A Piece of Pie

Hey Lovelies,


Today I´m gonna properly introduce you to another store I fell in love with recently:

Pink Cream Pie!

Now get your mind out of the gutter – yes, I fell for that one, too, but she´s actually about the PIE! She seriously is! There´s even a plushie I will show you eventually.

You´ve seen items of hers before, but yeah 😉 It´s time for a proper introduction.


Do you have a moment to sit and talk about THE PIE with me?


UGH! Ok yes that was cheesy…


I´ll be waiting though

I´m wearing:

Truth Kaijah
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb
Pink Cream Pie – Leanne Loose ( this one was part of the Love Bites Hunt)
Pink Cream Pie – Lacey Flat
!79! Onyx Addict Sneaker
SynCo – Broken Heart Earrings (another item from the Love Bites Hunt)

CHEZ MOI Gypsy Soul Shed at my Office

Now you see their stuff is awesome, the details are divine  and the pricing is more than fair, but that´s not all. Vaygah Varriale, the owner of PCP is also the creative mind behind the Fly Buy Friday Hud and event. So more offers and pampering there. On top of that she created a VERY active Discord server for the Brand – I swear – the life of the party is there. It´s for members of her inworld group which is 250L to join but you get a discound code of 100L each month and a gift and several LuckyBoards 😉 .  She´s online on a daily basis and super active and approachable. That´s something I cherish, especially if someone´s as warm and funny as Vaygah!

You´ll see quite some Pie here from now on 😉

Take care,



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