Glittery, Neon yet Goth

Hey Lovelies,

before I disappear for the weekend I just HAAAVE to show you something:

Neon Goth_002

something goth….

Neon Goth_004

…yet shiny like those studs on [Justice]´s Arya…

Neon Goth_005

…see this little backpack I brought?….

Neon Goth_015_001_001.jpg

… it was *NeverWish*´s contribution to this year´s HocusPocus which ended on the 9th – I bought it on the 8th cos I HAAAAD to have it… the pentagram changes it´s colour gradually and the glitter rains down in front of it! It´s glowy and sparkly and prolly the best backpack I´ve seen in my 13 years of SL! Plus it´s coffin shaped 😉

Neon Goth_010

…see how it glows?…

Neon Goth_014

…even in this neon darkness I feel sunny *.*

Style Card:


GlamAffair Wendy @Access until Dec 8th

eXxEsS Cookie
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book @ Sad November until the 30th
Entice – Back in Black

Cae – Devil Earings
POISON ROUGE Possession Collar
*COCO* Lace Top with Bustier
*NeverWish* GlitterGoth Backpack
[JUSTICE] Arya Pants Midnight MMM
DIRTY PRINCESS Problematic Princess Boots

MINIMAL – Illusion III – *8*

pose tweaked from my Tuty´s Enchanting Woman AO with BlackDragon´s Animation Manipulator
BattleScars – 17.0 ARRECIFE @ Backdrop City

Ok now it´s dinnertime and then I´m off until Sunday afternoon (morning SLT^^).

Take care,



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