A new Start

Hey Lovelies,

whoa, what a time, isn´t it?
To get that out of the way: we will STILL get married at May 16th – we´ll have to see what is possible in our county then, how many of the 80 people invited will be there in person and how many will be joining us via video call. Decisions for that timeframe will be made on May 3rd so there´s no info for us until then. We´re cool kids so we masked up but then I haven´t left the flat since I registered with the city as a new citizen on April 1st. Taking out the paper trash is further than to shop groceries, Jonian´sin homeoffice, we´re living our extra life – xept for the wedding scare…

Talking about Jonian: he´s started to design, he´s doing exclusive designs from scratch (with Blender and Substance Painter) for stores, his first is out for Alantori– Cody Polo at Men only Monthly. Further collabs will be with ExMachinaand time will tell what and who else.  For now he only has male dev kits though.
He does create stuff that he´ll release himself, he´s preparing the setup for his brand (STERNBERG) and MP as I type this, the first release there is these lovely Panda ears. The Pink Zombie version is a custom for me, as well as a Cheshire version he´s wearing – both will NOT be available *muahahaha, sorry ^^) but there´s other cute versions 😉

A new Start_005

Nothing makes black pop like sparkles and bubbles, really!

A new Start_004


Style Card:
Standards (Lara 5.1, Catwa 4.5)
Magika Rowan

Izzie´s Evening Glitter Eyeshadow
WarPaint Radiant
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book eyeshadow 5

[mock] Lipshine in Sanguine, Bellini and Dark Tapestry (all in intensity 0, forgot which order ^^)

STERNBERGPandaEars Zombie Purple
AURORASandra Choker
::After Midnight Fashion:: Dee Sandals

FOXCITY Glitter Box
Ican Bubble Generator

Lush Poses – Nina

!!JUICYBOMB.COM Mela The Space Queen @ our SkyOffice as well as the pose tinkered with in Black Dragon, illuminated with the help of Lumi Pro

that´s all I have to show for now but there´ll be more of me and you´ll see Jonian again, soon. Oh yeah and while I´m at it: we´ve given up our Bellisseria home and Belli alltogether cos I tried for almost a year now and to this day I never felt at home and the Groupchat was such a pain I closed it within seconds most of the time… But yeah…

As the very awesome Brad Mondo always says “Don´t forget your extra life!”

take care,




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