Afraid of Cats

Hello Lovelies,

as I threatened I´m back with more … oh and I brought my Kitteh with me. I shall name her Mozart. I´ve had him for a bit now but was initially triggered by a post my dear friend and Blogger Manager for ..::OA-M.E.O::.. Varosh Santanamiguel made on FB on which the owner of Culprit, Eku Zhong answered. I just HAD to blog the kitteh 😉 . Beside the triggering post I really love it. Oh and.. Varosh is running for Mr SL 2020 representing Austria. Keep your eyes open, he´s gonna rock the runways!

Afraid of Cats_001

Oh… so you want to see my pussy? Sure… say hi to Mozart

Afraid of Cats_002

no…. he´s not drunk, he´s cute, thank you!

Afraid of Cats_004

You don´t want to be mean to my kitteh, do you?


Style Card:

Truth Shadow – their most recent VIP GroupGift btw 😉
Pink Fuel HyperGlitz Winged and Troublemaker
CAZIMI Love Bites Heartbreaker Nails

..::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Fishnet Addiction Top
1313 Mockingbird Lane Black Magic Woman and Riverter Boots @Salem Sept 28th until Oct. 31st
[abrasive] Strap Leggings

Culprit Gifty Sphynxie Armpet

The Bearded Guy – Afraid? Are you scared?
Pose modified from my Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO Stand in BlackDragon

BattleScars – 26 – WANDERLUST @ my Sky Office

I swear that´s it for today I´ll leave you alone 😉

take care,



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