I put a spell on you

Hello Lovelies,

I´m writing this on Tuesday, 4 days prior to the release date. I don´t even have the LM as of now. I will either publish as soon as I get it, or it will have to wait till Monday (I´ll be gone over the weekend 😉 Biggest costuming event in Germany *muahaha) – but I can´t hold it in longer. I swear, the only things missing are the Event SLURLs for Salem and Lootbox.
1313 Mockingbird Lane´s Tequila has been super busy. First she switched from Blogotex to BloggerRoom and inworld Group and hired Ellen – yes the Ellen we all know and love from Truth and Uber – as her Blogger Manager. I really hope we don´t give her much of a hard time 😉 .
After that´s been sorted out she came up with her first bunch of Halloween Releases. She promised me moar fabric and DAMN she delivered.  It´s still sexy as hell and … quite kinky…. but WOW!!! And dark… and witchy…and gothic…and YEEEEEEEY Happy Kasha! Thanks so much, darling :*

I grabbed all 3 releases as I knew they would make for such a cool outfit when teamed up and still work with other items. I like to mix and match stuff. Because I felt extra wild today I even took pics in BlackDragon. Uh-huh, I know!

I put a spell on you_007

Wooosh —- you asked for a witch?

I put a spell on you_005

Oh… you wanted to see my snitch?

I put a spell on you_003

That´s not happening, baby! 

I put a spell on you_001

But I can tell you what the future holds for you 😉


Style Card:

Kuni Maria
alaskametro<3 Wytch Eyeshadow and Foil freckles
Sintiklia Jane Lipstick

1313 Mockingbird Triple:
– Black Magic Woman and Riverter Boots @Salem Sept.28th until Oct. 31s
– Drusilla Stockings Gacha @ Lootbox Sept. 28th until Oct 19th

Sneakiki Crystal Ball

FOXCITY. God is a Woman Backdrop and Power Bento Pose Set

Botanical– Will O Wisp
LAGOM. Sparkle Dust

BattleScars 19 – BLOOD altered using BlackDragon@ my Office in the Sky


FunFact: JUST when I typed that I´ll hand in the LM for Salem on Monday  it was posted in the 1313 Mockingbird Blogging Group *grins*  You just can´t make that shit up!
Anyways I have prepared another post with that set so I´ll be back in a bit with that…

till then,

take care,

love, Kasha



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