Three´s a crowd they say? Well come and watch me…

Hey Lovelies,

I promised to do the triple again…so here´s to a gleaming finale!

I´ve mentioned I was picked to blog for

Scare me silly 2018,

an event organized by the Team Diabetes SL. This is going to be a very wild week so let´s warm up, shall we?


do you want me to dance for you tonight?


Blowing kisses I greet every single one of you to my little show…


Do you like what you see? Are you wondering if I´m wearing panties?


Some questions are better left unanswered. I hope you have some vivid dreams.

This is most definately the steamiest set I´ve shot in years. I enjoyed this challenge though … Those lovely silks come in orange and purple but I refused to decide and mixed both colours.


alaskametro<3 “Black Magic” Make Up
[POUT!]Stellar Make Up
Truth Batty
!TLB Goth Choker
Roped Passions for Scare Me Silly: Halloween All A Glow Silks , Laced Boots, You lovely LaceDress and Mask

Trompe L’oeil Nevaline Garden Bar

LOVEmeBRUTAL – PeepShow Pose

Ok my lovelies, that´s all I have to show you for…oh wait:

Roped Passions has a Gacha out, too:

(RP) Prison Play Gacha Pic

It might just be perfect for you naughty little critters ;P

Good luck, enjoy and be safe,



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