On the road…

Hey Lovelies,

I´m feeling slightly better though it´s just past midnight again for me.  So I thought I´d show you something I bought last week at Final Winter: the IronOrder armour by Eudora3D. I swear the man´s a fuckin mage! He HAS to be. His releases are insanely awesome. They´ve saved my arse in the audition for the Miss SL pageant , helping me create a cool look that got me into the competition – we all know how that ended, unfortunately… Anyways, we´ll see how many times more he´ll be completing my outfit. Definately a “safe” store and always a good idea.


On the Road_004

I´m not sure if I introduced Magic, my Waterhorse already? He´s named after a RL horse I´ve been riding. (RL Magic is alive and well – and he met and likes Dave!)

On the Road_005

But look at the pattern, the battle damage, the smudges, dirt, cuts of blade tips, the fine details

On the Road_006

The details continue at the chainmail part (YEEEY I slapped it on and it didn´t turn to a skimpy bikini!!!), as well as the padded leather. The Boots look soooo damn soft… they´d be a pleasure to ride in!


Style Card:

Truth Horizon

EUDORA3D IronOrder Blue

~*WH*~ Riding Horse (English Warmblood) 1.4

BattleScars – PREMIUM – CLOUDS – ILLINOIS 3.0 altered @ Elvion

Guest appearance in the teaser pic of Dusty the Fairy – they fly around on sim and she seems to like Magic´s arse… 😉  Ok, now let me get the word out there before I fall into bed *waves*

take care,



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