A penny for your thoughts…

…or food…yeah let´s go with food for your thoughts…

Hello Lovelies,

welcome back.

Now yesterday Cilia poked me with another surprise of hers – a very burlesquy outfit I tell ya. It´s her price for the Nevermore Hunt.

But then.. I wouldn´t be me if I went down that route, so I went a little further. Of course it´s the perfect outfit for a night out, but you better have some savory food if you intend to have some alcoholic drinks…

night out_001

of course I had to punk it up a bit… 😉

night out_009.jpg

Hahahah fuck expectations, really!


night out_003

Shhh I won´t tell you had expectations even though you´ve probably known me for years

(New readers – sorry ^^ but you can read the old stuff of course – and trust me – don´t have expectations because… well you saw what I do with them ;P)

night out_004

Now come and tell me your thoughts…*winks

What is all the stuff in the pictures you ask?


BDC: anxiety %escape RARE
Poses: BellePoses – Isobel
*!RO!* RAWR!

Moon Threads
-DRD- Gypsy Bangles
+Psycho Barbie+ [Black Magic HeadBand]
:.C!L.: Ever Black Corset & Gloves (& Collar) Mesh set
[ abrasive ] Strap Leggings – Tattered

Now… the next post will appear soon (it´s a bit like my posts were Pokémon isn´t it? They aren´t though… are they? Who´ll catch ´em all?)

take care,



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