Hanging in mid air

Hey Lovelies,

I´ve been back for about 3 weeks now, the move is complete, so is the bathroom. Back to normality for me.


While everything´s pretty much normal for me Jonian´s in constant homeoffice for now and everything else is hanging in mid air. You know what is coming up soon, it was meant to be the final destination of my life plan. After that I just want an average, boring life. With our hobbies we can entertain us enough – we don´t need more. Move into a house in 2-3 years and then just… live…day to day, eat well, friends, family, hobbies. That´s entertaining enough. I cannot deal with drama, my mental health is fragile enough and I´ve stopped counting the traumas and burnouts normal life give me. I´ve never learnt how to “get over” things or anything alike. Nobody was able to tell me, not even my therapist. “Manuals” of “letting go” don´t work for me. Everything keeps coming back up…. so… imagine how I feel now that my final life-goal was planned to… well not perfection (how do others do that?) but to a level I can …hopefully- handle…. ? I just want it to be over tbh, to have the ceremonies behind me, have the new name legally, have a few hours of good food, relatives and that dance… and then finally go into a plain, simple life.
Now I have to either make more compromises or…I can´t even  type it… So, excuse me while I´m not meeting goals or…. continue to blog for a while, expanding again like I planned to…. every day RL is too much for me right now…. I´m broken.

As I took some items:

Hanging in mid air_003


Standards(Lara 5.02)
TruthVivid (GroupGift,paid group needed – worth it though!)
[Pink Fuel] Sugar Rush Eyeshadow
Izzie´s Shimmer Lipstick

!deviousMind Gwendolyn Necklace
ZoZ Natural Butterfly
Lapointe&BastChild SWear Old School Women’s Low Tops

HerGeekSpot Imperial Throne

BattleScars  Time to fly off the runway7.0 @ SkyOffice (next to it, really) as well as the pose tinkered in Black Dragon

I have never struggled with a post that much and never has one felt so forced. I love the items though so I pulled through… I hope it´s ok.

Forgive me and excuse me, I need… everything to be over….

take care,



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