News and updates that hopefully will not scare you silly ;)

Hey Lovelies,

sorry for letting you wait. Once more I´ll come up with a triple today or over the weekend.

But …first things first…

my RL was very demanding since my last post.

When HairFair came up with their demo group I was super eager to join it and couldn´t wait til the demos were sent out. Now when they were sent out I was so overwhelmed cos I fell back into a very chaotic rezzing and unpacking frenzy (I thought I was past that…damnit!), tilting over the double- and triply wrapped demos(CRUEL!!!) so I deleted them all to just go back to my more modern way and check them out on Flickr or seraphim or the event´s homepage. Now as they were sitting in my trash folder I triple checked my furniture and freebies folders were OUT of the trash (right beneath it though… well, their usual spot). When I clicked “empty trash” a nasty lag spike appeared and when it was gone the trash was empty – but the furniture and freebies had gone, too. No way to retrieve them, filed a ticket with LL, they were at a loss, too.

I was able to have a chunk of it redelivered, the other things are sitting on my wishlist as far as they´re still available.

Furthermore I was tested for Autism (and got a “maybe” and a promise to be invited to a second interview and testing appointment in 8-9 months…), followed by the second biggest costuming event the German Garrison has on a yearly basis: Fiktion trifft Realität in the Technikmuseum Speyer (fiction meets reality). It was a blast, awesome pictures were taken, we danced to a Gonk Droid blasting the Cantina song in a badass version, our feet died a thousand deaths.

When we were back home my beloved GLaDOS decided to act up. We thought it was the Mainboard but it turned out to be the RAM (yes, I know, that´s where you start looking…)

Anyways she´s back up and running, we´ll be sending the 8GB bars in and when Corsair replaced them I´ll have 24fuckinGB!!! YEY!

Next up I had some interesting talk with Cilia – I´ll get to some more detail in the next post (not the very intimate details  – that´s between the two of us… not for you cheeky and nosey lot 😉 ), followed by me raiding the Dark Style Fair and being accepted by The Team Diabetes of SL to blog for their Scare me Silly Hunt, which will start in 6 days from now (Oct. 19th of 2018^^).

I´ll get into that in my third post today. And on Thursday….and after that. You´ll hear …read… quite a lot of it I guess.

It was an easy decision for me to apply because not only we all know I love Halloween and all the awesomeness that is released around that time, but my Granddad on my mom´s side had diabetes Mellitus for 40 years so I grew up with insulin injections and blood sugar tracking. He lost his eyesight when I was 11 which was horrible for me at first, I didn´t really bother much after that. Nowadays I wish he would have seen more than just shadows and greyscale. Three strokes bothered him over the years until he passed away in 2006. I still miss my grandparents as I was VERY close to them.

NOOOOW… while we´re in a dark mood and I mentioned The Dark Style Fair before … I did some shopping and I think I´ve been wearing it ever since:

LOTD Oct 13th red_001

Look at the awesomeness Wicca released with her Nicole Body *-* , no seriously, LOOK!

LOTD Oct 13th red_002

Style Card:

Truth Reyane
SUGAR Eternity Cross Necklace
Wicca´s Nicole Body
PixelBox Mini Pleated Skirt Studded Lace
abrasive Stap Leggings Tattered
.:KC:. Victoria

[ Focus Poses] Dirty Alley Backdrop BDC
Kokoro Poses Julia

I´ll be back after some noms… muahahhaha,



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