Naughty Hope

Hey Lovelies,

So, I was browsing Mystical Market, running around all happily and innocently – you know me…  When I came across the booths for Astara and Afterparty. Yes, both of them, next to each other. So far no suspicion. I checked their offerings, squeed, checked my L$ Balance, whinced, gulped and took their 5L$ Hunt gifts. Now I unpacked them and gasped in shock: THEY  HAVE TEAMED UP!!!! WAAHHH!! They´re both absolutely awesome and I like  both Alex and Gaze, knowing Alex a bit better cos he´s the bestestest Princess Bunneh evar and I love him and could cuddle him all day. But I also know he´s a cute lil twisted kinky fucker! I´ve only talked to Gaze once and he´s super sweet and awesome. Hm… I see a pattern there!

So to …delay… mischief and definately encouraging plotting I put them into a naughty corner. Now this naughty corner is the corner of *NeverWish*´s Spell Caster Skybox which is also offered at Mystical Market, which closes in a couple of hours so GET GOING and grab those items! All of them and more are heavily reduced.

Naughty Hope_001

What is all this Mystical Market

*NeverWish* Spell Caster Skybox
Afterparty I´m with stupid – Hunt item – 5L
Astara I´m stupid – Hunt item – 5L

BattleScars  Stars 1.0 @ our SkyOffice adjusted in Black Dragon ,

Now I´d love to believe that *NeverWish*´s Pixie would have a good eye on the boys but knowing her she´ll just sit in the middle and team up with them! WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Good luck to us all! Take Care,



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