Bedtime Story

Hello my Lovelies,

well I knew there´d be another SneakPeak for Scare Me Silly which opens on Friday. Just about an hour ago [Pom]´s Ginger Korr poked me with her preview.

Now not to blow all the surprises that were in there, but you gotta see her Cutie Bae lingerie. It´s cute and sexy and has a hud for three textures for the bra, panties and harness, making it mix and match.Plus they are three seperate items of clothing so you can combine them, too. Without the harness it would work out combined with pants for a cute outfit or with some top for a gym outfit. The harness itself screams sexy without looking cheap.


Pom Cutie Bae_001

just because I´m on celibacy it doesn´t mean I have to hide 😉

Style Card:


Truth Reyane

[Pom] Cutie Bae for Scare Me Silly

Ok Lovelies, lounging on my bed  made me forget about time and I gotta sleep as tomorrow´s gonna be a very exciting day.

Sleep tight and be safe,






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