Nerdy Retreat

Hey Lovelies,

let´s continue with myseries of “less talk more action”. I think it´s a nice change to the text only posts and the ramblings and blabberings 😉

Today (or well …the last 3 days) I set up a nice nerdy retreat (I took it back after the photos, sorry^^):

Nerdy room_003

with the help of :

K&S – // Loft 1 backdrop. White&Black
Petite Mort Love Shack (currently at The Gacha Garden):
Plants *exclusive
LISP Mathilda Clothes Rack
{Why Not?} Wall Art {Blessed}
{what next} ‘Tattered’ Trunk
~*S.E.*~ Ouija Board Rug
[ bubble ] Neon – Shoot That Ship
Serenity Style– Dont Forget Anything ORGANIZER
HILTED – Snowbound Hunt – Tablet and Pen
{what next} Blogger’s Office Desk and Chair(noir)
Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice ~ Photo Laptop
Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice ~ Photo Planner
Wednesday[+] ~ Photo Practice ~ Photo Notebook
Wednesday[+] ~ Girls And Roses ~ Roses Screen – RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Girls And Roses ~ Multi Socket – COMMON
Wednesday[+] ~ Cold Days ~ Mini Fridge – COMMON
-David Heather- Industrio Magazine Bin
[Danielito] Starwars Tie Fighter Helmet

so if you want to recreate it you´ll know what to look out for 😉

I´ve got so much more to come – be prepared 😉

take care,



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