Pieces and Fragments of my mind…

Hey Lovelies,

now today I won´t be doing any piccies, no fancy outfit or decor …Nope… today I want you to sit down with me and listen, maybe discuss some things that have been brewing in my head recently.

I haven´t done a text post in ages anyways *grins*


First I want to poke my blogger colleagues! Yep, you weird, vibrant, creative, insane, quirky, naughty, wonderful bunch of pixels and DNA!

Now… I know there are tons of ways to blog…

Some only put a pic (usually massively photoshopped;-; you know I´m not a fan of that^^ inworld editing gives us so many possibilities^^) and maybe some derivate of a StyleCard, listing their sponsored item.

Others do full credits, and even others do long-arsed posts with a full Style card and rambling and you name it (HEY! Who are you pointing at? Is anybody standing behind me? ;P ).

I was told that the “lack of text and credits” are part of the influence by RL Bloggers (which I don´t follow!) who only link their sponsors. After all, it seems to be a “oh if you´re listing and linking us anyways why should we sponsor you?” mentality in RL blogging. I hope this isn´t true. How horrible would that be?  In SL you´re asked ever so often if you´ve blogged for that store before.

That brings me to the ever so lovely Salt Perry (Salt Pepper), designer, owner and creative mind behind Salt&Pepper. No, I know – I wouldn´t have thought either…;). Anyways. She did open her Blogotex for new faces recently and she asked for previous posts in the application rules. Apparently, there were several people that applied without ever having blogged her items. This triggered THIS post and the post triggered a wonderful discussion I´d love you to read. There was no huge bitchfight and mud-throwing, but a very vivid and creative discussion between bloggers and designers. I found it VERY helpful and this post actually triggered the post I´m currently writing.

I cannot explain other approaches to SL-Blogging than the one I was “brought up” to do, trained without propper training, call it what you want. Maybe someone following another route wants to explain them? If we all understand our motives there will be less bad blood and drama… Hopefully.

If you read back on my blog I´ve been experimenting especially with the StyleCard. When I came back I just named the items, not adding the links. I did this because I consider my readers intelligent enough to look the stores up. Now… I still consider you smart enough but also considered it a better service if I add the LM to the main store  if there´s no inworld store I´ll add the MP. If the item is at an event I´ll put the Event´s name with the LM BEHIND the item. Most recently I´ve started to put “until *insert date here* behind the event. Apparently, this was a good idea because just recently I´ve seen someone in … I can´t remember which group it was, sorry, accusing a blogger of false information because the event had closed. Well, the round had closed. So maybe adding that info in the credits is a little help for our readers 😉 Please consider it *-*.

While I´m on the topic of events… I gotta admit I´m overwhelmed by the number of events and I keep reading about others feeling the same. Now there are even several versions (and usually they´re adult-oriented…). I keep seeing similar items at the events, the same meshes, similar meshes if original content was created, moar sex, cos sex sells and ([sacrasm]) we die if we are prudes! ([/sarcasm])… but seriously… it gets boring. So damn boring.

In fact, the events and hunts and you name it escalated so much that even shopping-helpers like Seraphim seems to be overwhelmed and starting to sort out events. Salt Perry just did another post triggering another interesting discussion about that today.

I gotta admit I haven´t looked in well over a week, partly because I was offline over the weekend and just returned yesterday (more on that in a bit), partly because…well*cough* how do I put it? Hm… let´s go with honesty: Things kinda escalated at Epiphany and Gacha Garden and I cashed in WAAAAY more than my monthly budget.

In numbers: My monthly SL budget is 50€ /~55$. Now IN ADDITION to that I cashed in 170€… FUCK! Holy crap on a cracker, right? So that means no cashing in except for the actual budget (maybe I´ll even lower that to the actual 30€ I need for rent …) and really getting my shit together. The issue here is that I can´t work anymore (due to severe mental health problems, yep I´m in therapy 😉 ) and my money is tight as it is, I still do have my other flat and we´re looking to move into a house in Octobre. Plus there´s the wedding coming up in EXACTLY 1 YEAR! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! So less shopping! I know I do have a problem *coughs*. Usually I´m quite good with Gachas, getting the rares after a few pulls. Well those events were harsh. Epiphany wasn´t really bad, but it was the amount and I cashed like 75 points in for these 25 point exclusive specials *grins*. Well, it all comes down to this – less shopping.  And maybe another tracker in my journal – when did I cash in how much. Or a No-Spend-Challenge… (essentials excluded – that´s RENT in SL – no shoes are not essential and there´s tons of group gifts and stuff like Lucky Boards …. :P) Hm… Yeah, that´d be good I think. Does anybody want to join in? I mean with premium, Gacha resells and the monthly budget you CAN shop but you have to watch your spendings 😉

Talking about being a bad bad BAAAAD Kasha… Well… no, I didn´t do anything this time. NUH – UH! DID NOOOT!!! NAAHH!! In fact – that is the actual issue I´m having with the last topic of this post. Back in 2012/3 I blogged and in addition to that I took random pics for Flickr or FB. No fancy credits, I tagged people and their stuff, added it to groups but yeah. That was it. I´d maybe comment in the pic description about what triggered this pic though. I wanted to do that again for quite some time, but I´m really hesitant. I actually got a bad conscience about it. Even though I´d still blog sponsored stuff first before I´d use them in such a random pic, but yeah… I´ve posted about that on FB  and well a fellow blogger (hello Dash^^, thanks again!) mentioned that it´d be considered as photography. That REALLY relieved my sorrows (is that idiomatic?) and so I´ll do that in the future.

Oh yeah… I mentioned that I´ve been away: I´ve had my 2nd interview for the Autism Diagnosis yesterday and I´m classified as NOT autistic, though the doc was very understanding why we thought I might be. Hm… again I´ve wasted months and energy for nothing :-(. On another note – Paula, Mom´s pug had her surgery today and I´m awaiting news! Sam´s fever has gone down, they give him CBD oil now (which I´m taking, too, let me tip my “hat” to Izzy Lane of 1313Mockingbird Lane for that – she inspired me to try with her FB posts – love ya!), but he´s very weak. Poor thing – but on the other hand… MEN!!!! Typically male he refuses to drink chamomile or herbal tea. Yep, dogs can drink weak tea ;).  Gosh, it took him ages to get up and he was trembling so badly. We´re all convinced that this is not his end though. It killed me to see him like this though 😦

Phew! Ok so… what do you think about those pieces of my mind? I needed to get that off my chest. Feel free to discuss but be cool about it, k? Remember Rule No.1: DON`T BE A DICK!

Spread the love, communicate and take care,




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