Waking up

Hey Lovelies,

ugh I was so tired after the ride in full amour last night… I was out of order as soon as I hit the pillows. Fortunately it´s warm enough to not need the  covers right now. And my bed is SUPERcomfy!

I love to sleep in a combo like this (with the pants being wider, like a jogger´s pants^^) this is a combi I would SO wear in RL… that´s why I went with no makeup and no polish for my nails again. Plus … a little fun fact: I´m covered in animal hair as soon as I move in RL – either from Arya and Dani or from our dogs, when I´m at my parents. Sam sheds like hell!!! (Blonde lab^^) So this shirt is SOOOOOO damn true and appropriate for me…

And of course I´m teasing you with a rare again ;P There are many more, all are equally as awesome, but you´ll see more of it when you either go play the Gacha or when I wear the others *muahahahah*

On the Road_003

Style Card:

Truth Horizon

1313 Mockingbird Lane Spring Cleaning Tanks
Oubliette Occult Slick Leggings

Petite Mort Love Shack Bed with poses inbuilt
DaD Riverstone House

Satomi´s 2016 Dusky Morning altered @home ;P

I might have moar goodies for you, soon 😉 until then…

take care,



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