Song or Suicide

Hey Lovelies,

you know, when I looked at the Hocus Pocus Gallery I instantly knew I had to get the set by Refuge. It´s an Anti-Vampire kit. Now being a vampire myself that instantly reminded me of HIMs wonderful short song “Song or Suicide”. I can see why many vampires grow tired of immortality as it can get super boring, but I haven´t reached that point so… I choose Song!

Song or suicide_003

I could get rid of rivals, though

Song or suicide_009

…but then I don´t really have Rivals….

Song or suicide_025

….or have I just gotten rid of them already?


Truth Shadow
{Frick} Bat Eye
[PinkFuel] Troublemaker

BoysToTheBone – taggig necklace

Astara – Mr Squiddle Earrings

Dirty Princess – Magica Princess Dress @ The Epiphany Octobre Round (still open, till the 15th if I´m not misinformed)
alaskametro<3 Belladonna Nailpolish and mermaid leggings
Eudora3D Kaiah GroupGift

*!Reve.Obscura!* Story
paper.crowns – redrum cross and altar

Refuge – Vampire Emergency Kit @Hocus Pocus until Nov 9th (say hocus pocus in local near the glittery ghost with the purple hat once every 24hrs or buy it for 50L$ )

BattleScars – 22.0 TWO-WAY @ my SkyOffice
LPM Studios Circles Light Projector
BlackDragon Viewer


His Infernal Majesty – Song or Suicide Lyrics

I gotta admit I have been – an on some days I still am borderlining suicidal, though I´m way too scared to go further down that road. But yes, it´s no secret that I´m depressive and my mental health is a mean asshole! If yours is too and you´re not as chicken as I am – these people are there to listen to your rants, braindumps, ramblings, cries and whatever you need to get out. If you feel lost give ´em a call, k?

take care,




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