Back in the days

Good evening Lovelies,

now for today´s blogging-madness-finale I have something from an old friend of mine.

You all know Wicca Merlin, right? The Claudia Schiffer…. or Heidi Klum…or…well you get the level… of Second Life. Remember how she used to sponsor me before my poof? Good.

I was DEAD certain she´d kill me once she´d got a hold of me, I think it´s pretty obvious my apology I posted was aimed at her in big parts. So you can imagine how I jumped when she IMed me in Discord. But… Wicca being Wicca she was sweet as ever, not mad (PHEW!!!! The fuckin Alps fell off my heart and I´ve seen them in person this spring… those fuckers are HUGE!!!). She wasn´t mad at all… and she even gave me a little something of her awesomeness.

To be the brutally honest lil critter I tend to be… I´ve always been glad and proud of her when I saw she was still designing and blogging and teaching at BVN – rocking SL more than she did back then.

So yeah… Meet Lucile – her outfit for this year´s Vintage Fair  which took place in June

old teacher_001

So Kids, this is how we learned things when I was in school

In a past life Kasha was a teacher. True story…

old teacher_002

Hahahahaha oh please don´t be silly…. the Earth is THAT big? I call treason! WHAT? Women are allowed to vote nowadays? Don´t be silly! Our sole purpose is to look pretty and make our husband happy.

Ok I still wonder how she managed to timetravel… or if she´s “teaching” in a museum… With her you never know!

This is the dark Pack which comes with a HUD for Metals, Skirt, Jacket, Corset (which has a laced back cos Wicca knows how it´s done !) and belt with the little bag.  The hat is seperate but awesome, too. I can tell you´ll see this outfit again in one way or the other…

Let´s finish with the ever so classical style card:

[ Focus Poses ] Classroom Backdrop at Backdrop City

Truth Taren
Wicca´s Wardrobe Lucile Dark Set
:)(: Lady Pumps

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