Grim Seduction

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you had a weekend full of party and sunshine cos today we´re going dark, hot and cozy.

First of all let me introduce you to OA-MEO as my newest sponsor. They ´re a Jack of all Trades acing Home Decor and both female and male fashion. Ain´t that cool?

Grim Seduction_008

I know this bed looks real dark and sinister but it is SO cozy and has such nice poses in it

Grim Seduction_007

Can you tell I love the Candle Set?  Though the Barkshelf is quite cool, too…. and the Commode*-*

Grim Seduction_006


Grim Seduction_001

Hello there…  Relaxing in Marquesses Seducer which is just so soft and hugging onto your body

Grim Seduction_005

Meet Eugene

Grim Seduction_002

Look at that cute face, relaxing



eXxEsS – Anguria
7 Deadly S{k}ins Eugene (shown without Makeup in browless cotton candy) at  eBento  until the 28th
[Marquesse] Seducer Pink at Designer Circle it opened yesterday and runs till March 2nd
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb

K&S Loft1 Backdrop
..::OA-M.E.O::.. =VintageGrimm= at The Darkness Monthly until the 28th
(Commode, Barkshelf, Candle with Plant, Bed, Old Mirror, Drapes Black and Green, Sparkle Table, Fluffy Fur Rug, Candle Set, Pot Plant, Small Plant, Rug Green,Big Arm Chair)
Pomegranate  Endearment Pillow – Sugar Plum (Marshmallow)
ChicModa Decor Metal Ring Candles

Now I hope you´re in a calm, relaxed mode, too and sleep well.

Take care,



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