Hey Lovelies,


I`M BACK!!!! Even my voice is almost fully back! YEY! GOSH that was such a pain!

Now… I´ve missed so much and while I have gathered some stuff  already and there´s so much I want to show to you I gotta start somewhere – let me pull Rebellah in the spotlight once more. Cooooome here Bella, come *grins and pulls her out* .
She´s been busy and released very cool items, two of which you´ll meet now:


Colourblocking Marquesse_004

I colourblocked today so Reign would pop out even more. Isn´t it cute?

Colourblocking Marquesse_002

Look at the cute lace *.* oh and you can change the colours of the ribbons with the hud, too.

Colourblocking Marquesse_001

I even put on the Myriam Gloves for you  – they come with a 5 colour hud and they´re exclusive for the current round of the Designer Circle that will close on April 13th 😉 


Style Card:

Standards *updated* – new Eyes by LOTUS.
Stealthic Cadence
Koffin Nails Hauntingly Splattered
-Narcisse- Seeker Chain
[Marquesse] Reign Blouse (store) and Myriam Gloves (@ Designer Circle)
Oubliette – Neo Witch Studded Boots (@Gachaland)

*cm*.MESH – Scifi Cube – Hyades (90,233,1503)
Po^Z Bento Hand&Face 4
*PosESioN* Ari 8, Elena 1

Now if you watched my Facebook and/or Flickr earlier you´ve noticed I´ve added 2 pics.

Shortly after the nasty infection grabbed me Deliciae accepted me as a blogger. They´re a super cute jewellery store. And yesterday I was asked to blog for MI.CO. I´ve had my eyes on that one for a bit now, but their event releases always lacked a bit of fabric. Of course that´s due to the nature of the events *chuckles* and the very sweet owner Minchen Corvinus convinced me that there´s plenty of items to choose from which involve more fabric. YEEEEY!!! See folks – always check twice ;). You´ll see these two stores in a post that I´ll do later  😉

Stay curious!

take care,



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