Party in Pink

Hey Lovelies,

How has your weekend been? We´ve been trooping for a charity event against cancer on Saturday and hung out yesterday. This morning we watched the series finale of GOT for breakfast and now I´m back to work *grins.

I´ve cleared my sorting folders, everything´s unpacked, the current events have been raided and I haven´t cashed in anything!
Yet I have new stuff from you. ..::OA-M.E.O::.. have released their anthrax jacket. Now if you´re stalking either me and/or the ever so sweet Obsi Taranis you have seen the sneak preview and me making grabby hands.

Suicide Dollz has finally started it´s current round and it´s open for your grabby hands until the 31st. That´s Friday in a week from now ;).

Now Obsi put up a very cool video on FB when I tried to decide which colour to pick and it reminded me of my old screen- and nickname Glam Metal. Some might remember that name 😉 So I went for pink, supported by purple.


Party in Pink (2)

Fun fact: [JUSTICE] named this colour nerd – quite appropriate I´d say 😉


Party in Pink (4)

Let´s get back to the star of the night though – Anthrax! This jacket fits every rock, metal or rock occasion, don´t you agree?

Party in Pink (5)

I suggest wearing it in the warmer climate though if you spend some time outside – we don´t want you to catch a cold or kidney infection 😉 But… winter´s over isn´t it? *Grins* Plus with a bolero style jacket like this you can show off all those pretty corsets with their super intriguing laced backs, shaping your middle section just the way you want it.

Party in Pink (3)

Now the studs on the Kylee leggings are complimenting Anthrax so well, but at those parties you need a good stand to mosh and bang your guts out. L&B´s S´Wear have just released these Patrol boots who provide the sturdy stand you need, yet the leather is so soft. They´re on VIP Discount (50% off) until Sunday (May25th) so grab them while you can so you can rock out safely. You won´t even feel others stomping your feet because of the steel caps (I have a pair of DocMarten boots – had them for 22 years now and trust me – they´re handy at concerts^^)



Anthrax hud

I mentioned facing a challenge whilst deciding which colour and option to wear – now you can see why 😉  Obsi´s spoiling us AGAIN – of course this is the FP hud – but still 😉


Style Card:

Truth Kaijah
#ADORED glossed up shadows super chic edition

..::OA-M.E.O::.. Anthrax @Suicide Dollz until the 31st

La Perla – Patricia eBento 2nd Anniversary Gift
[JUSTICE] Kylee (colour Nerds)
L&B Swear Patrol Boots (on VIP  discount – 50% off – till the 25th)

The Bearded Guy – Magenta Night
Clever Language – X Pose eBento 2nd Anniversary Gift
Tuty´s Enchanted Women

Satomi´s 2016 Foxcity Night altered at my Office

Now MOVE MOVE MOOOOOVE and grab the awesomeness!!

Take care,




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