men Only Monthly and ACCESS respectively.

Goodbye Pt. 2 teaser_002

Saturday Imma put a ring on this hand my love! (In Germany it´s common to wear the wedding ring on the right hand, hence my engagement ring on the left^^)

I´d like to point out, that  Mel  did a STELLAR job on this top which comes with a load of textures, those supercool shoulder chains, the strap and … the fishnets are seperate sleeves! YES!!! All those combinations *-* Proud of you, hun^^

Now my tits tend to distort prints ever so often – it says Respect my Religion as I respect yours. It couldn´t be more appropriate cos we´re going to have a roman catholic wedding as well. Our church is most certainly far from perfect and really needs a make over but we´ve went out of our ways to make sure our ceremony is a modern and better approach 😉

Goodbye Pt. 2 teaser_003

Jonian did the mesh of the Jeans, the ever so awesome Ramses Meredith did the textures, give him a high5 when you see him out and about. He´s such a sweetheart. I´d also love to thank Eudora3D for providing me with another pair of wonderful heels that go just perfectly fine with the rest of the outfit.


Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
Dura U102 @TMD until May 30th (unisex hair 😉 )

alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5 and Holly

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

Ohemo Cello GIFT @ Cosmopolitan 8th Birthday until May 16th (Free Group Needed)
::After Midnight Fashion:: Midnight Spirit @ The Darkness until May 28th
**RealEvil Industries** Lucky Charms Watch
FashionNatic NOVA @ Cosmopolitan 8th Birthday Pt. 1 until May 16th
Eudora3D Beryl @ Uber until May 22nd

Standards (Gianni 5.0, Catwa Victor 4.5)

STERNBERG PandaEars  – Exclusive Color
ALANTORI – Cody Polo @ Men Only Monthly until May 15th – FRIDAY – GO GO GO
**RealEvil Industries** Our time Couple Watch
Lapointe&BastChild Swear Ranger Leather Boots

*Cronos Poses* In Your Arms for The Stay at Home Club GIFT (No Group Needed)

Trompe Loeil – Pomeroy Glen Cabin Bluebird V1.2 for The Stay at Home Club GIFT (NGN)

BattleScars  Premium LUCY 8.0@ our SkyOffice as well as the pose adjusted in Black Dragon EEP Version

ok so now that I got you busy with all the shopping I´ll go back to helping Jonian with the final preparations. We just got the numbers this morning so we have to replan everything in… yeah… 4 days that has been planned for 2 years and was ready to go 2 months ago …. I HAAAAAAAAAAAATED it then and hate it even more now. Ah well, the end is near!

See you on the other side,

take care,


Kasha and Jonian (he waves 😉 )

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