Rhians Reckoning

Hello Lovelies,

SURPRISE!!! When I changed outfits this morning I ended up with one I REALLY love so I just HAVE to show you.
First I want to welcome two new things for Bloggers:

Yesterday I have seen a FB advert for a new community called Blogter – this is a mix of Forums and Blogs and a PR Platform for both bloggers and designers. It looks interesting, let´s see how it goes.

Furthermore Linden Lab themself have just launched their SecondLife Blogger Network which is pretty much a feed where they (mainly Xiola and Strawberry, of course *winks and waves*) browse through blogs that have enrolled here (you know the drill with feeds: the cool kids add the feed´s logo 😉 Be cool 😉 ) and if they like it they will share it on their Social Media and …well basically wherever they see fit. I´m pretty sure it will help a lot of us and will be a very cool thing. (Yes, I  know….fangirling… bla!)
If you don´t want to be monitored anymore just hit that Subscription form again, there´s an option for that on the very end.

This is NOT competing with BVN, it´s more of an addition to it.

Now let´s get to the outfit I´m dying to show you:

Rhians Reckoning_002Rhians Reckoning_004

Style Card:

Fabia Joan
Eyeliner in the Catwa Hud
alaskametro<3 Sugar lipstick toned down via CATWA Hud

*StarSugar* Halloween Choker

Blueberry Mykonos Gacha
AsteroidBox. Aranea Corset
:::Sn@tch::: Suede Wristband
**RealEvil Industries** Lucky Charms Watch
::Lekilicious Store:: Ariana Pants at #HASHTAG until Sept. 30th, 2019
Violetility Harvest Luna Heels

anxiety – dragonlord´s hall
[keke] Star Projector

M-1 Nuclear Thief edited in Black Dragon Viewer
CATWA Hud C Anim. Female
BattleScars – 22 – TWO WAY @ my Sky Office

(as usual I do not own any rights or anything but a strong love for this song)

Isn´t it lovely? Oh hey I bet you´re wondering who Rhian is? I´ve mentioned her  quite some while ago. Rhian de-Girondel is my human character in the german IRC RPG called sw-empire.de. She´s 1O of the Valkyrie unit.

Ok, Lovelies, now I´ll leave you alone till next week. Have a nice weekend, be safe, save those L$´s for all the Halloween Awesomeness starting Saturday. I gotta admit I´m a bit scared of Salem…DAMN this will be expensive…

Behave, be good and save and have fun!

Take care,



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