Strolling Casually

Hello Lovelies,


this blog contains quite the number of firsts today.

First of all while I´m typing that I´m sharing my screen with Cilia so she sees HOW I work and how the PR goes… *grins*

Next First for today is : I HAZ A SKIN SPONSOR! And… not only A skin sponsor… but 7 Deadly S{k}ins!!! It happened like those things always happen to me… I talked to Roodvosje Rosse to come check the store opposite my office for SL F&O (it has too much too adult stuff in there – guessed so but worth a try)… and she asked me if I was interested.
I´ve mentioned my history with 7DS before so you already know that Iza, the brand and Rood are close to my heart. Knowing me, too, you can guess how hyped I was.

I had to get the other posts off my chest first so I can fully focus on the awesomeness but…



Meet Amina

strolling casually_001

oh hello there…


strolling casually_004

… just let me have a quick sip…


strolling casually_010

the face is so pretty I didn´t even have to wear make up today


Style Card:

eXxEsS Juno
7 Deadly S{k}ins Amina in Cotton Candy (Browless Version) –The Chapter Four
[Marquesse] Flower Crop Jacket – The Designer Circle
alaskametro<3 Beachcomb
Petite Mort Bib – Ace Event
!79! Addict – Ace Event

HILTED – Travel Cup – The Gacha Life

The Bearded Guy – Callejon Branca
Foxcity Bento Faces
Catwa Animations 3.2

. MILA . Poses Gift Pack 4
Tuty´s Enchanting Beauty AO
.:[LS]:. Kim

Isn´t she lovely? Isn´t she beautiful? No I´m not singing cos I don´t want Cilia´s ears to bleed 😉 *coughs* Ok I´ll leave you alone for now but … I´LL BE BACK!!!

take care,



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