Crazy Cat Lady

Hello Lovelies,

Yesterday might have been the first and only anniversary of our engagement (while “only” being engaged that is) but as far as SL is concerned I´m a crazy cat lady … so to say… as I´ve got plenty of other animals and most of the time only few are rezzed.

But as it´s getting colder I slipped into something cuddly and comfy and curled up with my cats

Crazy Cat Lady_001Crazy Cat Lady_003Crazy Cat Lady_006

Style Card:

Magika Thea
[PinkFuel]  Troublemaker tinted,

alaskametro<3 Spooky Girl Threaded Sweater, mermaid leggings and Naturals/Shimmer Nailpolish
MOoH! Flat Thigh Socks <— only 99L till the 12th!!!

asteroidbox. Tiny Room
JIAN Kitty Shelves
MOoH! Black kitten Gacha
HILTED Lazy Layers Beanbag
dust bunny .  hanging plants fatpack
~*Souzou.Eien.*~ Ouija Board Rug
Zooby Ultimate Black Jaguar aka Ruby
MadPea Interactive Apple Tree – Apple
{InnerDemons} Icosphere Decor
Image Essentials FullPerm Mesh Cats

BattleScars – 16.0 ARRECIFE altered in BlackDragon @ my SkyOffice

Now I´m tired from all the comfy  pics *laughs*  Sleep tight my Lovelies!

Take care,



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