Goodbye from above

Hello Lovelies,

Sorry, RL is mad right now and I´m currently working on a… hm… let´s call it…project shall we? that I cannot give you much details on, but it eats a lot of my inworld time. It will be revealed in my next post. You´ll be surprised!

Now… `tis the time of the year where there´s a lot coming down from above… Rain,…. the first snow… but if you´re in the northern hemisphere the trees are turning our grounds into colourful fields of leaves as they wave goodbye on their way into hibernation.

Goodbye from above_004

Ohh look at all those falling leaves and fireflies

Goodbye from above_001

Soooo pretty I have to jump with joy

Goodbye from above_002

but ow…what was that?

Goodbye from above_005

OW!!!OW!!! fuckin OW!!!! twigs are coming down, too…

Goodbye from above_003

…I gotta go! Be safe out there!!!



GlamAffair Wendy @Access until Dec 8th

eXxEsS Cookie
alaskametro<3 Fall Beauty Book @ Sad November until the 30th and Classic Shimmer Nailpolish
[mock] Arton Raspberry Creme Cake

Caboodle – Turtleneck Sweater
*Beautiful Dirty Rich* Absence of Fear Jeans
Eudora3D – Momo

PrimPossible Rezplatform
3D Trees – AUTUMN TREES + Accessories
LAGOM. Flowy Fall leafs

DoggMata Snow Fall Poses @ The Darkness until the 28th
BattleScars –FREE GIFT NORTH @ SkyOffice

Now… omg.. YES! Coming! Damnit… my project is calling…

take care




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