Game of Thrones – House Troy

Hey Lovelies,

hm ok I couldn´t let this opportunity pass.

When Wicca saw yesterday´s post she offered me a dress. ME! a DRESS! ..well challenge  accepted.

She surprised me with a model called Cercei.

Now for all Game of Thrones Fans out there this name DOES ring a bell or two and most likely not the most positive ones.

Neither does it with me to be honest as I´m not a fan of the House Lannister (ok Tyrion is ace but that´s the acception to the rule). This post gives me the chance to portrait a very own version of Cercei though  – which is a pure pleasure because well Ikari and I are Game of Thrones fans, my RL phone´s Background and cover feature both our banner sign and family motto:

ok it features an old motto *gg*

The motto had been changed to “Family, Duty, Honour”, when Jacob Troy was made head of the Clan as a wedding gift. His aunt abdicated as the Head of the Clan after binding us as husband and wife. (Jacob Troy and Arali’wa Raven-Troy are our RP Chars at , a German StarWars ChatRoleplay, you met my other Char Rhian de-Girondel at my first collaboration with Wicca).

Another sign of my love for GoT MIGHT be the name of our RL cats, who moved in when I moved to this lovely flat on July 1st, 2013:

Arya (left) and Daenerys (aka Dani. right),

2 spanish girls I got from a shelter, born Feb 26th, 2013

But now let´s get to my interpretation of Cercei:

I am not Cercei Lannister, nor will I ever be. I understand that she would do anything for her children (so would I, even though at this point in my life my “children” are those two cats or close friends from the RP I mentioned above – lovely young adults aged 24,22 and 16), but the most dominant part that is portrayed in the HBO Series´ – and I think n the books as well is one her being a cruel woman with no mercy and a big love for intrigues (and her brother Jaime – no I could not let that slip *gg* – well until he lost his hand that is… – see  – she´s mean!).

The dress inspired me to do a softer version of Cercei… Cersha if you want …Kacei? Pfft you get the intentions my clever lovelies,

black haired instead of blonde, tattoed (hey it´s mainly roses  – the flower of looooove 😉 )

I even put my hair into a bun to show you the lovely backside …of the dress – and my tattoo which fits so perfectly to the laced corset (Wicca knows of my love and passion for corsets *blushes*).

(excuse my poor attempts at picture editing XD still learning)

What? What was that? Because Tommen is not old enough yet and Joffrey is dead Cercei is the current Queen and a Queen needs a crown?

Happy now? 😛 Both crown and this epic shoulderpiece are included of course.

I´ll tell you another secret: They´re engraved…. What they say you ask? According to Wicca´s husband Redclaw Inshan it says :

 Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms


My Standards

Dress, Crown and Shoulderpiece of Epicness: Wicca´s Wardrobe

*available @ Tales of Fantasy – more detail about that here*

Shoes: Alyce

Hair: Truth (Dariela and Snow)

Poses: Glitterati

Backdrop: PNP now known as Katink

In her vendor ads Wicca kept a bit more to the TV version just so you see the comparison:

Wicca's Wardrobe - Cercei Gown Salmon Vendor

and those are all the colours you can grab :

Wicca's Wardrobe - Cercei Gown

Now tell me my lovelies, what do you think of my interpretation?



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