Hot Bloody

Good evening Lovelies,

It´s almost midnight for me and I thought it would be the perfect time to give you another sneak peak of one of the Scare me Silly Outfits.

Once again you´ll have the adult side of this blog thrown at you in pictures. Anything can happen in October, can´t it?

So grab your armrests, hold on tight and meet RUSH!


RUSH SciFi purple_001

“Hmmm” she mumbles, as she enters the Holodeck.

RUSH SciFi purple_002

“This looks like a nice place for the perfect murder…”

RUSH SciFi purple_003

“No,no, seriously, look how easy it will be to pressure wash the blood off the tiles…”

RUSH SciFi orange_003

All of a sudden the colours switched and a simulation started… Akasha shot around and…

RUSH SciFi orange_002

… started to hack down all those arms emerging from the walls, trying to grab her. Would she be able to get to the door?



RUSH SciFi orange_001

After what must have been hours (when it´s really been about 15 minutes…) of chopping off arms Akasha exclaimed “Stop simulation!”




Truth Reyane

7 Deadly Skins Halloween Skin 1 for Trick or Treat Lane (until Nov 2nd)

Rush SciFi in Purple and Orange for Scare Me Silly

Purple Boots: Vertigo Loren

Orange Boots: Roped Passions Laced Boots for Scare Me Silly

Both Props: The Weekend Ruiner

Knife: Zombie Suicide for Trick or Treat Lane


I got a feeling I´ll be back tomorrow with more stuff to Scare You Silly 😉

Sleep tight and don´t let the bedbugs bite,



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